Foreign cash to Hillary Clinton’s campaign tracked through Richmond




Foreign cash to Hillary Clinton’s campaign tracked through Richmond

May 24-25, 2016

Longtime friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, is under an FBI and Justice Department investigation for accepting campaign donations for his gubernatorial race from Chinese billionaire Wang Wenliang. But the stunning revelation’s impact is not merely limited to Richmond, the Virginia state capital.

Wang, who has served as a delegate to the Chinese National People’s Congress, owns Rilin Enterprises. In 2013, Rilin pledged $2 million to the Clinton Foundation. The foundation, overseen by Hillary and Bill Clinton, as well as daughter Chelsea Mezvinsky, is the subject of an FBI probe involving Mrs. Clinton’s private email server used while she was Secretary of State. There are charges that one of the purposes of the private server was to hide emails concerning the Clintons’ “pay-to-play” scheme. The FBI probe is looking at not only the lack of security for sensitive and possibly classified emails but also whether Mrs. Clinton used her office as America’s chief diplomat to shake down foreign governments and businesses for cash to the Clinton Foundation — and Mrs. Clinton’s own campaign coffers — in exchange for top-level access to officials in the Obama administration.

WMR highlighted the Clintons’ “pay-to-play” scheme eight years ago in an article titled: “Clinton & Clinton, Inc: Global panhandlers.” Mrs. Clinton’s Senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of State was the opportunity for Republicans to bring up the Clinton Foundation donor list, which was reluctantly released by the foundation to smooth over the confirmation process. Republicans, who have their own problems with foreign donations, particularly the Senate’s chief “crybaby” John McCain, kept relatively silent. The donor list was rife with potential conflicts-of-interest. Some of these conflicts now plague Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The following is excerpted from our December 2008 report:

“Last April, during the height of the primary race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the issue of the William J. Clinton Foundation was raised. Obama’s camp called on former President Clinton to release the names of the donors to the Clinton on Foundation. In an April 3, 2008, Op-Ed in USA Today, Clinton pal and Clinton Foundation CEO Bruce Lindsey said for Clinton to release the donor list would ‘violate the president’s pledge to foundation donors that their contributions could remain anonymous unless they chose otherwise.

Now that Hillary is Obama’s selection to be Secretary of State, Bill Clinton has been forced to do what he refused to do during the primary season: name the donors to his foundation. It is all because his wife now faces Senate confirmation scrutiny over possible conflicts-of-interest rather than primary voter scrutiny. And as far as

Bill and Hillary Clinton are concerned, let the voters be damned when it comes to accountability. 

Lindsey concluded his Op-Ed by writing, ‘It would be a true shame if political motivations in a presidential campaign discouraged magnanimous people from supporting the efforts of the Clinton Foundation to save and improve lives around the world.’ It now appears from the names on Clinton’s list that the lives the former President sought to improve were his and his wife’s.

Clinton’s donors raise all kinds of red flags on the confirmation of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

Among the most egregious donors is the private military contractor:

·       Blackwater USA. Mrs. Clinton’s most obvious conflict-of-interest is next year when Blackwater’s State Department contract comes up for renewal. Knowing the ways of the Clintons, it is not hard to see a quid pro quo between a Secretary of State Clinton and the very Republican and very right-wing Blackwater in the offing.

A spokesman for the Obama transition team had the audacity to claim that donations to the Clinton Foundation have no bearing on Clinton’s job as Secretary of State. Oh, really? Have the Obama people ever heard of 

·       Jackson Stephens of Little Rock’s Stephens, Inc.? The Clintons and conflicts-of-interest go together like peanut butter and jelly.

One of the most astounding Clinton donors is the following:

·       Alavi Foundation. Alavi is the co-owner of a 36-story building on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. On December 17, federal officials charged that Alavi’s co-owner, Assa Corporation, is a front for

·        Iran’s Bank Melli that funneled revenue from the building to Bank Melli via a front company in the Channel Islands.

·       Hillary Clinton has been a hawk on Iran and once suggested that she would launch a devastating military attack on the country. Apparently, the Clintons are not so hawkish when it comes to taking Iranian money in a pay-to-play’ enterprise . . . 

Bill Clinton certainly was a busy man as a globe-trotting panhandler. He managed to get donations from a number of foreign governments, including: 

·       Saudi Arabia,

·       Norway,

·       Oman,

·       Brunei,

·       Kuwait,

·       Qatar,

·       Australia,

·       Jamaica,

·       Ireland,

·       Taiwan,

·       Italy, and the

·       Canary Islands’ Tenerife island government.

Other foreign donors include the following:

·       Netherlands National Postal Lottery,

·       Swiss Reinsurance Company, the

·       Swedish Postal Lottery,

·       China Overseas Real Estate Development,

·       Venezuela’s Venevision TV network,

·       Credit Suisse (now under investigation for criminal money laundering,

·       National Opera of Paris,

·       South Africa’s African Rainbow Minerals,

·       Bahrain Petroleum,

·       Beirut Container Terminal Consortium,

·       De Beers Marine Namibia,

·       National Bank of Kuwait,

·       Taiwan Mobile Foundation, Baltic International Bank,

·       Booz Allen Hamilton (now owned by

·       The Carlyle Group),

·       BNP Paribas,

·       Jordan Investment Trust,

·       Kenya Commercial Bank,

·       New Zealand Stock Exchange,

·       Newmont Mining Corp. (major gold mining company),

·       Occidental Petroleum Corporation,

·       Palestine Telecommunication Company,

·       Portugal Telecom,

·       Reykjavik Energy,

·       Society Tourism Diversions of Macau,

·       Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank Co Ltd.,

·       TD Bank Financial Group, De Beers Family of Companies,

·       Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd. of Israel,

·       First Philippine Holdings Corporation,

·       International Bank of Commerce of Laredo, Texas,

·       Oppenheimer Funds, Inc.,

·       Hutchison Whampoa Limited,PT. Polychem Indonesia,

·       Neptune Orient Lines Ltd. (Singapore),

·       Morgan Stanley Asia Limited, and

·       UBS Wealth Management.

Another major donor is Clinton Foundation trustee:

·       Frank Giustra, a Canadian billionaire who made a windfall profit in 2006 after landing a huge uranium contract from

·       Kazakhstan’s authoritarian President Nursultan Nazarbayev with Bill Clinton’s help.

·       Haim Saban, the Israeli-American entertainment guru who supports Israeli interests over those of his adopted country, was also a multi-million dollar donor to Clinton’s non-profit contrivance. (He is now a major donor to Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign).

Other major donors are: 

·       Saudi construction billionaire Nasser al-Rashid;

·       Dubai Emir Mohammad Rashid bin Maktoum, the majority owner of Dubai Ports World;

·        Gilbert Chagoury, a Lebanese Christian billionaire with sizable investments in oil-rich Nigeria; the

·       Zayed ruling family of Abu Dhabi;

·       Jordanian-Canadian Victor Dahdaleh,

·       chief of Dadco Group, who was once accused in a lawsuit of bribing Bahrain officials on behalf of Alcoa and using front companies in the British Virgin Islands, Singapore, and Switzerland;

·       Lebanese Houston-based Issam Fares,

·       a former Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister;

·       Indian mining mogul Lakshmi Mittal, aka “Taj Mittal,” who has been accused of running slave labor mines in places like Kazakhstan;

·       Ukrainian Jewish mining oligarch Viktor Pinchuk; former Loral Chairman Bernard Schwartz, who was investigated for the transfer of sensitive missile technology to China;

·       URS Corporation’s Richard Blum, the Iraq war profiteer husband of incoming Senate Intelligence Committee

·       Chairman Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) (Feinstein is now a major supporter lof Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign);

·       Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation Foundation;

·       Little Rock billionaire and longtime Clinton financial supporter Jackson Stephens;

