Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?




Why is the Clinton Emailgate Scandal so HUGE?

Emailgate is really about the lawlessness
of the entire Obama Administration

Bush-Clinton Crime Family has met its Waterloo

Emailgate, Servergate, Benghazigate, Syriagate, Libyagate,
ISISgate and Clinton Foundationgate all intersect to expose
a massive and unparalleled conspiracy of criminality and
corruption in the U.S. Federal Government.

State of the Nation


Editor’s Note:
The following Emailgate exposé is quite complicated and convoluted, yet it is totally supported by official testimony and backed up by volumes of evidence on the Internet. What you are about to read is the true back story to not only Emailgate, Servergate and Benghazigate, but also a big piece of the NWO agenda as it has been executed by the Obama Administration.  This narrative also explains why they chose a genuine Manchurian Candidate — who did not even possess a legitimate birth certificate  — to be the POTUS who could deceptively provide the ultra-thin veneer of legitimacy as he ostensibly commandeered the conspiracy to make war.  Only a Nobel Peace Prize winner could get away with so much transparent war-mongering which is also why they chose Hillary Clinton (a woman) to be the bellicose Secretary of State.   The reader will now comprehend the cynical power-plays and calculated geopolitical moves made by the Obama-Clinton tag team as they ran roughshod over the Middle East. Arab Spring was actually their C.I.A.- coordinated crime spree to steal land and natural resources, as well as energy conduits and strategic territories.  While the back story elaborated below was a premeditated scheme to devastate nations and destroy their cultures, this is NOT what makes it so apocalyptic in nature.


With this understanding it is extremely important to point out that Emailgate is not just about the serial criminality of Hillary and Bill Clinton.  It is also about the unparalleled lawlessness of the U.S. Department of State and its extremely nefarious workings. Moreover, it is about the entire Obama Administration and the incessant law-breaking that it has become notorious for worldwide.  There is no other administration in U.S. history that comes even close to such pervasive lawlessness and so much official misconduct.

Obama and Clinton are joined at the hip

The real story here is that Clinton was assigned the task of implementing unprovoked wars of aggression.  That has become the true function of the US State Department for every nation that the Military-Industrial Complex (tool of the NWO neocon cabal) has targeted for a regime change.  Whenever Corporate America requires a new target for its predatory capitalism, it employs the gunboat diplomacy of State to set up the new battlefield.  This was Secretary Clinton’s role and she played it to perfection, even getting an ambassador and 3 others gruesomely killed… by design.  That’s another VERY serious plot that remains to be told.

The back story here is that Obama’s masters demanded that he appoint his political enemy as SOS.  Her vital placement in the critical role as chief pitchman for the advancement of Anglo-American disaster capitalism around the world was integral to the implementation of the New World Order agenda.  It was George H.W. Bush who first spoke publicly about this covert agenda and the Clinton family has always played a crucial part in its implementation.  Not only are the Bushes and Clintons thicker than thieves, so, too, are the Obamas where it concerns the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.


Because Obama and Clinton are really partners in crime, the POTUS has been forced to endorse a career criminal for president.  He himself is personally and deeply involved in both Emailgate and Servergate as he was in constant touch with his SOS via her personal email account.  He knew from day one that she was using a personal email address just as he knew that she set up the home-based unsecured server.  Both of these calculated moves were essential to conduct the criminal activities necessary to start and prosecute illicit wars throughout the Middle East and beyond.  This unlawful and furtive arrangement was also required so that the Clinton Foundation could be utilized to back-channel crucial political, military and business information in the interest of naked war-profiteering and the subsequent disaster capitalism.

Obama’s true masters are Clinton’s true masters

At the end of the day both Obama and Clinton report to the same clandestine group of power-brokers who effectively operate at a relatively low level of the World Shadow Government (WSG).  Both of them are, and always have been, owned and operated by the WSG since their campaigns were funded by them either directly or indirectly.  Each was chosen for their fatal flaws which could be used to bring them down at any moment like the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

Bill Clinton’s presidency likewise followed the dictates of the WSG leadership as demonstrated by his prosecution of the criminal war against Yugoslavia, his oversight of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing, and his approval of the murderous rampage at Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.  Perhaps the greatest betrayal of the American people which Bill Clinton carried out was the passage of NAFTA, the cornerstone of the NWO trade treaty regime which is being imposed across the planet.

Only with this essential knowledge can Emailgate be correctly understood.  The whole Middle East venture was predicated on SOS Clinton surreptitiously setting up the battlegrounds in Libya, in Syria and in other locations which have been secretly bombed by the U.S. Military.  The only way that all of the political and diplomatic, military and economic circumstances could be efficiently set up was for Clinton crime syndicate at State and the Foundation to coordinate the war-making game plan.

