The American high-tech weapons have started to be blocked




The American high-tech weapons have started to be blocked

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Every month that goes by we are assisting to the accession of certain politic, military and economic tensions between the USA and us-russia-power-chess-game-flagsthe Russian Federation, the first two biggest powers in the world. Both sides are preparing great military exercises, while the governmental representatives make categorical declarations. In essence, the occidental mass-media presents the dynamics of the events as a continuously abuse of power from Russia’s side, saying that NATO (more precisely the USA, assisted by the European Union) is looking forward with great determination to re-establish the equilibrium and to ensure peace. Yet, it is important to note that there are a series of essential dates which are hidden from the public opinion by the official means of communication from the Occident. This hidden information shows much more accurately who and what determines the power balance between the two big super-powers.

According to some of the disclosures that appeared in the alternative media, one of the main reasons for which the USA and the European Union are making pressures over Russia, is that the Russian government holds, for many years now, an absolutely revolutionary technology, which gives Russia a huge military advantage. This is, beyond doubt, a situation hard to be accepted by the White House administration, which for the past decades holds a politics of authoritative intervention everywhere they considered „necessary to re-establish order” in the world.

An obvious confirmation of this situation, which puts an end to the pride of the American governors, took place last year, during the Ukraine crisis. On the 10th of April 2014 a war ship belonging to the American marine, USS Donald Cook, was sent in the neutral waters of the Black Sea. The battle ship was equipped with NATO’s most modern combat systems. The destroyer USS Donald Cook had on board 56 Tomahawk nuclear rockets, four very powerful radars and the most recent American system for detecting and destroying rockets, namedAEGIS. But, the penetration of the American ship in that area was in contradiction with theMontereaux  Convention. According to this international treaty, the battle ships of the non-riveran countries of the Black Sea are not allowed to stay in the area more than 21 days. Moscow has expressed several times the concern regarding the presence of the NATO’s ships in the Black Sea and the Russian ministry of external affairs, Serghei Lavrov, has drew attention that some of the American military ships have already outrun the limit of 21 days allowed for staying in the Black Sea.

As an answer to the penetration of the destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea, Moscow has sent on the 12th of April an unarmed bomber, type SU-24, which flew above the American war ship. According the Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta and to the declarations made by the Russian general Pavel Zolotarev (the deputy director of the Institute of American and Canadian studies of the Academy of Science in Russia), the Russian airplane carried neither bombs nor missiles but only a „basket” mounted under the fuselage, which contained a war dispositive called Khibiny. It seems that what happened next shocked the American marines. Alternative news sources (as,,,, , have affirmed that when the SU-24Russian airplane approached the battle ship USS Donald Cook, all the electronic systems (the radars, the transmission of information, the control circuits) have suddenly stopped and, in spite of the efforts made by the operators, they couldn’t be restarted. For the desperation of the Americans, SU-24 has simulated 12 times, for a period of 90 minutes, an attack on the American war ship. It is obvious that in the case of a real attackUSS Donald Cook would become a sure prey, being unable to defend itself. The sources quoted above say that after this incident USS Donald Cook has hurried to anchor in the Romanian harbor Constanța, where 27 members of the crew have resigned saying that they are not willing to risk their lives anymore.

On the 14th of April 2014, the Pentagon has made public the fact that the event was absolutely disturbing and they emitted an official protest which contained an unexpectedly emotional comment. The representative of the Pentagon has characterized Russia’s attitude as “provocative and unprofessional”, affirming that: “The incident has dishearten the ship’s crew”. Note that although the Pentagon has avoided recognizing directly, this comment confirms that the situation has outrun the military from the American destroyer. Regarding this incident, the occidental mass-media has continued – as to be expected – to praise the USA army. They only mentioned that a Russian airplane has flew over the American battle shipUSS Donald Cook, without any mention about the situation of blocking its capacity of combat.

Furthermore it is already increasingly recognized that even the West-European media is almost entirely obedient to the interests of USA, many journalists being undercover agents of secret servicies related with CIA. It is very relevant in this direction the testimony of the German journalist Ulrich Ulfkotte, former editor at one of the most important newspapers in Germany. He has publicly acknowledged that himself and many other European journalists have been subjected to pressure in order to coerce to lie, to manipulate and to make propaganda that incites for war against Russia. You can watch the video testimony of this journalist here.

