Victoria (née Nudelman) Nuland Knowingly Deceives Senate, Displays Ardent Support For Fascist Junta




Victoria (née Nudelman) Nuland Knowingly Deceives Senate, Displays Ardent Support For Fascist Junta

Neocon Nuland spins wild tales for Senate Foreign Relations Committee; plays into fascist hands

Andrew W. Griffin

Collage assembled by Sarah Hussain / Red Dirt Report                   Victoria Nuland (left); Crimean women stand, last month, in front of a sand sculpture of Churchill, FDR and Stalin at Yalta (right)

OKLAHOMA CITY – Neoconservative warmonger Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland, America’s Assistant Secretary of State, told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – with a straight face – that Crimeans are “suffering a reign of terror” under the control of the Russians.

Nuland, who makes a living deceiving lawmakers and anyone else who crosses her path, told the committee this week: “Today Crimea remains under illegal occupation and human-rights abuses are the norm, not the exception, for many at-risk groups there.”

The “at-risk groups,” Nuland said, included Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians who refuse to surrender their passports, gays and lesbians, journalists and “others,” according to an AFP report.

Additionally, Nuland, an apologist for the pro-Nazi Svoboda and Right Sector fascists who are the actual ones leading a reign of terror against innocents in eastern Ukraine, said pro-Russian separatists in the those areas of Lugansk and Donetsk “unleashed unspeakable violence and pillage.”

However, the exact opposite is true.

Sputnik News, a Russian news outlet, offered a tongue-in-cheek article today headlined “Life ‘Under a Reign of Terror’: What Nuland Doesn’t Want You To See,” countered each statement from Nuland with recent photographs of the beautiful Black Sea coast, including a fantastic photo of a “sand sculpture” celebrating the 70th anniversary of the February 1945 Yalta Conference (aka Crimea or Argonaut Conference) with the Big Three – Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt – there in Crimea, which was a part of the Soviet Union, and a traditional vacation spot for the czars and later for other Russian leaders and workers. (As historian Webster Griffin Tarpley has reported, Roosevelt was assassinated shortly after the conference and Truman – who replaced pro-Soviet, peace-seeking VP Henry Wallace – leading to the kick off of the Cold War).

A year after Crimea became part of Russia once again, “82-percent of those polled said they fully supported Crimea’s inclusion in Russia, and another 11 percent expressed partial support. Only four-percent spoke out against it,” reports Sputnik News.

Additionally, despite Nuland’s denunciations, 51-percent of Crimeans “reported that their well-being had improved in the past year” and that Crimean retirees “have started receiving much higher Russian pensions.”

And believe it or not, as Nuland claims that Moscow is salting the earth of Ukraine, Sputnik News reports that the Crimean peninsula will “receive 47 billion rubles (equivalent to $705 million in US dollars), or 75 percent of its budget, from Russia.” The news report notes that when Crimea was under Ukrainian control they never financed Crimea at anything near that level.

And yet the US/Kiev axis continues to deny they are behind the crimes in the Donbass region, while claiming those aforementioned thuggish Ukrainian Nazis (friends of John McCain’s, of course) are liberating democrats. And it certainly doesn’t help that the Obama administration is infested with Nuland-esque neocons and raving Russophobes, particularly as NATO ramps up military maneuvers in the Black Sea and the US sends 600 paratroopers to Ukraine to train that country’s fascist army. Russia, meanwhile, has flatly stated that any efforts to threaten Russia’s security, bad things will start to happen. Are we seeing a new Cold War or are we rapidly heading to a hot war?

And let’s not forget, Ms. Nuland, that your Ukrainian “freedom fighters” – namely one crazed Ukrainian MP named Yuriy Bereza brazenly promised – on Ukrainian national television – to “burn down Crimea, with all of its residents if needed.” It starts to make sense that the Crimeans are far happier under Russian rule.

And as Webster Griffin Tarpley stated on World Crisis Radio this week, Victoria Nuland is an “embarrassment” to the United States and our anti-fascist traditions. He added that Nuland is “crude, scurrilous, ignorant and boiling over with venom.” #ImpeachNuland.