Russian Government Warns Citizens To Stay Away From ‘Evil Game’ With ‘End Game Connections’




Russian Government Warns Citizens To Stay Away From  ‘Evil Game’ With ‘End Game Connections’

Is This The Biggest Trojan Horse In History?

By Stefan Stanford
All News Pipeline

The bizarre new story coming to us out of Russia from Gizmodo tells us that 22-year old video blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky has been detained for two months before trial for ‘inciting hatred’ and ‘insulting religious feelings’ by playing Pokemon Go inside of the historic Russian Cathedral seen in the photograph with Sokolovsky below. You can also hear about this story from RT in the first video below.

Still facing up to 5 years in prison for his ‘crimes’, the story of Sokolovsky is just the latest coming to us from Russia about this ‘game’ that quickly set the world on fire with record downloads but has Russian authorities and religious leaders claiming it is ‘evil’. As was reported on Kotaku, Russian officials are flipping out about Pokemon Go and believe that it will have a destabilizing effect upon their society so they are developing their own, “more patriotic” version of it. This story from Foreign Policy tells us that according to one Russian lawmaker, people hunting down ‘Jigglypuff’ and ‘Snorlax’ through Pokemon Go make him “feel like the devil has arrived and is trying to tear our mortality apart from the inside“.

While at first the bizarre story of Sokolovsky seems to some to paint the Russian nation as even more tyrannical than the West has suddenly become in its drive towards system collapse and global dictatorship, when we learn the reasons why Russia is making these moves and is so infuriated by Pokemon Go, it all makes a bit more sense. While jailing a blogger will do nothing to stop the madness behind the game, it’s clear we’re watching something sinister unfolding. As we’re told in the final video below, we now have 100% proof that Pokemon Go has an ‘end game’ connection to DARPA, the CIA, the illuminati and the New World Order. And according to one Russian user, the rules of the game are quite simple:

“Pokemon is simple and clear: you find them, you collect them and then you make them fight one another.”

Sounds like something right out of the ‘nwo’ playbook: find them, round them up and make them go to war.


According to the Russians, Pokemon Go is one of the greatest spy tools to ever emerge from the West via Niantic, a company with links to the CIA and is being secretly used to gather intelligence on a ‘colossal’ scale.

Niantec CEO John Hanke created Keyhole in 2001 – which was later bought by Google. Most of the money used to create Keyhole came from the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency and the CIA. Pokemon GO is the pinnacle of Hanke’s intelligence gathering career thus far. He is a New World Order intelligence operative whose career has been creating ingenious ways to spy on unsuspecting citizens and siphon the information back to intelligence agencies.

The ultimate ‘sheep-in-wolves-clothing-trojan-horse’? We’re told with the launch of this monstrous game, the CIA has effectively recruited millions of unaware and distracted people to work as intelligence and surveillance operatives, gathering massive amounts of information that was previously extremely time consuming and expensive.

Just pretend you’re a govt agency that wants to be everywhere at once, to see everything going on in any place and every place. Your endless surveillance cameras on every street corner and store and drones in the sky don’t quite cut it so what better way to do so than to send an army of totally distracted and completely ignorant ‘Poke-people’ wherever you want them to go with two cameras and a microphone on nearly every phone gathering data for those ‘in control’ of the phones?

Hey Bob, we need to see inside of ABC store on West street” the order is shouted out from the ‘X’ intelligence agency operative to the other op who quickly chimes back, “you got it, Pikachu’s heading there now“…to be quickly joined by their unpayed staff of countless mindless morons following the non-existent ‘augmented-reality’ creatures wherever they go.


Players of the game can be sent on a chase for a rare Pokemon inside of almost any location such as a park, tourist attractions or almost any public building in the world, including the Kremlin where Pokemon have been found according to this story, and immediately, ‘Poke Spies’ have immediate access to whatever intelligence the phones of a countless number of ‘Poke Sheep’ are seeing and hearing and collecting for them.

Russians have already been found playing Pokemon Go in Red Square and the Kremlin has warned players to stay away from Vladimir Putin’s residence as well as from government buildings. China also fears that players of the game could unwittingly give up highly secretive information via the process of elimination or if someone is actually playing the game inside of military bases or other government buildings and also warns the game is a ‘trojan horse’ for the US and Japan. Iran has also already banned the game due to security concerns.

As we’ve previously reported on ANP, people have been hurt, killed, robbed, fallen off cliffs and crashed into cop cars in their mindless pursuits of a computer screen creature that doesn’t even exist in real life. Taking absurdity to absolutely new levels while giving spy agencies unprecendent access to huge amounts of data, officials in the state of Maryland have called the game a possible public safety hazard with private homes and private institutions also being ‘invaded’, quite literally putting those who want nothing to do with the game in the path of those trying to find a ‘rare monster’ and turning neighborhoods into nightmares.


If they’re collecting all of this data, why aren’t they using it to round up those who are true threats to US national security or do ISIS jihadists simply not play Pokemon? If they’re not using this intelligence to gather information on those who want to slaughter us, who are they gathering the information on? It might be easier for some Americans to accept such activities if they knew that jihadis were being rounded up using the information but we haven’t seen any of that yet that we’re aware of.

Is Pokemon Go the biggest trojan horse in history, giving ‘colossal access’ to ‘new world order’ spies and operatives across the globe and quite literally, ‘the devil’s arrival to tear our morality apart from the inside’ as the Russian lawmaker warned? While very disrespectful, should this Russian vlogger be getting prison time for such an offense? Do any ANP readers have family or friends or co-workers who are players of this ‘game’? If so, we’d love to hear any experiences that you’ve had or noticed with others ‘fascination’ with Pokemon Go that you think our other readers would find interesting in the comment section below.