Putin’s Russia: Nemesis of the New World Order




Putin’s Russia: Nemesis of the New World Order

PUTIN: The President And The Power(s) Behind Him 

Just Like JFK, President Vladimir Putin Goes His Own Way

There should be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir V. Putin is the
John F. Kennedy of the New Millennium.

State of the Nation
(Part II of a 3-part series on Putin’s Russia)


No national leader has captured the hearts and imaginations of the people of the world like President Vladimir Putin of Russia. No other world figure has been so misrepresented by the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) while being so respected in his Motherland. That he is both an enduring enigma and yet utterly predictable at the same time makes him even more of a mystery, especially to those who consider him an enemy.

President Putin has been a prominent figure on the world stage since first serving as Prime Minister and then Acting President of Russia in 1999.  With each passing year his star has only risen in the firmament of world luminaries because of the extraordinary leadership that he has demonstrated at every turn. The global village has watched him evolve into the noble and magnanimous leader that he is today.

Most of Putin’s evolution has come as a result of tectonic shifts on the global geopolitical landscape as well as from monumental challenges within Russia itself.  He has been pricked and nettled by antagonistic forces near and far, most of which seek his permanent downfall.  In this way his enemies hope to reclaim Russia in order to exploit her vast natural resources (as well as enslave her diverse peoples) much as they did under the rubric of Soviet communism.

This time around, however, the same ruling cabal (World Shadow Government) changed their MO to predatory Anglo-American capitalism. The various Russian administrations which have come and gone since 1988 have had to deal with unrelenting outside interference in their internal affairs. While much of that foreign meddling took the form of false flag attacks on Russia’s borders (e.g. two civil wars in Chechnya, Beslan school massacre in North Ossetia, and Georgia’s attack on South Ossetia), covert operations to disrupt the economy, and intermittent CIA-coordinated protests, the most intrusive plots took place completely off the radar. Consequently, the nation of Russia and her successive governments have had to learn many lessons the hard way.

In the tenure of Vladimir Putin there has been established an unbroken thread of continuity of valuable knowledge and instructive experience regarding those challenges foisted upon Russia from foreign entities.  That hard-fought experience and knowledge has slowly jelled into wisdom.  Which is exactly why the Anglo-American Axis (AAA) is working 24/7 to unseat Putin from any and all governmental capacities.  Only with him and his unusually competent team of ministers and advisors out of the way will the AAA have any hope of re-establishing their cross-continental plantation, Western-style.  Their hope had been to transform Russia into a predatory capitalist’s paradise.


Vladimir Putin — Who is he? What’s his mission?

Wise as a Yogi,
Nimble like a Ninja
Strong as a Bear,
Clever like a Fox

In President Vladimir Putin the world is witnessing a genuine independence and righteousness of leadership style not seen since President John F. Kennedy.  Just like JFK, he has had a very steep learning curve, although a much longer one in which to assimilate the crucial teachings of governance in an AAA-dominated world.  Both presidents were forced to deal with some extremely unsavory international characters and state actors, just as they were each compelled to enter into rather dubious bargains at the outset of their terms in office.  What else could be expected when attempting to overturn a global regime of terror and total control?

That Vladimir Putin is a dyed-in-the-wool Russian patriot is without question even among his most rabid detractors.  However, that single dimension has since expanded into a much more complex and significant multi-dimensional character trait.  For Putin is not just for the welfare of the Russian citizenry or Russian speakers abroad; he truly stands for the freedom and prosperity of all people everywhere.  His extraordinary restraint, together with Russia’s carefully measured responses in the Ukraine, stand as a testament to this vital quality.

Now we come to Vladimir Putin and his band of principled compatriots who act in the service of Russia as well as humankind. All of these exemplary men and women chosen by Putin have been carefully selected for their noble and virtuous qualities. Just like the Founding Fathers of the American Republic, each individual of Putin’s team of ministers and advisors performs a critical role. In fact each contributes an integral piece based on their respective knowledge base, skill set, wealth of experience, and especially their spiritual orientation.

