The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft




The Mainstream Media Has Become A Criminal Accomplice To Naked Campaign Fraud And Election Theft

2016 Presidential Election Cycle:
The American Mainstream Media Manipulates
the Electorate With Fabricated Stories and
False  Narratives About Trump


Newspapers Would Rather Print Utter Falsehoods And Go Bankrupt
Than Publish Accurate Stories About Trump And Other Real Patriots

State of the Nation

What the American people are now witnessing during this presidential election cycle has always gone on.  The MSM (Mainstream Media) has always skewed election coverage to favor one candidate over another.  It’s called M A N U F A C T U R E D   C O N S E N T. Whoever the elites wants will ALWAYS win the day.

However, what the 2016 presidential election cycle has brought the USA is a gross exaggeration of this quadrennial scandalous phenomenon.   Let’s face it: Whoever controls the media controls the message.  Whoever controls the message controls the outcomes. Therefore, whoever the ruling elites want to win this election will receive favorable coverage; whoever they oppose will be dumped on.

The critical knowledge to have about the media is to understand that Whoever Controls The Media Controls The World.   It is also very important to really understand Who REALLY Controls The Mainstream Media?

Then came along a man named Donald Trump.

What the MSM probably never expected was a guy who would completely expose their shenanigans.  That such a presidential candidate would actually secure the Republican nomination must be mind-blowing for most of the talking heads and other unscrupulous journalists.  The Donald, after all, is the perfect foil to their incessant prevarication and absurd story-telling, especially around election time.

There is no one in U.S. history who has shown up like a skunk at the garden party like Donald Trump has.  The MSM is literally blowing all 8 gaskets in their collusive efforts to continue their party for another 4 years.  In the candidate of Hillary R. Clinton have they found their ‘woman’.   In the form of Donald J. Trump, they have found their ultimate nemesis.

This is not just a war between the globalists and the nationalists.  This is not just a battle between the NWO ruling elites and the U.S. citizenry, or a skirmish between the 1% and the 99%.  This is the final battle for the very soul of the American Republic.  Yes, it is that HUGE, and even bigger than anyone can imagine.  Calling it ‘The Greatest Show on Earth” does not even do it justice; for the heavens, too, are rejoicing at the long anticipated and epochal conflict between good and evil.

On the one side we have Donald Trump, a courageous lion with a lion’s mane who has already sacrificed his business and reputation for the opportunity to take back this country from those who have stolen it.  This venture has been highly consequential for him in every way.

On the other side you have Hillary Clinton, the very embodiment of the nefarious New World Order agenda, and sleazy Beltway politics at its absolute worst.  That she is another obvious pawn like Barack Hussein Obama ought to be evident to the entire body politic; however, half the people are still clueless … or complicit.

Nevertheless, Clinton’s trademark criminality is not evident because of how incredibly proficient the MSM is at putting lipstick on a pig.  And, at the very same time, the MSM makes Trump out to be a composite of the worst dictators in modern history.  The MSM ran with the very same game of primary rigging with the constant persecution of Bernie Sanders.  Both he and Trump have been victims of the most fallacious journalism in US history.


Some Important History

Very few are really aware but both The New York Times (NYT) and The Washington Post are the greatest warmongers of modern times.  In other words these two rags are responsible for the prosecution of more wars around the world than any other media organs of propaganda in recorded history.  Now that’s quite a record that these newspapers have amassed over the course of their publishing.  The NYT was going bankrupt so quickly that Carlos Slim of Mexico had to bail it out.  Then the WashPo got into deep financial trouble and Jeff Bezos became a media magnate overnight.

The critical point here is that these two thoroughly untruthful and hopelessly dishonest newspapers only know how to spin tales of falsehood that serve the elite’s agenda.  They simply do not know how to report the facts … about anything … ever!  Yes, they are that bad and much worse since they routinely participate in criminal conspiracies to start wars of unprovoked aggression, bankrupt noncompliant corporations, ruin reputations of righteous leaders, and so much more that would require volumes.

As a matter of historical fact, the catastrophic Iraq War that was unlawfully engineered by the George W. Bush Administration only got going because of all the false reporting by both the NYT and WashPo.  These two newspapers of record set the stage for all the other smaller news media to climb on board like a veritable lynch mob.  The current dystopian, post-apocalyptic wasteland throughout the Northern Levant is the direct result of their transparent war propaganda.

This is what Trump is taking about

In the following video Donald Trump rails against the serial dishonesty and profound disregard for even basic journalistic standards by these corrupt media titans.  He lays bare just how reckless the MSM is at inciting hate as well as how shameless at triggering violence. And yet they deceitfully point the finger at Trump for their own perfidious transgressions.

