August 2016: A Month of Great Consequence and High Drama — Jyotish Predictions Tell the Real Story




August 2016: A Month of Great Consequence and High Drama — Jyotish Predictions Tell the Real Story

AUGUST 2016: The Month of Reckoning Is Upon Us

“Only when there is peace in the Middle East,
can there be peace throughout the world.”

Turkey and Israel, Syria and Iraq:
Will Armageddon Be Prevented
Or Predicated On A Stealth Attack
By NATO’s Operation Gladio

The Millennium Report

Even the stars are pointing directly to an extraordinary and eventful month of August.

We are now deep in the dog days of summer, an annual period of time that often catches people unaware as they vacation and retreat from life’s demands and job pressures.

The expression “dog days” refers to the hot, sultry days of summer, originally in areas around the Mediterranean Sea, and as the expression fits, to other areas, especially in the Northern Hemisphere.

The coincidence of very warm temperatures in the early civilizations in North Africa and the Near East with the rising, at sunrise (i.e., the heliacal rising), of Orion‘s dog, the dog star Sirius, led to the association of this phrase with these conditions, an association that traces to the Egyptians and appears in the ancient written poetic and other records of the Greeks (e.g., Hesiod, Aratus, and Homer in The Iliad) and the later Romans.
(Source: Dog days)

The astrology of this month is shaping up emphatically to create the most volatile conditions the global geopolitical chessboard has seen during the third millennium.  The nations of Turkey and Israel are the two key players in this high stakes game in the Near East that will determine the future of the entire planetary civilization.  Both of them along with the United States and the United Kingdom, Russia and Iran will likely participate in the upcoming game of the century.

If ever there was a gathering storm that is guaranteed to be as tempestuous in the military realm as it is tumultuous in the political sphere, the rapidly moving dog days will see it in all of its fury and ferocity.  This is what the month of August promises to bring, no matter what initiatives are taken in an effort to avert this oft-predicted geopolitical superstorm.

Not only is 2016 the Hebrew year of the Super Shemitah, it is also the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey.  As planet Pluto continues to cruise through Capricorn, the astrological alignments are quite similar to 1776, the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  Hence, from now until the first of the year will see HUGE happenings across the planet.  We’re talking about “The Greatest Show [Ever] On Earth”!

2016: A Year of Super Convergence and Awesome Consequence


‘AUGUST 2016: A Month of Dramatic and Heavy Predictions’

For those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” the astrology report posted below in its entirety is as consequential and accurate as it gets.  It would be wise to read closely every single word, for the month of August is quite likely to unfold just as it is predicted.

However, it is also recommended for those who are uninitiated in this rarefied realm of geopolitical chess to read the following articles and essays.  Each of them provides critical background that will inform the correct understanding of the aforementioned post.

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The August predictions posted below can also be read at the following link:

AUGUST 2016: A Month of Dramatic and Heavy Predictions


The entire world now sits on the cusp of the long-awaited fulfillment of ancient scriptural prophecy and oft-repeated astrological predictions.  The present race of humanity has heard about the end times for many decades and now they are about to start in earnest. Once the primary triggers are pulled, unstoppable events will begin to cascade like a waterfall down a steep mountainside.

That’s where this August figures quite prominently in the grand scheme of things.  This is the month governed by Leo, the king of drama and grand happenings.  This highly consequential year of 2016 only accentuates the various energies which are conspiring to collapse empires as they bring about the downfall of dynasties.  The Bush dynasty is an example of one that finally bit the dust this year.  It is quite likely that the Clinton dynasty will also take a hard fall, as it should.

The pair of eclipses which are soon to occur this month only accelerate the epochal changes which are soon to occur.  It is always the time in between the eclipses which is the most dynamic and unsettling.  That time frame lies between August 18th and September 1st.  The current tract of humanity will now bear witness to a series of events that will catalyze the transformation of the collective consciousness.  It’s time to keep your eyes on the Middle East, and especially trained on Turkey and Israel.

The Millennium Report
August 4, 2016

N.B. The following global astrology reading was performed by a highly competent Vedic astrologer who has an excellent track record for calling it right.  It behooves those who understand the enormity of these events to serve as torchbearers in their respective communities who can shine light on the truths soon to be revealed.