Particularly when dealing with the unrivaled bellicosity and arrogance of the AAA national leadership, has Putin had to assemble the very best statesmen and geopolitical strategists that Russia has to offer.  Again, just like JFK, he has tapped into his hometown network of Saint Petersburg to collaborate with those civil service professionals, career diplomats and other dedicated government officials who could be counted on to implement both his foreign and domestic policy with a high level of proficiency.  Putin’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Senior Economic Advisor Sergei Glazyev, and Minister of Defense Sergei Shoygu are examples of the highly competent and loyal team players whom he has assembled.  So are Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov and Federal Security Service Director Aleksandr Bortnikov.

Putin has painstakingly put into place the able administrators, key bureaucrats and well-placed functionaries necessary to execute his new and urgent domestic policies.  Many of those policies are now so critical that his continued tenure at the presidential helm depends on their success, particularly over the next couple of years.  Heretofore, none of Putin’s plans have occurred without some major bumps in the road.  The entire planet has been made aware of any perceived missteps/miscalculations which Putin might have made, few though they may be, by the West’s Mainstream Media.  Nevertheless, Putin continues to persevere in the face of some of the most formidable obstacles placed in his way by the AAA.


VLADIMIR PUTIN: The Change Agent

Vladimir Putin sets and resets his short term goals, as well as his longer term trajectories for Russia, as a matter of dire necessity.  In this regard his single most important endeavor was to terminate all destructive AAA conduct and influence all the way to the four corners of Russia.   Shutting down the American and British NGOs that were conceived and designed to undermine Russian sovereignty has been central to that goal.  Isolating US-trained agents such as Yale-educated, political activist Alexei Navalny and exposing former international chess champion Gary Kasparov as a pawn of the West have gone a long way toward revealing the perfidy implicit in the AAA agenda.

Putin did not waste any time putting incompetent ministers and self-serving oligarchs out to pasture during his earlier terms in office.  Sending others to prison for malfeasance or treason was also an integral strategy as it sent a strong message to other potential turncoats.  Running off some of the richest and most powerful oligarchs to the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel was an equally essential move.  While they still attempt to make mischief or run interference for their Western masters, their influence has waned as their remote citizenship has attenuated.

Inevitably, Putin was to make many powerful enemies in the process of cleaning house. He’s a change agent, for God’s sake; what real change agent on Planet Earth ever wins a popularity contest?  Effectuating such profound change in a nation like the Russian Federation is perhaps as thankless a job as there ever was.  Well, quite curiously, there is one head of government who is still remarkably admired by his constituency.  That would be one President Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin Hit’s All Time High Approval Rating

Here again, just like John F. Kennedy, who was exceptionally popular throughout his unfinished term, Putin is as revered at home as he is reviled by the AAA nations abroad. Nonetheless, the BRICS-allied countries have a completely different take on him.  There are also many nonaligned countries around the world that are rooting for his cause — ALL DAY LONG — to rid the planet of single superpower domination.  A great majority of all countries on Earth have suffered from that same oppressive hegemony which has been insidiously imposed on them over the past century.

As a change agent par excellence, Putin and his team knew that they had to outsmart the opposition both at home and abroad … if they were to have sufficient longevity in office to complete their mission.  Because of how wily and determined the AAA was to abscond with every piece of Russian wealth of any real value, he and his team had to subvert their relentless initiatives to undermine Russian sovereignty.  Where the Western powers have chafed at Putin’s political dexterity in working the Russian electoral system in order to stay in office as long as possible, it was only because he was so effective at uncovering their incessant scheming.

