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Alignment of ‘ominous events’ prompts frenzy abroad


Friday’s American stock market provided further evidence of instability in the nation’s economy, and even as financiers fear a possible fiscal disaster in September, there has been little coverage among U.S. media.

But the state-run media of Russia is warning of what it calls America’s “economic apocalypse.”

The Russian news service Sputnik, an agency launched by Russia’s state-owned Rossiya Segodnya in 2014 to “target global audiences with its non-mainstream take on world events,” predicts doom for the American economy next month.

In a recent article, Sputnik cites several economists warning of catastrophe.

It continues: “Most of the experts agree that all the optimistic data like record earnings on Wall Street and a surging dollar is just disguising fundamental cracks, and the collapse of historic proportions will happen within few months, starting in the U.S.

“No wonder such forecasts, and there are dozens, from professional economists leave U.S. and the world dizzy and shivering in fear and helplessness, just what one would probably feel if the actual apocalypse was coming.”

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September 2015 has become the focal point of warnings and speculation because of a strange confluence of events.

These include:

•  The seven-year, biblical Shemitah cycle ends Sept. 13

•  The European Organization for Nuclear Research begins a controversial experiment

•  Pope Francis arrives at the White House on Sept. 23 and will make an unprecedented address to a joint session of Congress the next day

•  The fourth and last “blood moon” in the tetrad occurs on Sept. 28, on the biblical Feast of Tabernacles

With temporal, spiritual and economic events lining up for next month, some pastors are urging Christians to be prepared, warning they cannot rely on most American media outlets to report the truth.

Carl Gallups, a pastor, former law-enforcement officer and author of the upcoming book “Be Thou Prepared,” observes: “With the onslaught of predicted ominous events scheduled to occur in or around September of this year, as well as the actual scheduled events possessing possible prophetic overtones, a lot of people certainly are tuned in to the end of this year with a laser focus. Sadly, it sometimes seems the Russian media is more reliable and eclectic in its reporting than is the American media. Given the fact that the United States media often seems loathe to report on anything biblical or Christian in nature, unless it is excoriating or marginalizing them, this should not surprise us.”

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Gallups says the Russian media’s focus on September may reflect a political and even religious agenda. After all, he notes, “Russia and Putin have made a big deal lately about the infusion of ‘Christian influence’ in Putin’s ‘new’ Russian culture.

“As to the reliability of Russia’s speculation that something catastrophic is going to happen in America this fall, and particularly this September, I suppose their conjectures are [as] good as any. I doubt that they have any special prophetic insight into these matters. Unless they have some sort of covert plans to attempt to be a part of a ‘self-fulfilling prophecy.’ I certainly would not put that past them at all.”

Pastor Mark Biltz of El Shaddai Ministries, the discoverer of the “blood moons” phenomenon and the author of “Blood Moons: Decoding the Imminent Heavenly Signs,” lambastes the American press for ignoring what he believes are critically important developments.

“In reading these articles, I find the common denominator to all of them is that the American media is clueless,” he told WND.

Biltz says Christians should be especially watchful after Sept. 14, which he says begins a new biblical seven-year cycle.

“According to biblical history, the seven year cycle of plenty followed by a seven-year cycle of famine began on Rosh Hashanah or the Feast of Trumpets. If we have a financial catastrophe this fall, it could well be that we have entered into one of the most significant biblical seven year cycles of human history.”

Biltz believes one of the most significant signs “this could be the beginning of the last week of Daniel’s prophesied 70th week,” is a report the United Nations will impose a Palestinian state in September. Following the agreement with Iran, France has begun pressuring the United States to reverse its previous opposition to a resolution in the United Nations Security Council establishing a Palestinian state.

When would the resolution be brought before the entire United Nations? The most likely scenario is after the beginning of the next session of the United Nations General Assembly – which begins on Sept. 15, during Rosh Hashanah. What’s more, the upcoming session of the U.N. General Assembly will be the 70th session in the organization’s history.

Biltz argues: “Right now, France is working on a proposed resolution which would give formal U.N. Security Council recognition to the Palestinians, would declare that a divided Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and a Palestinian state, and would set the 1967 borders as the baseline for future negotiations which would establish the final borders between the two nations.