[1] The Chosen People: Israel, ‘Christian’ Zionism and the Middle East Crisis


Spiritual Insights and Predictions for August 2016

by Joni Patry, Vedic Astrologer

This month is full of major astrological events that will trigger a world in crises. August appears to be the peak time of violence in the world with the conjunction of Mars and Saturn. But actually there is a specific mark in the heavens that is a major trigger for the violence occurring and that mark is 16 degrees of Scorpio. This is the degree of the fixed star Antares (star of war).

I have been predicting the coup in Turkey for some time for I travel there frequently and know the issues the Turkish people are facing. This is only the beginning and I have indicated many times in my writing and videos Turkey is going to be the focus of turmoil and will be the point of global healing as well. As I said July 1, “All eyes must be on Turkey”. Turkey is a power point in the world with great light and deep spirituality but where there is the greatest light is where there is the greatest darkness. This is the center point where these forces are colliding. The light always extinguishes the dark therefore Turkey will be the point of the greatest healing.

The Solar eclipse will occur September 1, at 15 degrees of Leo, which is a pivotal point in the zodiac concerning world leaders. Leo represents leaders, presidents and kings. The truth about world control will be revealed. Forces behind the apparent leader’s plan will be revealed. Ketu and Neptune will come together at the time of the solar eclipse surfacing a long awaited truth. During the time of a solar eclipse something that has been hidden is revealed. At the same time Saturn (reality) is square Neptune (illusion) indicating the truth or illusion will be revealed.

This month a lunar eclipse precedes the solar eclipse occurring at 1 degrees of Aquarius. Between August 18 (Lunar Eclipse) and September 1 (Solar Eclipse), is called the eclipse season and is the most intense time. I see extreme violence occurring from August through September. Many disasters will occur both natural and man made.

Many countries will be involved but specifically Turkey, United States, and England. Russia will be involved for there is a big surprise concerning Vladimir Putin.

The fight between the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. will heat up and become explosive due to the Leo and Aquarius axis activated by the eclipses. Around the lunar eclipse (August 18) the Moon with Neptune and Ketu in Aquarius represents female leaders and the truths that will be uncovered. Rahu with the Sun in Leo strengthens the opposition and male leaders. The run will become nasty!

August 23-26 will be extremely violent with Mars transiting the fixed star Antares.

With all the eclipse energy the world will continue to appear as a war zone everywhere.

Around September 13 it will be treacherous and very violent again for Turkey due to transiting Saturn’s return to the degree of the fixed star Antares.

As the truths of world leaders are revealed we must all be prepared to let go of our preconceived ideas. The media controls what we are led to believe. The most powerful individuals that control the world control the media.

With Neptune being involved so tightly with Saturn both rule oil, which is the essence that is at the bottom of the world corruption.

Being a child of the 1960s I remember feeling a sense of hopelessness. For these times are much like the 1960s. Unfortunately it is all going to get worse for we are not even to the crucial turning point yet. The rest of this year will intensify with an event of great magnitude at the end of this year on New Year’s Eve.

As transiting Saturn goes into Sagittarius it will hover in the last degrees of Scorpio and early Sagittarius. These are the ghandanta degrees (last degree of water and first degree of Fire). Ghandanta means drowning indicating the world will be out of control. As Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio this is the worst most dreadful part of the zodiac for it is in the tail of the Scorpion (stinger). This may even indicate poisoning associated with tragic events. Saturn will stay here for almost all of 2017 indicating a deep depression. I believe this is the result of the massive violent events leading up to this year.

In a world of such extreme chaos, anger and war, what can we do in these pivotal times? It is a time of transformation and realizations. Out of the dark will come something unrealized and this truth can set you free. As we come into the period of eclipses something is always uncovered we didn’t know about. Secrets uncovered give us information to complete more of the puzzle. There is a lunar eclipse this month. Two weeks prior and two weeks after the Solar eclipse (September 1) something comes out of the darkness. So many secrets will be revealed at this time. This concerns world affairs as well as our individual lives.

As to our personal lives use this time to see what will be revealed in your own life. As to what will be revealed on a global or personal level go back to 18 years ago to 1997. What ever was significant then is a part of what will be revealed to you. Take this time for personal inventory and you will have a powerful awakening. You will have clues and the information needed to heal a certain part of your life. As to the world event that happened 18 years ago that will change the way we perceive the world was the death of Princess Diana. The truth will be revealed about her mission. It will have a shift in world consciousness. It is almost like we all fell asleep since then and now we will awaken.