Any successful change agent always knows that they must get as many movers and shakers as possible singing off the same sheet of music at the very same time.  In this way Putin was able to learn from JFK about what absolutely not to do. For it was those catastrophic mistakes made by JFK which set up his assassination and the subsequent collapse of his revolutionary agenda.  Of course, the contexts are completely different between 1960 and 1999.  Nevertheless, Putin knows that only JFK-type “self-sacrifice” — for the benefit of all humanity — makes sense when confronting those who promote their nefarious New World Order.  Given this hindsight, Putin has the benefit of learning from Kennedy’s great legacy, both the outstanding successes and fatal mistakes.


Vladimir Putin has been chosen by the Universe as a global change agent.

In the interest of strengthening Russia, Vladimir Putin has been quite fortunate to be surrounded with the best and the brightest that Russia has to offer.  This preordained eventuality was absolutely necessary, because Putin could obviously never complete this mission alone, or even with his small coterie of aids and confidantes from Saint Pete. This is a most critical point and one which diverges considerably from the JFK narrative. Where Kennedy did surround himself with close friends, trusted family (RFK) and well meaning appointees, his administration was populated to an inordinate degree with many CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) members.  Even his Vice President (LBJ) was highly antagonistic and quite the political enemy.  This state of affairs in Kennedy’s 1960 version of Camelot doomed it from the very start.

Putin, on the other hand, was by sheer necessity compelled to keep his many plans secret, even from those whom he trusted.  The international intrigues and political machinations in the Kremlin — post Soviet Union breakup — were as intense as ever. Boris Yeltsin, Putin’s predecessor, was faced with them daily and eventually succumbed to the extraordinary pressures.  Here again, Vladimir Putin was given the fortunate perspective of hindsight from both the Yeltsin and Gorbachev Administrations in order to more effectively plot a successful destiny for Russia.

This is where Putin is the most misunderstood by both friend and foe.  Given the tremendous forces arrayed against him, he had to be all things to all people, while at the very same time being authentic … being truthful … and being in integrity.  To accomplish this he had to call upon his inner yogi, his inner ninja, his inner bear and his inner fox. This is not a digression into SNL-type satire or New Age humor.  Putin, by virtue of being the ‘owner’ of the largest country in the world by land mass, was also compelled to summon his inner GODzilla.  Only in this way has he been able to sufficiently instill the fear of God in his many ill-intentioned Western adversaries.

Very few national leaders could get away with exercising so much freedom of expression and flexibility of governance, especially when confronted with so many diverse and powerful external forces.  This is where many smart and aware people in the West have been misled to believe that Putin is really working with the ruling cabal (either wittingly or unwittingly) and is therefore one of the bad guys.  They simply cannot imagine a selfless and upright political leader ever rising to such heights in the 21st century.  The entire planetary civilization is populated with so many bad national leaders that these confused folks are at a total loss.  Terribly self-serving and incompetent leadership is what the average citizen has come to accept as normal; extremely terrible leadership is fast becoming the new normal.

Differences in LANGUAGE, CULTURE and RELIGION always set the stage for war 

When even those who are initiated into the Great Game have been led astray about Vladimir Putin, it clearly demonstrates the ascendancy of falsehood over truth during these final days of the current twilight period of the Kali Yuga.  The Great Game has always been fought, first and foremost, in the realm of media.  The Mainstream Media of the West has always been about doing two things: (i) Reinforcing the common ground among all English-speaking nations and (ii) Highlighting the differences between the Western powers and everyone else.

Language has always been the Anglo-American first weapon of choice.  Carefully scripted propaganda provides the incendiary media explosives that can incite any country to war when detonated at the ‘right’ time and in the ‘right’ place.  Because English has been the global lingua franca since the establishment of the British Empire, it enjoys an immense advantage over any other language.  Putin’s Russia is well aware of this fact of life and has taken many initiatives to address it.  RT.com is just one example of Russians using fire to fight fire … especially in the public domain of cyber-space.


