German Interior Minister Says Suicide Bomber’s Syrian Passport “May Have Been Planted”




German Interior Minister Says Suicide Bomber’s Syrian Passport “May Have Been Planted”

As we reported extensively over the weekend, the biggest false flag clue that has emerged so far from the Paris attack was the discovery of a fake, fully intact Syrian passport next to one of the suicide bombers. The question which we posed is who would benefit from this and whether the authorities would entertain such a “preposterous” suggestion.

It appears the answer is yes. Overnight none other than the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said that the “Syrian passport found next to a suicide bomber in the Paris terror attacks may have been planted.”

Bloomberg adds that reports that the identity in the passport may have been registered in several countries along the so-called Balkan route raise the suspicion that it could be a deliberate attempt to implicate refugees and “make people feel unsafe,” de Maiziere said.

“There are indications that this was a planted lead, but it still can’t be ruled out that this was indeed an IS terrorist posing as a refugee,” he told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday, referring to Islamic State, which France blames for organizing the violence.

Any link between France’s worst terror attack since World War II and Europe’s refugee crisis would raise the stakes for Chancellor Angela Merkel as she defends her open-door policy for asylum seekers in Germany’s debate over immigration and security.

“It’s certainly unusual that such a person would have been faithfully registered in Greece and Serbia and Croatia, while we’re constantly pressing for registration and aren’t happy that it isn’t happening to the necessary extent,” de Maiziere said.

And with that the story on whether the passport was “planted” by someone else is effectively closed. The only open question remaining: who was so quick to plant the passport in the aftermath of the suicide bombing, and just whose agenda is in play?