This is precisely why Hillary had absolutely no regret or shame in saying that she deleted over 30,000 emails after they were all requested by Congress.  This is also why thousands of emails will never be released to the either the House investigation committee or to the public.  The very reason for pulling her correspondence out of the email system at State was to prevent the FOIA requests from uncovering the massive criminal conspiracy to destroy the Mideast in order to greatly accelerate the neocon’s Greater Israel project.


Emailgate is Obama’s Watergate only much more dangerous

In fact Obama himself is much more vulnerable to the fallout of Emailgate than even Clinton is.  He is Commander-in-Chief and President and directly responsible for the entire government-run crime spree.  Were the reality of his nearly 8 years of felonious behavior known to the American people — where it concerns Emailgate — he would be tried for treason and turned over to the ICC at The Hague for heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Clinton’s Emailgate Far Surpasses Nixon’s Watergate

In historical point of fact, Emailgate is infinitely more serious than Watergate.  Watergate was about a silly little burglary that Nixon didn’t even know took place.  He was forced to resign because of a coverup he was quite deliberately entrapped by.  Obama on the other hand is responsible for the theft of whole nations in that Libya was bombed and taken over by the C.I.A.  Syria has suffered the same fate only with mixed results.  Yemen has similarly been ravaged after the Obama Administration green-lighted the unprovoked Saudi attacks on the Houthis.  Of course, then there is Palestine which the Noble Peace Prize winner has permitted to be bombed time and again by the ultra-Zionist regime in Israel.


It should now be clear that Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, John Forbes Kerry, et al. are all thicker than thieves.  Because of this grim reality, they will do everything in their power from letting Hillary Clinton get prosecuted for her law-breaking at State. She actually set up a parallel government because her controllers gave her the power to do so.  While Obama was out golfing she was out starting wars all over Middle East.

As a matter of fact, this is the primary job of the POTUS and the SOS.  They have been tasked with those duties by the WSG because their execution is necessary to ensure the perpetual war economy that the USA has become addicted to.  In view of the tenuousness of the global economy, the WSG did not care that Clinton was put in such a vulnerable position. What was important was that the Greater Israel project be substantially advanced as it has fallen way behind schedule.  There is way too much at stake economically and geopolitically within the Middle East for the WSG  not to assume an exceedingly aggressive posture.  They desperately need the oil and gas reserves to power up the American war machine.  After all, it is now well known that:

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

Now it remains to be seen whether the rule of law or the forces of chaos will prevail in the prospective indictment of Hillary Clinton.  She has broken so many laws it’s a wonder she is not in prison for life.  On the other hand she executed each and every crime at the behest of her NWO rulers.  Without this neocon cabal of criminally insane psychopaths choreographing every move that Clinton performed, there would have been no Emailgate. Nevertheless, it was Clinton’s choice to play the nefarious role with virtual perfection. Hence, whether she pays the piper now or later, she will pay for what is now recognized as a crime spree of epic proportions.

Special Note:
What makes the ongoing Clinton crime spree and Obama lawlessness so exceptional is not their flagrant disregard for the rule of law or the utter recklessness of their sheer audacity.  It’s not the enormous amount of death and destruction that has been left in its wake—worldwide. It’s that a very large number of American voters see nothing wrong in supporting such a lawless, ruthless and corrupt power-couple. That is what is so inconceivable and shocking about the sustained political ascendancy of the nation’s first ‘female’ presidential contender.  It is surely a very sad testimony for the true condition of the body politic when such a dangerous and deceitful individual is so lauded and revered by so many Americans.  This is perhaps the worst aspect of the Clinton crime spree because it reflects the utter degeneracy of a large swath of the U.S. electorate.  And that can only mean the eventual death of the American Republic.  In fact, the U.S. citizenry has grossly shirked it civic responsibility, and gone out of its way to put its selfish interests above the good of the country as well as the welfare of the world-at-large. Because of this sad state of affairs domestically, the whole international order has been profoundly upset and irreparably destroyed.   

State of the Nation
June 2, 2016

Author Note

The next exposé in this series will be posted after the decision to, or not to, indict Hillary R. Clinton is made public.  It will delve more deeply into the critical role of former president Bill Clinton and his Clinton Foundation within the context of the preceding conspiracy. After all, what makes Hillary’s conduct so shocking and indefensible is that her husband spent two terms as the POTUS while she was the very politically involved First Lady.  Hence, there can be no viable excuses or reasonable explanations for her constant criminal conduct.


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