Russian, by comparison, is an East Slavic language that is no real match to the real language of modern-day warfare — English.  Even Russia’s Cyrillic script, although one of the most used writing systems in the world, has been relegated to a much lower status by the English-dominated world.  Those who created the Great Game knew that foreign language, foreign culture and foreign religion were the key to their divide and conquer strategy.  For it is much easier to incite war against “foreigners” than it is to start armed conflicts among nations that share the same “LANGUAGE, CULTURE and RELIGION”.

Were it not for RT.com, Pravda, Sputnik International, TASS as well as other Russian news outlets which previously fell under the administrative umbrella of RIA Novosti, Putin would be hard-pressed to keep up with his English-speaking and -writing adversaries.  The British newspapers and tabloids, and what were once known as the Fleet Street publications, are particularly noteworthy in their historical incitements to war by way of deception.  So is The Grey Lady, also known as The New York Times, as well as The Washington Post, USA Today and The Wall Street Journal.  Each of these MSM organs of state propaganda has functioned, vis-a-vis furtive U.S. Federal Government directives, according to the dictum By way of deception thou shalt wage war”(MOSSAD motto).

Russia’s Fundamentally Agrarian and Matriarchal Culture Evolved Over Centuries; The USA’s Developed Overnight In Cities And Urban Contexts  

It should also be noted that the English-speaking nations of the AAA have skillfully exploited the differences in both culture and religion that exist between Russia and the West.  Russian culture even today is agrarian-based and spread out across the vast steppes of the Motherland.  Although the land mass of Russia dwarfs that of the USA, there are but a very few cities there that are even recognizable by name.  With the exception of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, most people could not even name another major city in Russia.  The USA, by contrast, has many major metropolitan areas, each of which illustrates the pervasive and profound urbanization of American culture.

The truth be told, the height of Russian culture as it gloriously manifests in the exquisite city of St. Petersburg (Putin’s hometown) puts to shame the crude, coarse, and crass kitsch that spews forth from its American counterpart, New York City.  Russian art and music, religion and philosophy have made great contributions to the world over the course of its history.  In the areas of science and technology, Russia has far outpaced the West on many fronts.  In fact this growing disparity is the cause of much tension today.  When certain inventions and innovations, which are the products of Russia’s secret advanced technologies, are released by Putin’s Russia, the world will literally change overnight.

Back to the stark cultural differences between East and West, Russian and American.  The Russian temperament is forged by the vast Russian steppes and unbroken forests, the American by cityscapes and endless urban jungles.  Where Manhattan represents the peak of American high society and cosmopolitan sensibilities, Saint Petersburg is the primary cultural and art center by virtue of its location and planned infrastructure.  Truly, Russians are still very close to the land throughout the rural heartland and only move to the big city out of necessity.

This traditional cultural context has quite naturally promoted a more matriarchal society guided by the periodic migrations of Siberian shamanism.  The babushka or Russian grandma is always at the heart of the Russian family.  She is the mama bear who you do not want to mess with.  Unfortunately for the secret agents at Langley (CIA Headquarters), the ‘diplomats’ at the U.S. State Department, as well as the National Security Council in the West Wing, they have already stoked the ire of the Russian babushkas, especially those in the Ukraine.  Those U.S. warmongers will be very lucky to escape the wrath of these fierce babushkas even though they reside thousands of miles away; their efficacious Siberian shamanism will see to that.

The final point here is that where the AAA nations are decidedly patriarchal in nature as evidenced by their revered “Fatherlands”, Russia has continued its multi-century matriarchal traditions as reflected by their sacred Motherland.  Therein lies another distinct difference between East and West.  Each of these disparities has been deliberately magnified and subsequently exploited over the past hundred years by a diasporic group of Eastern and Central European Jewish communities (some of which migrated there from the Ukraine and other parts of Russia) which suffered during the pogroms of the 19th and early 20th centuries.  It is very important to understand that virtually every Hollywood mogul and studio head, movie director and producer during Golden Age of Hollywood came from ancestral homelands located in the very same region.  Hence, the American audience is perennially exposed to pejorative Russian stereotypes and anti-Russian sentiments.