“If the U.N. pushes this peace agreement recognizing a Palestinian State on Rosh Hashanah in particular, then woe to those nations who have signed on. As it declares in the book of Joel 3:2, ‘I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.’”

Biltz urges Americans to especially be vigilant during the crucial time of September 2015.

“We need to be watchman that are aware of the signs of the times. This has the potential to be one of the most auspicious signs yet!”

Gallups also thinks Christians should be especially watchful at this time.

“When we see the convergence of prophetic signs around us – those in the near future and those that have already taken place, I don’t see how a legitimate student of the Word of God can deny the uniquely prophetic times in which we are living. The Middle East is aflame with terrorism, most of it directed squarely upon the church and Israel – undeniably two of God’s primary witnesses to the end times’ world.

“When you add to this mix the fact that the biblically prophesied last days’ Israel is back in the land and now is in possession of Jerusalem and surrounded by vicious enemies on every side, daily breathing out destructive threats against her, how can one miss the signs of the times?”

Gallups believes Biltz is right to ascribe significance to the confluence of events in September surrounding the final “blood moon” of the tetrad.

“On top of everything else, we also have the undeniable convergence of the blood moon cycle and the Shemitah year – both of which culminate in September. It remains to see whether those occurrences are harbingers of prophetic things to come – but we shall soon know.”

Gallups urges Christians to be cautious and prepare themselves for any occurrence, rather than expecting one specific event.

“I admit that there are many amazing things happening in the world around us, many of which are converging this fall, I also acknowledge that ultimately the Lord is on His throne – Jesus Christ is still in charge – ‘In Him all things hold together.’ This is the balance I keep … be prepared always. There is a biblically balanced and spiritually mature manner in which we must live in the midst of these prophetic days.”

Author and Bible teacher Jonathan Cahn in the message posted to YouTube is calling for a period of national prayer and repentance leading up to the pivotal month of September.

He also issued a new warning about a “desecration” that often precedes judgment and is already present in American society. He calls for Christians to prepare for persecution and get ready to stand for God in a coming period of strife that will increasingly be devoid of “gray areas” or middle ground.

In the video, he says his main theme continues to be that of judgment visiting America. This will bring a “shaking” in the financial and economic realms. These tremors may spread beyond the economic realm.

The harbingers of coming judgment that Cahn first wrote about in 2012 in his New York Times-best-seller, “The Harbinger” and featured in the acclaimed film “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment,” have continued long past the writing of that story, he said. The Tree of Hope, a spruce or cedar that in the Bible symbolizes a nation’s strength, was planted at Ground Zero in New York following 9/11 but it withered and died. It was finally uprooted on Passover 2014.

The new office tower built to replace the Twin Towers opened earlier this year only to have the first tenants overrun by an infestation of vermin.

But one of the most critical harbingers for America is its relationship with Israel, Cahn said.

“The relations between America and Israel are at its worst. This is a dangerous sign for America. America is now pressing for a deal that Israel says will put Israel in danger. That is also ominous,” Cahn said. “All these things: Israel, the harbingers, the apostasy, the Shemitah, all these things are converging, and we need to take heed now.”

He said he gave dates in his book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah” to show that God often works, especially in economic matters, according to the seven-year cycle given to Moses as Mount Sinai and recorded in Deuteronomy.

While this is something “to be aware of the signs of the times,” the bigger issue for America is that judgment is imminent. The U.S. clearly “crossed a line,” he said, with the Supreme Court decisions on abortion, removing prayer from schools and most recently in its arrogant redefinition of the God-given covenant of marriage.

“The first caution is, God doesn’t have to do anything. He is sovereign. He doesn’t have to work according to our understanding, He is beyond our understanding. Nothing has to happen in September or the autumn. It could be very uneventful,” Cahn said. “And if nothing happens, well then, what will we do? We will praise God, we will be bold for the Lord, we will spread the gospel, we will stand as witnesses for God and we will glorify His name.”

Watch Jonathan Cahn’s 18-minute YouTube message in its entirety below: