Internet On Fire With ‘September 2015 Collapse’ Narrative




Internet On Fire With ‘September 2015 Collapse’ Narrative

How are Jade Helm 15 and the Baltimore riots connected to the coming collapse?

Does the Shemitah Jubilee augur a 2nd Great Depression in the USA or the world-at-large?

State of the Nation

No one can deny that the the world has seen hundreds of apocalyptic rumors and end-time scenarios on the internet come and go without a scintilla of truth.

With the advent of the internet the World Wide Web has become the playground of those who would weave conspiracies and machinations, plots and schemes of every sort and kind.

Not in a single case (that we are aware of) has any of these ever come to pass. Yes, many real conspiracies have been identified and thoroughly dissected after the fact, but not before they occurred.

Perhaps many of these red herrings have been purposely floated by the dark side in order to sufficiently jade truth-seekers from continuing their pursuit of truths about the future.  After all, being prepared in both heart and mind, body and soul is the best anyone can do in view of the inevitable changes coming down the pike.

The unprecedented Jade Helm 15 military exercise is yet another intrigue that has captured the imagination of the internet audience like no other. However, it’s not really Jade Helm that has much of cyper-space atwitter with so much speculation and foreboding. It is what has been predicted for the middle of September upon the completion of Jade Helm‘s.


70th Shemitah Jubilee Begins In September Of 2015

For the uninitiated, this year’s Shemitah Jubilee is the 70th jubilee according to the Hebrew calendar. It bookends an approximately 3500-year period well known for many a memorable Shemitah year. The correlation between the 7-year Shemitah cycles and extraordinary mundane events is now too well established for humankind to ignore.  All anyone has to do is subtract 7 from every year beginning with 2015 (*See examples below) to understand the stunning synchronicity between some of the most cataclysmic world events in history and the easily calculated Shemitah years.

*2015 – 7 = 2008 (Year of the historic stock market crash of September 15th thru October 31st and subsequent Great Recession)

*2008 – 7 = 2001 (Year of the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks on September 11th and subsequent economic shocks and financial downturns)

There is no question that Jonathan Cahn (author of THE HARBINGER: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future) introduced the world to a concept that was previously known to but a few. His simple yet powerful analysis of what the Shemitah year has meant to the community of nations, especially the USA,  is as authoritative as it is irrefutable. His various books and videos truly make a case that is virtually impossible to dismiss.

That case, in all likelihood, will again be made during the September/October time frame of 2015, which marks the end of the Shemitah year and the beginning of the Shemitah Jubilee.  The piggybacking of these two significant Hebrew calendrical events is what will distinguish the upcoming 70th Jubilee from all the previous ones.

The current state of the global economy will also significantly determine how the typically earth-shaking Shemitah “energy” plays out. It does not take a PhD economist to understand that something has gone very awry with the world economy. Likewise, a neophyte financial engineer can easily observe that the global financial architecture is teetering on its shaky foundations — everywhere there’s a bank or a brokerage house.

The consensus among the truth-speaking intelligentsia is that the world can no longer wait for a paradigmatic reset of the Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix (GE&FCM).  2023 is unequivocally too long to wait for the planetary civilization to construct a sane and sober way to conduct business and financial transactions.  Because the next scheduled Shemitah in 2023 is simply too distant in the future, so the real story goes, every indication is that the current Shemitah and Jubilee is center stage for the main event … as in a really HUGE main event.

There are a few essays on this website which graphically portray much of what this article does not about the true meaning of the Shemitah and the intensified energies of the Jubilee.  Therefore, the reader is highly encouraged to read the the following explanation in order to grasp the true enormity and profundity of prognosticated events which appear to be just around the corner.

The 2015/2016 Shemitah Jubilee And The End Of The Modern Era


The world cannot continue on its present course; all the most important trajectories indicate a race to the bottom.

The preceding heading ought to point out the obvious to everyone; unfortunately, only a few are truly aware of the current planetary predicament.  That — right there — is a big part of the problem.  The Mainstream Media (MSM) has been so successful at capturing the attention of the entire human race that very few among us really get it.  Get what?

That many of the foundational paradigms, upon which the entire civilization rests, have plotted out trajectories which appear to be resistant to necessary change and direly needed corrections.  Within the critical energy sector, for example, whether one considers the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm, the nuclear power generation model or the fossil fuel industry, it’s clear that they each cause major problems for the global environment, and especially for human life.  Likewise, animal and plant life are quite adversely affected by these fatally flawed energy platforms.

Because all of the current energy platforms are so inherently unstable, it should be easily understood why the automobile and SUV have proven to be the bane of every major metropolitan area throughout the world.  Every megalopolis revolves around the gasoline-powered vehicle and is, therefore, subjected daily to all the daily assaults which automobiles and trucks inflict on the environment, as well as on each other and their drivers from time to time.  Does anyone ever even mention just how dangerous this speedy means of conveyance really is?