VIDEO:   “I’m not running against crooked Hillary; I’m running against the crooked media.” — Donald J. Trump

The radioactive content in the preceding video is exactly why the MSM has gone ballistic and crazy at the same time.  It’s as if the media overlords have completely lost their marbles and are in a desperate attempt to sink The Donald‘s boat anyway they can … with no regard whatsoever as to how stupid they look—globally.

The more Trump exposes their pathological lying and incessant deception, the more rogue the largest media platforms in the world become.  There seems to be not an iota of concern about how the MSM is perceived in the media marketplace.  Every news channel is either losing their viewers by the millions, just as newspapers are losing even more subscriptions, or those who stay with the evening news only do so for a good comedy hour.

In this regard The Donald has done remarkably well at revealing the extremely inconvenient truths about how the MSM really operates.  The many accurate screeds that he has recently delivered against them are right on target.  Each one serves to wake up another segment of the viewership that has long been mesmerized by America’s media snake oil salesmen of the lowest order.  Not a day now passes without Trump disclosing another canard or misrepresentation, distortion or deception passed off as journalism.


CNN aka the Clinton News Network

No other election cycle has seen such blatantly biased campaign coverage like 2016.  CNN has always shown itself to be a transparent liberal mouthpiece for the Obama Administration, however, this year they have outdone themselves by earning the moniker CLINTON NEWS NETWORK.  Even Democrats are leaving their viewership by the thousands because of how flagrant their prejudice is against Donald Trump.  They have actually become an unabashed propaganda arm of the Clinton Campaign even performing some serious opposition research for them that is patently false.  As follows:

CNN Investigative Journalist Exposes News Fraud: ‘Ordered to report fake stories’

Truly, CNN has gone overboard in their unfair treatment of Trump to the point where they have literally become the laughingstock of all network campaign coverage.  The following example of fake and fabricated, fraudulent and phony stories from CNN is from a long list which have appeared over the past year on the Clinton News Network (CNN).

‘CNN story a hoax’: Secret Service held no formal talks with Trump over 2nd Amendment remarks

Even CNN tweets reveal their overwhelming preference for Hillary Clinton and intense dislike of Donald Trump.

These 7 CNN Tweets Show That They’re The Clinton News Network

Now Trump himself is blowing the lid off the extraordinarily biased reporting that CNN now broadcasts on a daily basis.

Trump Bashes ‘Clinton News Network;’ CNN ‘Losing all Credibility’

Lastly, there is this must view VIDEO which confirms exactly what CNN is all about where it concerns their zealous support of Clinton’s candidacy.  It’s quite shocking that these remarks were ever captured on camera.

VIDEO: CNN Reporter Didn’t Know He Was Still On The Air — Stunning Admission!

Mainstream Media Must Be Shut Down

The truth of the matter is that Donald Trump is showing the American people why the Mainstream Media — especially in its current incarnation — must be shut down and replaced ASAP. The amount of damage inflicted to the entire planetary civilization by the MSM is so pervasive, profound and pernicious that only by taking it over will anything on planet Earth ever change for the better.

The reality is that were Trump to win this election, the MSM will surely thwart his presidency in every way imaginable.  He will also be working with an extremely negligent, incompetent and treasonous Congress.  Therefore, the whole Legislative Branch of the U.S. Federal Government must be investigated for their crimes against the U.S. citizenry so that the traitors can be removed from their offices post haste.

The only way going forward with this initiative is for the entire MSM to be taken over by an administration that can be trusted to disseminate the truth … about everything that concerns the American Republic.  Once that is accomplished the citizens will be duly informed of the treason which has been committed at the highest reaches of the US Government, particularly throughout Congress.

The decades-long, covert Congressional-corporate collaboration which has essentially permitted most federal legislation to be written by lobbyists is what must be terminated. The very nexus of this conspiracy to defraud the American people is endlessly abetted by the Mainstream Media, which is likewise enriched by the various mutually beneficial relationships, all of which fleece the average American on a daily basis. This relationship is best labeled the Government-Corporate Complex and is described at the following link.

The Government-Corporate Complex Takes Complete Control Of The USA

State of the Nation
August 14, 2016

Editor’s Note

The biggest story about the avalanche of media lies during this election cycle concerns Hillary Clinton’s artificially inflated poll numbers.  The MSM has been ordered to do this so as to condition the electorate for an outright election theft. The following exposés tells all.

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