Obama – The CIA’s Communist Candidate




Obama – The CIA’s Communist Candidate

by Victor Thorn


In this article, Victor Thorn makes the case that Barack Obama  was a CIA asset from his college years.  Our “leaders” may be actors (or MK-Ultra mind controlled slaves) in a charade legitimized by the mass media.

When Obama first came on the scene, everyone was asking : Who is this guy and where did he come from?

His mother was a CIA cut-out who was recruited by various intel agencies in the late 1950’s. The purpose was to infiltrate the Black Nationalists and the civil rights organizations that were forming at that time, such as the Nation of Islam, or Malcolm X, the Black Panthers, or even Martin Luther King. The “Powers that Be” had a lot of concerns about these.


In my book, Front Man, the most important chapter “Who is Barack Obama’s Real Father?” posits that Frank Marshall Davis, a member and founder of Chicago’s Communist Party was Obama’s real father. He had to flee to Hawaii after the heat got too heavy in the United States. Davis acted as a mentor.

And when you look at his mother at this time in Hawaii. Supposedly, she was some poor, single, divorced woman. But actually, during Barack Obama’s formative years, she travelled to 13 countries and worked for two CIA “cut-out” companies. One of her employers at the Ford Foundation was Peter Geithner (the father of Tim Geithner, the former Treasury Secretary of the United States). So here was Barack Obama’s mother working for Tim Geithner’s father at the Ford Foundation.

Pastor James David Manning says that Obama was recruited into the CIA during his time at Occidental College in California. Why would the CIA want to recruit this guy who supposedly was just some kid from a broken home…. (Very similar to Bill Clinton). In 1979, the most pivotal event going on was the Soviet-Afghanistan war. The CIA wanted someone who had some familiarity with this world. So here we have a kid who spent a lot of time during his youth in Indonesia. Some people say he was actually a Moslem and he definitely understood the Islamic culture. So they wanted him to provide his assistance to the Mujahideen as a CIA logistics agent. So to get him out of Occidental College, they needed some cover because had spent two years there and people knew him. He couldn’t just disappear. So they transferred him to Columbia University where no one knew him.



Who was a professor at Columbia then that might have taken him under his wing? The answer is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was not only an expert on Russia, he was also associated with the CIA since the 1950’s, he was co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller; he was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor. And he wrote one of the most pivotal books at that time, called “The Grand Chessboard” which was really a blueprint for our later (2001- present) Afghani war. So, Zbigniew Brzezinski recruits Obama. And in 1981 and 1982, Obama travels between Pakistan and Russia.

In his biographies…Obama says that when he arrived in New York City from Occidental College, he was so poor that he didn’t have enough money to even get a room. Yet, here he is traveling from the U.S. to Pakistan to Russia. It is also quite interesting that Bill Clinton, during his college days, also traveled, under the auspices of the CIA, to Russia also.

Deanna Spingola says that Obama was the lead agent in the arms and money and drug supply chain for the CIA-trained Taliban army in the war against the Soviets. And she says that Obama was one of the integral members in the Taliban’s success. And if we remember, this war of Russia against Afghanistan became Russia’s Vietnam and eventually led to the downfall of the Soviet Empire. So America had a lot invested in ensuring that the Mujahideen defeated the Russian army.

Now if we go up to the 2008 presidential campaign, Obama, for the first time in his life, actually admitted that he had gone to Pakistan in 1981. And yet in his two autobiographies, he never mentioned that he had gone to Pakistan. So here is a 20-year old kid traveling to Pakistan and to Russia who never mentions this in his autobiographies. So you have to wonder what is going on.

Obama also worked as a consultant for a company called Business International Corporation, a CIA cut-out. And again in his autobiographies, Obama does not mention this as his first real job. Anybody’s first job is big deal in their lives. Why doesn’t he mention it? Because it’s a CIA company and he didn’t want anyone trailing this.

So going back to the story…. In 1981, when he traveled to Pakistan, Pakistan was in severe turmoil, so badly that they actually imposed martial law. And there was a ban on people traveling from the U.S. to Pakistan. And we know that Obama was in New York City supposedly attending Columbia University at that time. Yet he was able to travel to Pakistan and by-pass this travel ban. How did he do it? He didn’t have a U.S. passport. He had and used an Indonesian passport. So this all goes back to his birth status. Where was he actually born? Why doesn’t he have a U.S. passport? Instead, he has an Indonesian passport.

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Now, Rahm Emanuel comes into this.  A lot of researchers claim that “Mega,” this Mossad spy within the Clinton White House, was actually Rahm Emanuel, Obama first Chief of Staff.

Barack Obama is the “emptiest suit” of any President we’ve ever had, even more so than George W. Bush. I mean he’s done nothing in his life. His highest real job was as a community organizer. I know he was in the Senate, but these are jobs that were set up for him, and they paved the way for him.

So he’s a complete question mark. When you look at his past, when he travels to Pakistan, he’s meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, with the leader of the Northern Command, with ex-Soviet war veterans, with the people from the Mujahideen. So we have to ask ourselves, how is a 20-year old kid, a college student, meeting with some of the most important people in this war at this time? And he actually stayed with a man named Mohamadian Sumra, who was the interim Prime Minister of Pakistan, who is also tied in with BCCI, which is probably the biggest, dirtiest (CIA) banking scandal of all time. So how is this college kid, with no money, no resources, meeting with the highest people in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, and even Russians? It doesn’t make sense unless you look at him as a CIA asset. That’s the only thing that makes sense.

There is absolutely no evidence that Barack Obama was ever at Columbia University [between 1981-1983.] There’s no transcript, no yearbook accounts, no work records, no housing records, no friends, no associates. A guy named Wayne Allen Wrote … interviewed 400 people in Obama

‘s graduating class and he couldn’t find a single person that knew Obama, saw him, or remembered him there at Columbia University. So not only have all of his college records at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard been sealed and not released. His birth certificate records are also sealed and haven’t been released. So what we have here with this guy is a huge question mark. If he wasn’t at Columbia for those three years, where was he?