Then there is the governmental sphere of life which has devolved into an annual contest of which nation can outdo the other in neglecting the true needs and wishes of the citizenry.  Governments everywhere have become oppressors of their citizenries, often harming them instead of protecting them.  Particularly in this rapidly deteriorating situation is the world witnessing the slow-motion descent into governmental tyranny and political paralysis, societal degradation and environmental destruction, moral decay and pervasive discontent.

Sooner or later something’s gotta give.

The upshot of this discussion is simply that the world cannot continue down so many destructive paths at once.  The whole of civilization has been put into serious jeopardy just as we are seeing Global Climate Change thrash at every coastline and decimate the continental heartlands.  Hence, moving in the very same directions only guarantees that societies everywhere will soon hit the proverbial wall.


Which brings us to the purpose and the point of the Shemitah, biblically speaking.

The year of the Shemitah was always embraced as a time of renewal and rejuvenation,  resetting and rejoicing at the chance to start over.  Debts were wiped clean so as not to encumber the enterprise of the future with the heavy baggage of the past.  Employing this regular seven year religious and mundane practice in the Jewish communities ensured their continuity in a way that was not overburdened.

Why is the Judaic context, and especially the Hebrew calendar and Jewish scriptures, so integral to this rapidly evolving of end-time scenario?  The essay below clearly delineates the reasons why and how the modern era has been defined and dictated, respectively, by this Judaic template, if you will.  Regardless of one’s religious upbringing, current affiliation or spiritual orientation, this exegesis is equally relevant and readable by everyone.

2015: The Great Tribulation Of The 3rd Millennium Foreshadowed By The Shemitah Jubilee

When the current GE&FCM dissolves, another entity will emerge to take its place.

Post-modern societies everywhere are now connected by the same internet infrastructure and World Wide Web (WWW) superstructure.  Similarly, the entire civilization has been hardwired with the same basic computer hardware and software no matter the country or continent.  More importantly, the global marketplace uses the same banking institutions and governmental bodies to ensure an orderly environment in which to conduct commerce of all types.

With this understanding it should be very easy to see how every sphere of life is now linked to the others via the various information and data superhighways known collectively as the internet.  Because the World Wide Web has been up and running for a sufficient period of time, most businesses (and individuals) are now well connected.  The most vital links have been methodically established which will enable for-profit businesses and nonprofit enterprises alike to maintain some degree of exchange and networking when the present system collapses.

In light of what has been authoritatively predicted for September/October of this year’s Shemitah Jubilee main event, it is of critical importance to understand, particularly for those who are aware of these eventualities, that certain pieces of the IT infrastructure, as well as their key institutional arrangements, will remain in place and unimpaired.  However, the greater the extent to which any institution or individual, business or family is locked into the current GE&FCM, the more likely that they will not survive for very long.

Simply put, the finality of the most defining Shemitah of the era will see to it that only that which is essential to the establishment of the new paradigms will flourish; all else will disintegrate.

Why does the Shemitah window of collapse and release always open and close during the months of  September and October?

There are actually multiple reasons for this, some scriptural and calendrical, others occult and astrological, still others mundane and practical.  A calendrical breakdown of the past two Shemitahs provides an excellent illustration of what the upcoming 2015 denouement may bring about.

The stock market crash of 2008 began with the bankruptcy announcement of Lehman Brothers on Black Monday, September 15th.  The market then continued to crash repeatedly right through the month of October as indicated by the chart below.  As a matter of fact, the five largest losses in the history of the Dow Jones Industrial Average occurred during September and October of 2008.


ELUL 29 marks the last day of the Shemitah and is the pivotal point

The key date where it concerns the Shemitah, according to the Hebrew calendar, is known as Elul 29. This day marks the end of the Hebrew month of Elul which is followed by the month of Tishri. The month of Tishri has felt the full brunt of the collapses and calamities over the centuries which have exactly taken place on Elul 29.

By way of illustration Elul 29 ( in 2008) matches up — coincidentally — with September 29th of 2008, the day that saw the single biggest point loss in stock market history when it fell 777.68 points. Elul 29 (in 2001) fell on September 17th in 2001, six days after 9/11, which was also the first day the markets reopened for business. That day saw a 684 point drop in the market representing a 7.1% loss, the fourth largest percentage drop in history.

Particularly since the end of World War II (1945 was also a Shemitah year), Elul 29 has shown itself to be a pivotal date regarding a whole host of profound political, economic and social events.  The internet now houses a repository of articles and videos which detail the various influential happenings which have occurred on Elul 29, as well as during the Shemitah years.


ELUL 29 — September 13, 2015 — is the last day of the 2015 Shemitah year and the key date to watch.  September 13th will also see a solar eclipse which may translate to an historic Black Monday on September 14, 2015.

If there is a single day to watch very closely this September, it is the 13th which is also the Shemitah date Elul 29.  However, because September 13th falls on a Sunday this year, Monday, September 14, 2015 becomes the natural day of reckoning, just as many Shemitahs have had their Black Mondays throughout history.

What is it about the Shemitah year that so distinguishes it from all the others?

