How Putin Used “Interest Rate Shock and Awe” To Save The Ruble From Certain Destruction




How Putin Used “Interest Rate Shock and Awe” To Save The Ruble From Certain Destruction

How the Banksters Fired Every Bullet they Had to Take Down an Arch-Enemy…and FAILED!

2015 passes by (good grief, is it nearly half over?), increasingly more folks are beginning to understand just how big the problem of market rigging by large banks truly is.  The cancer of intervention and bankster rigging continues to go mainstream.  Case in point: several days ago, the Bloomberg headline of half a dozen banks pleading guilty of conspiring to rig world currency markets raised a lot of eyebrows.

While those of us who are stacking veterans, are all too familiar with these crimes, headlines like these are a very positive sign, and very helpful, because those headlines(if shared far and wide) do a great deal to pepper the subconscious minds of the masses with truth.

Though you and I know that the market rigging is alive and well, especially in precious metals, at times like this it’s critical to remember that as powerful as these bankers are, they still fail in many instances of manipulation.  To remind us of that,today I wanted to write about a case of manipulation which was recently rebuffed and defeated.

A Currency Under Assault

In 2014, Russia had earned the ire of banksters and DC (but I repeat myself), by signing a trade treaty with Ukraine, which guaranteed Ukraine would pivot East, instead of West, toward the Eurozone.  If this wasn’t enough, Moscow then came out to condemn the Maidan coup in Kiev, which violently overthrew the ruling government there (complete with false flag sniper attacks).

If that wasn’t enough, Russia then gave safe passage to former Ukrainian President, Yanukovych, and allowed him to speak basically as Ukraine’s “government in exile”.  The last straw for Washington though, was Putin, stunning both Moscow insiders and DC…by daring to swiftly put Russian troops within Crimea.

It didn’t matter to the banksters that:

This act was well within the limits of the long-standing treaty Russia and Ukraine had both signed.

This act was done to proactively prevent the sort of ethnic cleansing now taking place in the Donbass…

Or that the referendum showed that the Crimean people overwhelmingly wished to rejoin Russia.


As the Russian Duma hailed the vote, and prepared to accept Crimean territory into the Russian Federation, it became clear that DC’s plan to neuter Russia’s naval presence in the Black Sea was a bust, and that their uni-polar world was now being openly defied.

Washington decided that something had to be done.  Russia had to be made an example of.  Hence, a plan was concocted to bring Russia to its knees…

Wrecking the Ruble

The decision had been made: attack Russia through its currency!  If the Ruble could be brought low, perhaps enough pressure could be brought to bear on the Russian Duma, and ultimately Putin himself.

The question though, was how to reduce the Ruble to “rubble”.

A Russian ruble coin is pictured in front of St. Basil cathedral in central Moscow, on November 20, 2014. After having recently spent billions of dollars per day to support the ruble in a flexible trading band that limited swings in the currency, the Bank of Russia ended its unlimited daily interventions to avoid speculation against the currency. Russian ruble has lost more than 30 percent during the last four months to Euro and US dollar.    AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER NEMENOV

Ultimately the banksters decided to launch an enormous “pincer movement” against the Russian currency.  Since the great strength of Russia, economically, lay in energy, that’s where it would behoove the banksters to hit Moscow.  If they could achieve an annihilation of oil prices, in conjunction with increased sanctions, and economic blockades, it could be possible to take a wrecking ball to the Ruble in a furious attack.

Thusly, shortly after the Crimean vote, a campaign was begun to take oil prices lower, and out of a triangle they’d painted on oil’s charts since 2008.  The shots had been fired, and the real battle had begun.  Remember, nothing short of an all-out bloodbath in oil was going to achieve the goal of a weakened Ruble.  That’s exactly what the DC did.   We’re not talking a few bucks here, but rather a monstrous 60%+ cave in, within months!

To get a feel for how furiously this blitzkrieg occurred, take a look at this chart:

Ruble 9

As you can see, the angle of descent in the decline was parallel to the catastrophic takedown of oil in 2008.  The effect on Russia’s currency was immediate and painful!

At first the Ruble began to slowly roll over in the fall of 2014, but as oil continued its horrific plunge, the contagion caught on in a fierce way, and before long the carnage in the Russian currency was a wholly unsettling thing.

Ruble 1

Within 2 months, the Ruble had been cut in half from its already weakened state, and by Christmastime many were wondering if the Ruble was going to be the new Peso.  At that time, the Ruble was hitting multi-decade lows, and at one point even hit an unreal 80 rubles to the US Dollar.

Ruble 2

What was to be done?  How could the advance be stymied?

Alarm Bells in Moscow

Now, early on in this assault, President Putin simply continued the strategy he’d conducted most of his presidency, which had been pretty effective.

He allowed currency interventions in attempts to stabilize the Ruble.  At one point (and in one fell swoop) $7 billion worth of currency interventions were deployed!  At this point though, these tactics weren’t going to stop the raging fire that the banksters had lit to the Ruble.

