France Uses Terror Attacks As Pretext To Arrest Climate Activists


France is deploying more than 10,000 personnel to provide security for the UN Climate Change Conference which opens in Paris on November 30.

France is deploying more than 10,000 personnel to provide security for the UN Climate Change Conference which opens in Paris on November 30.


France Uses Terror Attacks As Pretext To Arrest Climate Activists

Climate Summit Lockdown In Progress

False Flag Terror Attacks Staged in Paris on 11/13 Were
Planned to Occur Just Before the Commencement of the
Climate Conference in Order to Sequester and Quarantine
All of the Participants, Control the Process, Manufacture
Consent and Engineer the Outcomes

State of the Nation

As predicted, President François Hollande has used the false flag terror attacks of Friday the 13th to justify the outright arrest of climate activists who are on the wrong side of the fence (according to the pro-geoengineering crowd).  Other dissenting activists, who are also currently in France, are likewise vulnerable to house arrest as the following article indicates.

France Puts 24 Climate Activists Under House Arrest Ahead of UN Talks

For the nation of France to permit and implement such an egregious violation of civil and human rights is quite shocking.  As much as French society has always allowed for every form of protest to take place, even those which have been quite disruptive, highlights just how over the top the Hollande government response has been.

It had become clear to those who are aware of just how serious the outcomes of the upcoming conference truly are that Hollande et al. have been ordered to basically lock down Paris.  In this way the behind-the-scenes controllers of the climate conference are better able to manipulate the specific outcomes that they have been planning for many years.

Paris Terror Attacks: Executed To Lock Down Climate Summit Conference

In fact, the single most important purpose of the obviously fabricated Paris terror attacks was to provide the false pretext to micro-manage the entire conference in order to guarantee those desired outcomes.  Toward that end French law enforcement has been making pre-emptive arrests of non-desirable activists.  This intimidating tactic is not only wholly unacceptable, such repressive practices are unprecedented in climate conference history.  That these coercive measures are being executed in France — a country that has seen all manner of protest and civil disobedience over the centuries — makes them all the more outrageous.

For those who doubt the resolve of Hollande’s government to obey their climate conference masters in this regard, the following excerpt from a recent article shows just how far they are willing to go.  It ought to be noted that such an illegal restriction of lawful movement is unparalleled in both French and European history, as is the blatant deprivation of the right of free speech (not the hateful free speech of Charlie Hebdo infamy).

French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Saturday that just under a thousand people thought to pose security risks have been banned from entering the country since tighter border controls were enforced earlier this month in the run-up to the COP21 climate talks and in the wake of France’s deadliest attacks in recent memory.
(Source: Hollande, activists gear up for critical climate talks)

Were it not for the obvious false flag operation conducted in Paris on 11/13 by the very same globalist cabal which is overseeing the climate summit, these oppressive measures could never have been taken.  Their only false justification is to satisfy unreasonably high (some say ridiculous) ‘Security Standards’ because of the many heads of state who will be in attendance over the 12-day conference.  Just who is the face of the globalist cabal that is really running the show in Paris?  The following exposé answers that and other critical questions.

Paris Terror Attacks Ordered By The Committee Of 300

However, the real 64 thousand dollar question here is: Why would the ruling elites go through so much trouble to cordon off the most consequential climate summit in world history?  Wouldn’t they rather opt for transparency in the interest of acquiring the voluntary buy-in of as many stakeholders as possible?  Doesn’t so much heavy-handed control smack of a hidden agenda with preordained results?

Certainly those who are in charge of this sham of a conference care not what the people of the world think about climate change; their only interest appears to be foisting their clandestine agenda on the world-at-large.  As follows:

Just Like 9/11, Paris Attacks Being Used To Foist Climate Change Legislation And CO2 Control Regime On The World Community Of Nations

It’s extremely difficult for the average person to understand the sheer gravity of this particular ‘Climate Summit’.  Its explicit goal is to impose a Global CO2 Management Regime on the world community of nations which will ultimately serve as the foundational blueprint of a One World Government.  This is the true purpose of this Paris meeting of the grand poobahs.  Only in this way can their New World Order (NWO) proceed unimpeded.  The outworking of the NWO agenda rests squarely on the premise of this fast emerging “Global Carbon Control Matrix” (GCCM).

One World Government Initially Emerging As Global CO2 ‘Management’ Regime

In order to better appreciate the true depth and breadth of what is about to occur in the effectively locked down conference venue in Paris, it is essential to understand their primary unstated goals which constitute their highly hidden agenda(s).

• First, the GCCM will serve as the legal and political foundation for a new framework of international laws and treaties regarding CO2 emissions.

• Secondly, the GCCM will provide an enforcement mechanism by which those laws and treaties will be administered and monitored … and especially enforced.

• Thirdly, the GCCM will function as a global taxation authority in order to provide the necessary tax revenue which will support the emerging One World Government.

• Lastly, the GCCM will operate as a full-blown supranational CO2 management regime with unprecedented political and police powers, as well as unparalleled financial and economic prowess.
(Source: Friday the 13th Massacre: False Flag Operation Designed to Sequester and ‘Quarantine’ the NWO Climate Conference in Paris)

Security measures are seen during final preparations for the COP21, Paris Climate Conference

Security measures are seen during final preparations for the COP21, Paris Climate Conference


With this much deeper understanding it ought to be clear to every nation on Earth (as well as every resident on the planet) that they are about to be corralled into a pen of incomparable compliance and conformity defined by a new CO2 regulatory regime.  By way of a whole slew of new laws and statutes, rules and regulations, treaties and agreements, the entire world is about to undergo a major transformation.  It should be noted that only The COMMITTEE of 300 could so stealthily put into place such a de facto One World Government.[1]

If such a worldwide super-structure was being built for the genuine benefit of humankind, it might be welcomed.  However, the planned climate change control regime has many other purposes and motivations behind it.  None of those serve the people; rather, they have been conceived to provide another means of control over all of Earth’s natural resources, as well as the planetary weather and climate patterns.

NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources

Hence, it is now up to those citizens who are now aware of the climate conference scam to expose it.  Since the on-the-ground activists have been arrested, barred from France, or banned from participating in any meaningful way, an Internet media campaign and cyber protest is the next best response to their totalitarian designs.  Only in cyberspace can this ongoing conspiracy against We the People be properly outed and addressed in an effective manner.

Truly, it has never been so urgent to translate this crucial knowledge and awareness about this phase of the implementation of the NWO agenda into deliberate action and serious endeavor to stop it.[2]

State of the Nation
November 28, 2015


[1] 21 Goals of the Illuminati and The Committee of 300

[2] New World Order: Creation of The Venetian Black Nobility and Committee of 300


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