·       personal data mining giant Acxiom Inc,; scandal-plagued American International Group (AIG);

·       Denise Rich, the ex-wife of American-Swiss-Israeli billionaire fugitive Marc Rich;

·       Mexican telecommunications baron Carlos Slim Helu; former AES CEO and

·       secretive Arlington-based Fellowship Foundation supporter Dennis Bakke (Mrs. Clinton, while ostensibly a Methodist, is an adherent of the Fellowship Foundation and its longtime “guru” Douglas Coe);

·       Barrick Gold, whose international advisers have included Bill Clinton’s golfing buddy George H. W. Bush;

·       Israel supporter Edgard Bronfman;

·       Lynn F. de Rothschild;

·       sub prime mortgage perpetrator Merrill Lynch;

·       Brazilian Jewish banking billionaire Joseph Safra of Safra Group (before

·       Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached by a cabal of wealthy Brazilians, her prosecutors criminally charged Safra, the world’s richest banker, with bribery);

·       right-wing political funder Richard Mellon Scaife;

·       the American Jewish Committee; the

·       University of Judaism;

·       Iranian expatriate Farhad Azima, a longtime provider of air services to U.S. intelligence agencies;

·       Wall Street collapse perpetrator Goldman Sachs; Banque Privée Edmond De Rothschild;

·       Evelyn de Rothschild;

·       Lazare Kaplan International Inc.;

·       Rahm Emanuel, Lafarge Corporation (where Hillary Clinton once served as a director during a time when the firm was implicated in the shipment of restricted materials to Saddam Hussein);

·       The Chatterjee Group (which is linked to

·       Marvin Bush, brother of George W. Bush);

·       Wesley K. Clark and Associates;

·       Albanian-American Center for Information and Cooperation, and

·       World Vision.

·       Another donor was Citigroup and its

·        Citi Foundation. Citigroup is one of the recipients of the U.S. government’s nearly $1 trillion bailout of Wall Street. No conflict-of-interest there Mr. and Mrs. Clinton?

Another donor is:

·       Mohammed Hussein al-Amoudi, a Saudi-Ethiopian billionaire who once threatened a libel lawsuit against this editor unless more than $100,000 was deposited in his foreign bank account. The attempted shakedown by this dubious individual was reported to the FBI.

·       Another donor is Jordanian-American businessman A. Huda Farouki, Nour USA and

·       Erinys Iraq majordomo who, like al-Amoudi, once threatened a libel lawsuit against this editor (and cost WMR at least $1200 in legal fees).

·       George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the

·       Soros Foundation, which fund “themed” neocon revolutions and destabilizing political chicanery around the world, also kicked into the Clinton Foundation.

·       The Friends of Saudi Arabia,

·       Saudi billionaire businessman Walid Juffali 

·       U.S. Islamic World Conference, and Saudi construction mogul Hamza al Kholi are among Clinton’s donors.

With a donation from the

·       First Bank of Nigeria and Nigeria’s Intercontinental Bank Plc, as well as

·       Nigeria’s Obat Oil And Petroleum Limited, the Clintons may be the first successful recipients of Nigerian “419” money. Congratulations Bill and Hillary! 

Bill’s global panhandling is a disgrace to the United States.

Obama’s selection of the other half of Clinton & Clinton, Inc. as Secretary of State is also a disgrace. Hillary Clinton is unsuitable to be Secretary of State since she and her husband are walking and talking conflicts-of-interest.

‘The List’ proves that they are nothing more than political prostitutes of the Nth degree.”

 “The List” also shows why Mrs. Clinton and her husband’s business partners at the investment/lobbying firm:

·       Teneo were required to exchange emails through a private server in the basement of the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua. Any improper emails sent through the official State Department telecommunications networks would have been subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.

·       It was not murder and mayhem in Chicago that got Al Capone convicted but his sloppy accounting practices that landed him and his ledger books in hot water with the Internal Revenue Service. If only old Al had a private email server.