Not only were these interventions not enough to stop the onslaught, there was now another problem: in its unsuccessful attempts to stop this currency fire, it was burning through its own international currency reserves at an alarming rate!  Take a look at this next chart.

Ruble 14


In one year, Russia had used up $80 billion in currency reserves!  That’s the steepest one-year loss since 2008, and brought their reserves to the lowest level in 5 years.

SD Bullion

Putin, being well aware of the cash burn, was also busy watching the Ruble’s flanks.  He correctly continued to pivot to their attacks in another way: by buying a heftier sum of gold than ever before.  In 2014, all the way up through the fall, Russia continued to pile on the gold, acquiring over 140 metric tonnes, in just one year.

The banksters were out for blood though, and even used gold against Russia, as they kicked up their war to a psychological level, and launched a disgusting disinfo campaign.  Banks like Societe General, and others began starting baseless rumors that Russia, at the highest moment of crisis, was likely selling their gold reserves to halt the Ruble’s plunge!

Later, of course, it proved to be lies.  Though Moscow had halted gold reserve purchases for a span of roughly 3 months, at no time whatsoever had they sold one bar to fight the Ruble’s plunge.  They had held the line on gold!

It didn’t matter to traders though, for the old maxim of “buy the rumor, sell the news” was playing out in full force.  The rout in Russia’s currency continued, and had reached the point of criticality. Something had to be done, and quickly.

Tag Team

It was at this point that Putin turned to an old, long-standing friendship to craft the perfect strategy to counter-attack and parry the blows of the bankster cabal.

Ruble 12

Her name is Elvira Nabiullina, and she’d been Putin’s chief economic advisor for many years, but had only recently been appointed as head of the Russian Central Bank.  She had both Putin’s ear, and Putin’s trust.  In fact, Putin trusted her so much, that it was he himself who’d appointed her to her new position.

They knew what game was afoot, and who was to blame for this crisis.  They instantly went to work, with measures that were both swift and decisive.

First, alongside the interventions, they did something that is currently unheard of in the Western world: they began raising interest rates incrementally.

Secondly, they began investigations into specific sources that were likely guilty of Forex manipulation, and dealt with those instances accordingly.

Then they pulled out the big guns:

The Russian Central Bank announced an unbelievable interest rate hike, from the already high number of 10.5%… a show-stopping 17%!

That’s a mind-numbing 70% hike from previous levels….overnight!  The effect was almost instantaneous.  Putin and Nabiullina had used arch-bankster Paul Volcker’s own patented “Interest Rate Shock and Awe” to save the Ruble, and avert total disaster.


Ruble 8

As you can see, December 15th, the date of the enormous rate hike, proved to be the bankster’s “High water mark”, the real turning point. It succeeded, and though the banksters still plowed ahead by taking oil down to just above $40 in February, the Ruble made a nice “double bottom”, which it has never revisited.

The great, bankster assault on the Ruble had failed!  The wet dream of the NWO, to reduce Russia, Putin, and its masses to a groveling rabble, begging the West for mercy, has gone down in flames.

Hilariously now, in 2015, the strongest currency of the year…is the Ruble!  Even with the US Dollar’s great rise, the Ruble has risen further and faster off the lows, than the dollar has risen.  In fact, the Ruble is now so strong, that the CBR is currently intervening to keep its currency from becoming“too strong, too fast”, and to help out its export and manufacturing sector!

Lastly, the final signs that the Kremlin’s financial position has weathered the storm, and turned the corner have been seen:

1) Their cash hemmorage has stopped, and the international cash reserves of the CBR have actually started growing (by nearly $4 billion recently, in one week).

2) Russia has once again begun to actively acquire gold reserves.  In fact, so far in 2015, they’ve hauled in another 1.3 million ounces of gold.  Not too shabby for the first third of the year, right?



The successful defense of the Ruble is yet another reason why I say that the rumors about Putin being merely another Rothschild/Rockefeller puppet are patently ridiculous.  If Putin was “their inside man”, the time was perfect for him to help them wreck the Ruble from inside.  With one “miscalculation”, one “mistake”….he could’ve turned the Russian currency crisis into the banksters’ ultimate victory.  

Instead, he turned the Ruble assault into their Stalingrad, inflicting upon them their most shameful defeat in years.

The Ruble’s comeback, in so short a space of time, is remarkably impressive.  It’s also one of the biggest success stories of resistance to the banksters in 2015.

Now, why am I writing this piece?  I’m doing it because it’s important to remember that gold and silver aren’t the only rigged markets, and that though these banksters are powerful, they can’t do whatever they want, whenever they want.  They can fail in their plans, and do quite often.  They are opposed by many Eastern-bloc countries, and that opposition is real, not pretend.

The market rigging and planned attacks on the Russian Ruble have failed.  For roughly 6 months, the US banksters and its allies, who are in charge of this manipulation, sought to bring Russia to its knees.

That assault has now been repulsed.  Take note, fellow stackers: these peoples’ rigging of silver and gold will ultimately end the same way that the Ruble assault did.