Even Kardashian Kylie Jenner has some serious questions about the Chemtrails being sprayed over California.



Even Kardashian Kylie Jenner has some serious questions about the CHEMTRAILS being sprayed over California.


Even Kardashian Kylie Jenner has some serious questions about the Chemtrails being sprayed over California.

State of the Nation

It’s quite true … every family has at least one truth-seeker.   Of course, many families have more than one, but who would have guessed that the Kardashian family would produce offspring as wise and courageous as Kylie Jenner?!

Kylie has performed a great service to humanity.  She has used her family’s internet-based soapbox to pose some VERY intelligent and urgent questions.  Those questions address the sanity of spraying chemtrails in American skies.  See how well Kylie did on her Twitter page below.

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What makes Kylie’s questions so dangerous to the geoengineers is that they cannot even answer them.  They cannot respond to her innocent and intelligent inquiries because the geoengineers have asserted over decades that chemtrails DO NOT EVEN EXIST.  They have emphasized since the year 2000 that these are nothing but normal contrails.  You know, the condensation trails that are emitted by the jet exhaust.

So, here we have young Kylie Jenner (only 18) stepping up to the plate against the PhD geoengineers and they cannot even throw her a pitch.  Why?  Because they know she will knock it out of the park right through all the chem-clouds and chemtrails.  The same ball will then fall back down to earth covered with the same toxic chemicals and harmful contaminants that are found in coal fly ash.  What will they do then?

That’s right, the now ubiquitous chemtrails contain the hazardous waste product produced by coal-fired power plants known as coal fly ash.  They then ship all the fly ash to the chemical geoengineering manufacturing centers around the world and use it in chemtrail aerosols which are sprayed in the skies everywhere.

What’s really beautiful about Kylie’s chemtrail twittering is that the twitterverse is all lit up with this important discussion.  After all, how could the EPA et al. allow such a massive and ongoing chemtrail operation to systematically pollute the skies across America 24/7?

Someone even posted the following recent articles about the EPA’s direct complicity permitting coal fly ash to be utilized in this fashion, particularity when their directives mandate that coal fly ash be removed by the coal-fired power plants and not released into the atmosphere.

EPA Refuses To Classify Coal Fly Ash As Hazardous Waste, Primary Toxic Component Of Chemical Geoengineering

EPA Permits Unlimited Use of Toxic Coal Fly Ash in Chemical Geoengineering Operations

Peer-Reviewed, Court-Admissible, Scientific Research Paper Published Exposing Geoengineering

Chemical Geoengineering Scientifically Proven To Be A Crime Against Humanity

Kylie’s an August 10th LEO child so courage comes naturally.

Of course, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has had a field day only because Kylie has asked some extremely important questions.  They are making fun of her spelling and intelligence, her wording and understanding when she has already shown herself to be the smartest one in the room.

Funny how all the MSM outlets have promoted the comments which criticize Kylie in every way.  However, there are many commenters who have highlighted the truthfulness and honesty of her post.  Many even reply with accurate and factual information which has been routinely kept form the American people.

The MSM even holds Kylie up high as an example of what not to do.  Independent and free-thinking Californians are not supposed to use their Tweets to disseminate the truth.  God forbid that any teenager exercise their right to apply their critical thinking skills to something as serious as extremely dangerous chemical geoengineering via chemtrail operations.

Hey, why should anyone care that the geoengoineers and their masters are methodically poisoning the atmosphere around the globe with highly toxic chemtrails?


State of the Nation
August 29, 2015


Kylie Jenner Has Some Questions About Chemtrails