The term “pogrom” became commonly used in English after a large-scale wave of anti-Jewish riots swept through south-western Imperial Russia (present-day Ukraine and Poland) from 1881 to 1884 (in that period over 200 anti-Jewish events occurred in the Russian Empire, notably the Kiev, Warsaw and Odessa pogroms).

The trigger for these pogroms was the assassination of Tsar Alexander II, for which some blamed “the Jews”.

The first pogrom is sometimes considered to be the 1821 Odessa pogroms (in modern Ukraine) after the execution of the Greek Orthodox patriarch Gregory V in Constantinople, in which 14 Jews were killed. The initiators of the 1821 pogroms were the local Greeks, who used to have a substantial diaspora in the port cities of what was known as Novorossiya. Some sources consider the first pogrom to be the 1859 riots in Odessa.[1]

Many from this same group of pogrom* ‘victims’ went on to become lawyers and doctors, intellectuals and academics, political activists and rabble-rousing revolutionaries.  They moved to the big cities and set up shop with the intention of overturning the existing order of Russia.  Bringing down the Russian Monarchy would become their unstated goal which was eventually achieved by the Bolshevik Revolution.  These same revolutionaries were funded by their Jewish brethren who ran the largest banks in New York City and London. They also received much media support from the most influential and highly circulated broadsheets of the day throughout Europe and the USA.  Material support for their rebellion came from those nations near and far which felt they owed support to pogrom victims particularly when they shared the same religious roots.  In this manner was the Russian Revolution of 1917 conducted by remote forces using local proxies.

*The pogroms were staged events designed to inflame targeted communities in the Ukraine and sow seeds of discontent among the general populace.  In this case the Jewish communities throughout Russia were led to believe that the Tsar was their enemy.  He was not, but once they believed this and after many Jews emigrated to Europe, the stage was set.  The inflamed passions on both sides of the religious and economic divide were then easily manipulated by those whose only interest was to win the Great Game.

Two separate churches in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine have been bombed by Kiev

One of two separate churches in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine that have been bombed by Kiev

Religious Differences Are Routinely Exploited By the AAA Divide & Rule Strategy

Of course, religion is always the battlefield where differences have been purposefully exploited by the Anglo-American Axis.  In this particular regard Russian Orthodoxy is as different from Western Christianity as Venus is from Mars.  Whereas the Russian Orthodox Church is content to serve its hundreds of millions of adherents worldwide, Western Christendom seeks an ever-expanding membership.  In this way their (AAA) Martian tendencies toward bellicosity are always on display, as they are right now in the Ukraine.

“Russian Orthodox leaders have accused the Vatican-aligned Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church of trying to take back churches and woo away believers from the Moscow Orthodox Patriarchate.”[2]

The preceding excerpt from a REUTERS’ article ought to give a hint about the ever-intensifying hidden war in the Ukraine.  The real contest pits Rome against Moscow; the Vatican against the Moscow Patriarchate.  Herein lies the true battleground between East and West.  Interestingly, this ongoing religious war in the Ukraine is quite similar to the actual back story of the Vietnam War.  In Saigon it was the Roman Catholic minority under President Diem which was empowered to systematically disenfranchise the much greater and traditional majority Buddhists.  The Vietnam War was actually prosecuted by the U.S. because of that manufactured-in-the-USA religious conflict … on behalf of the Vatican.

The back story in the Ukraine, of course, concerns a feud between different denominations of Christians.  The Russian Orthodox Christians, who also happen to be the Russian-speaking population of the Southeast quadrant of the country, have not only been subjected to discriminatory and repressive measures, they are the object of a full scale military assault.  Outside of the Donbass region, the Russian Orthodox Ukrainians are subjected to all manner of religious persecution and economic coercion.  If one wants to keep or get a good job, for instance, their religious affiliation must be politically correct. The following excerpt is an insightful portrayal of what really ails the Ukrainian heartland and therefore adds fuel to the fire of civil war.