Historically, the Shemitah year brought either an abundance of blessings or a baneful of curses to those Jewish communities which religiously observed the Jewish calendar.  Which way the year actually swung was always a function of the moral conduct and ethical integrity practiced during the previous 7 years.  Whenever the greater community was aligned with righteousness, blessings could be expected; otherwise, a disorderly collapse would be anticipated.

The word “Shemitah” has many connotations including “to fall”, “to collapse”, “to wipe out”, and “to release”.  It is therefore very easy to see how the year would end as either a painless release or a tumultuous wipeout of the debts which burdened the people.  The more that the community was willing to forgive the obligations that were due to them individually and collectively, the easier the release would be thereby avoiding an outright collapse.

Fast forward to September of 2015 and we see a world immersed in debts at very level.  Third World countries have been held hostage by massive debt loads that were foisted on them by the World Bank and IMF.  College students are now heavily indebted by their student loans before they even graduate from their undergraduate programs.  Consumers rich and poor are now drowning in credit card debt for much of their lives.  Even many homeowners now occupy residences the mortgages of which are still under water from the last Shemitah year’s real estate market collapse in 2008.

The main point here is that the current trajectories of so many critical economic and financial indicators point directly to an American economy that is ready for a collapse.  The stock market alone is so disconnected from reality that a correction is now long overdue.  Quite shockingly, the more bad news that is delivered on any given day the more likely the market is to go up.  All the markets have been counterintuitively moving in the wrong direction since the crash of 2008.

There are very good reasons for this.  First the U.S. dollar is under enormous pressure on every front.  The BRICS and other allied nations are systematically removing the once Almighty Dollar as the world reserve currency.  The Federal Reserve Bank, consequently, has been forced to create money out of thin air as dollars role off the Fed’s printing press.  The successive phases of Quantitative Easing, as it is known, have shown that such wanton money printing will only make the eventual monetary meltdown much worse.

The same GE&FCM forces are also engaged in a never-ending scheme to artificially depress the price of gold.  Because the gold price is a HUGE financial indicator of the true level of confidence that the markets have in the ‘real’ economy, the controllers of the GE&FCM are constantly compelled to push gold down.  That daily drill alone commands a tremendous amount of resources.  As the gold price is further manipulated downward, the dollar has been consistently ratcheted up by the same controlling forces.

There are several other key economic and financial metrics the understanding of which clearly reveals that 2015 is shaping up to be an extraordinarily turbulent Shemitah year.  On other fronts, such as the civil war in the Ukraine and the many conflicts throughout the Middle East and Africa, it is clear that resource wars have come to dominate the world stage.  The restarting of the Cold War with Russia by the USA reflects a desperation concerning serious economic and financial matters that may also come to a head this September.

Global money Matrix

GE&FCM Faces Serious Threats, Obama Uses Jade Helm To Establish Military Presence Nationwide 

With the pervasiveness of the internet throughout the world, the long withheld truths and secret workings about the Global Economic & Financial Control Matrix are cascading into the public domain.  With each passing day, the grim realities about the jobless economic recovery and grossly understated unemployment numbers are becoming felt.  It has become common knowledge that most of the economic data and financial information that is disseminated by the “system” is completely bogus and/or majorly distorted.  Even the common man is aware that the stock market is nothing but a global casino where the house always wins in the end.

In the USA the manufactured social chaos, which has been a staple of the Obama Administration, has further intensified with each new ‘race’ riot and/or illegal alien immigration fiasco.  The U.S Federal Government is very busy implementing an array of diversionary tactics and distraction techniques to accommodate what will occur in September and October.

Whether it’s the unprecedented Jade Helm military exercise or the carefully coordinated race riots in Baltimore, this Administration has a real knack (read: political strategy) for throwing lots of fuel on a fire that seems already set to burn down the house.  Jade Helm may just be their excuse for ‘publicly’ positioning troops throughout the civilian sector in order to maintain law and order after Elul 29 on September 13th (and 14th) 2015.  Jade Helm officially ends on September 15th, a quite convenient overlap indeed!

When the Washington Post publishes two article under the titles: Why Operation Jade Helm 15 is freaking out the Internet — and why it shouldn’t be and Jade Helm 15, a military exercise, brings wild speculation in Texas about ‘martial law’  there is something very wrong with this picture.  In any event, there is definitely something not quite right with the government messaging, timing and implementation surrounding this unparalleled military operation.

Jade Helm has produced an unusual number of reactions from government officials at all levels.  Here’s a letter sent from Governor Greg Abbott of Texas to the Commander of the Texas State Guard asking for assistance in monitoring the exercise.   Then there is this video of a County Commissioners meeting in Bastrop County, Texas in which a Fort Bragg military officer was requested to answer questions submitted by the county residents.


In spite of so many past YouTube false alarms and alternative news websites incessantly “crying wolf”, there is an ever-growing body of evidence — circumstantial and anecdotal, statistical and scientific — which points to a highly consequential series of world-changing events planned for September and October of 2015.

State of the Nation
May 4, 2015


Jade Helm ‘Ends’ With The Beginning Of The Shemitah Jubilee In Mid-September, 2015

Are the Baltimore riots being staged to distract the American people from the real cause of discontent?