On the other side, in the Russian alternative information media, the incident related to the destroyer  USS Donald Cook was explicitly presented, pointing that the purpose of the demonstration was to dishearten the American offensive to the East and to show that Russia does not wish war. The video below describes Russia’s position.

Important additional information about the new Russian electronic war systems were presented at the Russian TV channel

At the present moment, more and more Russian military experts (see for or video) do not avoid declaring that this new technology – which made possible the complete deactivation of AEGIS, the most advanced American system for destroying rockets – is a weapon with no equal in the entire world. The news presents the declaration of a Russian officer affirming that the Russian army has possibilities that can provoke in the adverse party the fall of all means of communication or the immediate complete discharge of the batteries from the vehicles, tanks and other equipment (mobile phones and radio stations). It is also mentioned that they could block all the electric circuits. It is also mentioned that all the LCD monitors would not function and all the motors would stop on an area of approximately 20 kilometers.

The sources of alternative information quoted below affirm that the Khibiny dispositive – used against the American destroyer USS Donald Cook – has on its base the Magrav technologybelonging to the Keshe Foundation.

This technology allows the radio-electronic jamming of the enemy and, for example, if the USS Donald Cook would have launched a rocket against the Russian airplane SU-24, the Khibinywould have deviated the rocket and it would have sent it back to those who launched it. As it is detailed in another article, the Iranian scientist who invented this technology said that such a system is specially built to dishearten from the beginning anybody who would initiate an attack.

But we can see that Russia is not the only country holding a technology capable of blocking USA’s most advanced means of war. A recent incident is relevant in this case. On the 2nd of March 2015, during some tactical military exercises held in Florida, the French submarineSaphir has put in clear inferiority the great aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and its entire escort. The military Saphircommentators show that in conditions of war such a situation would have meant a sure sink of all the american ships. The event was mentioned in the Russian news, which specified that the exercises were meant to test the newly upgraded carrier, which had undergone a four year, $2.6 billion overhaul! It’s easy to understand that the negative result registered by the USS Theodore Roosevelt was considered very stinging for justifying the giant amount of money spent on it. According to, covered sources from the Russian Ministry of Defense affirm that the efficiency of the nuclear French submarine Saphir comes from the fact that it is also equipped (as the Russian airplane SU-24 presented previously), with one of the newest systems Magrav, already used in the Russian and Iranian armies.

Another incident wich proves again the inefficiency of the American military techniques in front of the new war weapons which probably use the Magrav technology took place in the waters of the Baltic Sea. On this occasion, the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier was again made “check-mate”. It is important to mention that this aircraft carrier is considered one of the biggest and strongest war ships of the American marine, weighing 100.000 tons and having 5.000 marines on board. In spite of this, on the 23rd of March 2015, USS Theodore Roosevelt was “sunk” by three Russian submarines during some tactical exercises. The informs that a report of the Russian Ministry of Defense affirms that the Russian submarines have determined the USS Theodore Roosevelt to “flee in terror” from the waters of the Baltic Sea to the waters of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. It is significant that only after a few hours since the Russian Ministry of Defense has reported the incident, the English press has announced that the American aircraft carrier is arriving in the United Kingdom, for the surprise of the curious people that came to see it. From the newspapers published in England (for instance we can understand by default that the event was not programed.

Sources from the alternative media also reveals that in order to neutralize the effects of the new Russian weapons, from the beginning of the year, technical-tests-of-natos-war-on-eus-skies-990x260US Air Force have resorted to testing a very advanced military system called High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System(HELLADS), system created for detecting rockets from the terrestrial atmosphere. During the month of March, the exercises adopted by the US Air Force have pursued to take down a target of reentering in the air space, ICBM (an intercontinental ballistic rocket), which simulated a nuclear attack from the Russian Federation’s side. Various experts affirm that the effects of using the HELLADS for a large area of action have the tendency of spreading in the entire atmosphere, affecting everything on their way. It is more than relevant – as the following news site shows, that many air traffic controllers from Germany, the Check Republic, Slovakia or Austria have reported the perturbing of the radars during the tactic exercises carried by NATO. According to, the Russian Ministry of Defense has declared that “The Ministry of Defense is reporting today that dispatches from the Northern Fleet appear to show that downing of 4U9525- Germanwings in southern France yesterday was the “direct result” of a failed US Air Force test of its High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System (HELLADS) attempting to shoot down an ICBM reentry vehicle, but which, instead, destroyed this civilian airliner killing all 150 aboard.” This explanation is, of course, much more plausible than the one launched by the occidental press which made public the naive version that the crushing was due to a depression of the co-pilot, who locked himself in the cabin and, from his desire of committing suicide, has killed all the passengers of the airplane. Consulting the Operating Manual for the flight crew we can easily verify that such a blockage from inside of the co-pilot even could not be possible because the door could have been opened by the members of the crew if they wrote a certain code: „When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).” The procedure of opening the door in situations of emergency is explicitly presented by the site in the following video. Also, according to the sites and, another thing that was not made public is that the airplane could have been piloted also from outside in case of emergency. The control could have been taken over using a system called “fly-by-wire”, wich has been installed as a result of the prevention measurements adopted after the 11th of September 2001.

Russian Defense Ministry reports therefore lead to the conclusion that the US militaryinitiatives to test new types of weapons such as the HELLADS come as an attempt todevelop countermeasures against Magrav technology.

Regarding the fact that the technology which stands at the base of these blockages of the American high-tech weapons is indeed the Magrav technology, it is significant that on the 23rdof April 2012 the president Barack Obama signed a decree by which this technology developed by the Keshe Foundation became forbidden in the USA, being associated with “terrorism”.

It seems that the situation which determined the White House to take in consideration very seriously the Keshe technology happened in December 2011, when the Iranians captured an American drone, equipped with the most sophisticated military systems. The Washington’s governors  were completely sure that because of the „last generation” of high-tech (which they considered invincible), their spying drone could not even be detected by the potential enemies. In spite of this, the Iranians captured the American drone in flight, at a height of approximately 6 kilometers and they took it to the ground without the slightest scratch. Here is an example of how this event have been presented on an Iranian TV channel:

Although at first the western mass-media has considered the capturing of the drone as being a fake, eventually the situation was recognized officially, inclusively by the president Obama, who has publicly asked the Iranians to give the drone back (see for instance this video). Showing that they are not afraid of the Americans, the Iranians haUS drone captured by iraniansve refused to return the spying ship. It is worth to observe that subsequently, besides the warlike tendencies, the administration of the White House has refrained to initiate attacks of any sort against Iran. Now we have one more reason to understand why.

After the capturing the drone, Mehran Keshe has asked the president Obama in an official letter to cooperate for grounding a climate of world wide peace. The Iranian scientist has warned that “The aircraft carriers of the US will become nothing but floating bathtubs if our Magravs technology is used effectively, and the runways full of F16s and 18s and so on will be nothing but runway museums of iron birds, as these crafts will not be able to fly if their electronic systems are once touched by Magravs space technology. These crafts and battleships would have to be rewired from A to Z before they could ever operate again.

Three years ago, in order to develop a climate of worldwide peace, the Keshe Foundationmade an anouncement that they offer for free their technology for all the governments of the states willing to implement it for peaceful purposes. The number of the states receiving the Keshe technology ismagrav growing continuously. According to this list, the countries that started to implement the Magrav/Keshetechnology are first of all contries from BRICS association (Russia, China, India, Brazil), but also Japan, Australia, Peru, Bolivia, Thailand, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and others.

No matter if the technology which led to the blocking of the American very advanced weapons mentioned above is Keshe type or not, it is remarkable that this revolutionary technology seems to determine now the balance of power between the states of the world. Fortunately, those who hold this technology do not wish for war, but for the stopping of the desperate efforts made by some trans-national organizations who desire to maintain their authority by force and by the artificial unleash of diverse crises worldwide.

Taking into consideration the high degree of classified information tied to this subject it is not proper to have the expectations of having official confirmations of the true facts or to have absolutely non-controversial data from the alternative media. Yet, as we can observe, the clues which appeared are more and more numerous and they bring to light a reality which has already started to change the face of the earth.