There’s no question that even without the civil war erupting in the Ukraine, the divide between Rome and Moscow goes much deeper than a church membership count and tithing revenues. In fact the differences go very deep, right to the heart of the Churches themselves — the Sanctum Sanctorum. The Eastern Orthodox have always held a very special place for sacred rituals and many other ancient mystical traditions and religious practices associated with the original spiritual wisdom of Gnosticism. The Roman Catholic Church is not as inclined in these ways and has often marginalized its more mystical sects into the monastic orders. Whereas the Vatican has often concerned itself with concretizing articles of faith, clarifying doctrinal issues and enforcing religious dogmas, the Eastern Orthodox has emphasized an individual’s prayer life and their interior connection to God. While the Roman Church has forever encouraged good works, especially in the form of evangelizing and missionary  work, their Eastern counterparts have focused on living their spirituality first, speaking about it second.[3]

Putin’s Russia will not tolerate a unipolar world dominated by a tyrannical superpower.


It should be noted that Putin has systematically raised Moscow to its former status in the intercontinental arena.  In the areas of international affairs, relations and diplomacy the Kremlin has proficiently performed where no other nation has dared to go.  In so doing Putin has brought the wrath of the sole superpower — the USA — upon Russia.  As President Putin travels from continent to continent, country to country, he receives the unparalleled respect and sincere gratitude from many oppressed nations which long to leave the AAA plantation.  As a serious global power-broker, Putin’s Russia is the only remaining obstacle that stands in the way of the AAA’s New World Order.

Not only is the Russian state oil company the original Supermajor among all oil and gas producing corporations, it exerts much more influence than the AAA Mainstream Media would ever acknowledge.  This has proven to be another HUGE thorn in the side of the Anglo-American Oil & Gas Industry.  It is also why the US Military, Intelligence Agencies and Secret Services are so easily conscripted by every U.S. Administration in the prosecution of wars and provocation of conflicts within the traditional sphere of Russian influence.  This ongoing situation has now developed to the degree where it is completely unacceptable to Russia.  The apocalyptic battleground known as the Middle East is exactly what Putin does not want replicated in Russia’s backyard.

How do so many armchair geopolitical analysts miss this obvious and crucial point?  That the threats — military and geopolitical, economic and financial — which Russia is facing are truly existential.   A “gathering storm” (Remember Afghanistan and Iraq post 9/11!) is gaining in both fury and ferocity.  The sheer desperation of the Anglo-American Axis is now so palpable that Russia has felt compelled to send out regular reconnaissance missions around the globe 24/7.  Putin also felt it necessary to bring the Russian Navy to the last G-20 (perhaps now the G-19) conference in Australia.  In reality Russia is under relentless assault on so many different fronts — most of those being completely unseen and unheard — that it’s a wonder they have been managed so efficiently.

The projection of AAA military power[4] is now incessant and executed with total impunity across the planet. The global power structure has never been so imbalanced and dictatorial.  Putin knows that Russia is the only countervailing force to Western serial aggression and compulsive kleptomania.  Although the BRICS alliance forms a philosophical bulwark against AAA warmongering, it has yet to concretize the institutional structures and international process and procedure necessary to effectively counteract the US-UK led hegemony.  Nevertheless, Putin’s Russia does everything it can to bring to light the true AAA agenda toward establishing the much ballyhooed New World Order*.

*The New World Order is actually the Old World Order (OWO).  The only real difference is that it has come out of the closet.  In other words the AAA now wants to operate throughout the whole planetary realm as the undisputed “Master of the Universe”.  The triad of the Vatican, The Crown City of London, and Washington, D.C. form the extra-national superstructure tasked with the administration of the NWO aka OWO.  In this way the Fourth Reich can finally show itself as it did during the height of the First Reich also known as the Roman Empire.  Throughout the Roman Empire the fasces[5] were paraded everywhere a vanquished tribe or conquered land was in need of dramatic, example-setting discipline.  Similarly, drones are routinely sent out today to ‘neutralize’ the unruly ‘natives’ who are really the indigenous peoples just trying to survive.


Putin’s Russia:  The Bridge Between the East and the West

In reality Putin’s Kremlin represents the last major hope that will enable (and empower) the world to emancipate itself from the shackles of Judeo-Anglo-American predatory capitalism.  The iconic American eagle, symbol of the American Republic, when behaving in an unevolved way and with base tendencies, is the supreme raptor of the skies, the lands and the waters.  When hunting its prey, its instinctive predatory nature completely takes over with raw power and naked aggression.  Because the once United States of America have been completely taken over by men and women of this nature, there remains only one way to terminate the activities of the AAA war machine.

At the risk of starting a full-blown World War III, Putin knows that fighting fire with fire in the military arena will only prematurely bring on Armageddon.  He also listens closely to the likes of China’s Xi Jinping and India’s Narendra Modi.  For it is from the East that such vital wisdom is now required to harmlessly slay the fire-breathing dragon.  The wise men from the East know that the extremely aggressive Yang of the American ‘Yankees’ will only succumb to the discreetly gentle Yin of the Orient.  There may be no other way.  Of course, it may be required that the out-of-control, fire-breathing AAA dragon will only acquiesce to the classic and colossal firehose treatment*.

*You know how that goes: Putin offers Obama a glass of real non-fluoridated water, but he refuses to drink it.  Then Putin gives him a teapot of non-microwaved tea water and Obama rejects it.  Next up, Putin prepares a cool bath of non-chemtrailed water yet Obama dismisses it.  Finally, Putin pulls up in a fire truck (filled to capacity with fresh mountain spring water from the Urals) right in the middle of the 4th of July, White House picnic.  You know the rest of the story.

That’s exactly where Putin’s Russia stands relative to Obama’s USA, Cameron’s UK, Harper’s Canada, Abbot’s Australia, Merkel’s Germany, Hollande’s France and Netanyahu’s Israel.  Certainly all the overtures possible have been made.  The USA, UK and Israel have continually made a mockery out of the United Nations, particularly via the many cynical and deceitful resolutions that have been issued by the Security Council.  The Anglo-Amercian Axis, especially the U.S., has likewise undermined every international institution with any significant clout in order to impose its tyranny of control worldwide.  Any and all semblance of international law and order has been systematically eroded, and in some cases destroyed altogether by the Anglo-American Axis.

"Republic of Novorossiya". A map of the concept of a new republic made out of Ukrainian and Moldovan territories that would join the Russian Federation.

“Republic of Novorossiya”. A map of the concept of a new republic made out of Ukrainian and Moldovan territories that would join the Russian Federation.

Novorossiya: The Eastern Ukraine and Home to the Russian Speakers

Without question, Obama’s misadventure in the Ukraine at the insistence of virulent  Russophobes such as Zbigniew Brzezinski and George Soros represents the greatest foreign U.S. policy disaster since the Vietnam War.  His warhawks at the State Department (Victoria Nuland), Central Intelligence Agency (John Brennan), and Defense Intelligence Agency (Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn) have proved themselves successful in unnecessarily restarting the epic Cold War with Russia.

The Ukraine was the final straw for Putin after many broken promises by NATO which occurred at the behest of those same U.S. war hawks. This same cast of characters has likewise manipulated the European Union leadership in Brussels into an uncharacteristic pattern of offensive behavior toward Russia.  France’s reneging on the Mistral Helicopter-Carriers sale is a more egregious example of the ongoing economic sabotage being perpetrated against Russia.

