National Mandatory Vaccination Bill Under Serious Consideration By Congress




National Mandatory Vaccination Bill Under Serious Consideration By Congress

State of the Nation

SOTN Editor’s Note:
There is no greater threat facing the American people than the highly coordinated push by the U.S. Federal Government and Big Pharma to impose what amounts to a “super-vaccination agenda”. Those forces behind this initiative to foist a comprehensive vaccination regime upon the nation are inordinately aggressive and purposefully unyielding. As follows:


Th implementation of this nefarious agenda begins with a national mandatory vaccination schedule for school age children. Once the school children vaccine program is firmly in place, the same proponents are determined to put a mandatory adult vaccination program in effect. The annual flu season has been deceptively advanced as the primary reason for making adulthood vaccines compulsory. However, the supposedly worsening flu outbreaks are but a pretext, and categorically not the true reason(s).

US Government To Compel Adult Vaccinations After Measles Outbreak

It ought to be fully understood by those who fall within the anti-vaxxer movement that the recent advancement of legislation for both child and adult mandatory vaccinations is no accident. In fact there is much more going on in the background which is critical to the health and welfare of every American citizen. Hence, it’s imperative that every person understand their civil rights as well as the appropriate federal statutes and constitutional law.


For those who are uninitiated in the government’s super-vaccination agenda, it would wise to read the preceding linked articles. Each of them provides a crucial perspective concerning the extremely harmful and illicit childhood vaccine programs routinely administered around the country.

No entity under the sun has the right or lawful authority to arrogate power unto itself to harm or injure, sicken or infect, paralyze or kill the people of this nation.  Not only is such conduct by the state a serious breach of the social contract, it represents a profound violation of the public trust.  Vaccination programs therefore break the inviolable bond between the citizenry and the government.

Most importantly, the systematic administration of state-mandated childhood vaccines constitutes a highly dangerous and deadly criminal enterprise.  Those government officials and corporate co-conspirators responsible for this ongoing chemical assault ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
(Source: Attorney Exposes Super-vaccination Agenda, Lays Foundation For Lawsuits Against Government And Big Pharma)

State of the Nation


HR 2232: National mandatory vaccination bill enters Congress

by Edward


Alert! A Congressional bill to force mandatory vaccinations across the nation has entered the House of Representatives under the name “Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015” or HR 2232.  This bill is essentially a national version of the SB277 mandatory vaccination legislation which passed in California earlier this year, with the same impossible exemption requirements. The bill, as currently written, would require all state public schools across the nation to mandate blanket vaccination of their enrolled students in order to receive their federal aid money.

The bill was introduced by Frederica S. Wilson, a Democratic Congresswoman from Miami, Florida, who is best known for wearing crazy hats to events and interviews. To say that the hats may have finally gone to her head isn’t far from the truth, as Rep. Wilson has put fourth arguably the most draconian act of medical fascism since the regime of Adolf Hitler in Germany.  The movement aiming to eliminate informed consent knows quite well that the flailing national public school system is wholly dependent on grant money from Washington, D.C, as was evident in last year’s tense fight over Common Core implementation and Michelle Obama’s lunch program.

The real question here is — will people who still enroll their children in these meat grinding indoctrination facilities idly sit by as their local schools turn those national grant funds into literal blood money for the pharmaceutical-industrial complex?