This disaster in the Ukraine was designed and engineered in Washington.  Putin didn’t manufacture the coup in Kiev, Obama & Company did.  The CIA-controlled Ukraine Government then fabricated the false evidence against Russia after Kiev’s war planes shot down the MH17 commercial airliner over the Eastern Ukraine.  This pretext was then used to ramp up the civil war against the Russian speakers.  Putin’s primary initiatives after safeguarding Crimea have been to regularly send convoys of trucks into Novorossiya to deliver needed supplies of food, medicine and clothing.  He has also continued to initiate one peace plan after another only to see them methodically sabotaged by the U.S. Government, the Kiev junta and other stakeholders in the perpetual war economy.

What is particularly alarming about this deteriorating state of affairs is that Europe repeatedly takes offensive actions toward Russia which are clearly against its own interest.  Further, the big wigs in Brussels continue to make weighty decisions which expose the whole Eurozone to a potential World War 3 scenario.  Why the European Parliament doesn’t do everything possible to  preclude a reprise of WW1 & WW2 is testimony to the strings being pulled by the USA, which is out of harm’s way buffered by two oceans.

What’s the point here?  Putin’s Russia is now under dire threat from NATO and those ex-Soviet Republics and satellite nations which have been flipped by the AAA.  His sane responses to so many acts of saber-rattling and outright military aggression have been made in the interest of maintaining the peace.  The subsequent economic terrorism and financial sabotage inflicted by the AAA has also been met with proportionate Russian responses.  At the end of the day, however, it really does appear that the US-UK tag team is girding Europe for war.

Needless to say, Russia will eventually and formally establish Novorossiya in spite of the AAA’s best efforts to subjugate that Russian-speaking territory.  Neither the USA nor Europe will take that lightly; hence, the world stands at the threshold of yet another global war.  However, there is a powerful wild card here and that would be President Putin’s steady and enlightened leadership.


Holodomor: An “Extermination by Hunger” in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic Perpetrated by Those Who Controlled the USSR

Clearly, this very sad chapter in the history of the Ukraine is being exploited by those who actually committed the atrocities known collectively as the Holodomor.  Whereas the Soviet Union was used as the instrument of oppression, it was those hidden powers that controlled the Soviet Union that planned the communist servitude of the Ukrainian agrarian society.  Just who was it that pushed the buttons of a veritable genocide that ultimately killed upwards of 6 to 7.5 million people?

It was the very same Western banksters who financed Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky to pull off the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.  Each successive reign of Soviet terror was likewise financed by the very same Anglo-American cabal that has controlled Russia’s destiny up until 1999. The major break in Western influence only occurred by sheer stealth and moxie during the transitional years from late in Boris Yeltsin’s presidency to Vladimir Putin’s first term as President.

The point of this discussion is that Russians were not responsible for starving their brother Ukrainians.  The upper tier of Soviet leadership was populated by a brutal contingent of Zionist operatives.  Not only were they determined to implement policies which would scare the Russian Jews to move to the Modern State of Israel, they also sought to pit Russians against their brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers.  In this way they were able to enforce a literal reign of terror which was efficiently ‘policed’ countrywide by the citizenry itself.  Incidentally, this system of secret police and snitches, 24/7 surveillance and spying, wiretapping and eavesdropping is not too unlike the current USA ‘security’ regime administered by the Department of Homeland Security.

The final point here is that President Putin knows full well that the Holodomor is being used by the neofascist regime in Kiev to drive a wedge between the Russian speakers and the rest of the Ukraine.  This sectarian feud has been going on since 1933 so it’s not very difficult for the West to take advantage of the festering and volatile animosities.  This is perhaps Putin’s greatest challenge in the Ukraine, and one which the AAA is very keen to exploit to the max.  It may prove to be the single greatest impediment to a durable peace, yet Putin knows that this chasm must be bridged.


The prevailing forces arrayed against Putin’s Russia are both many and formidable. A prodigious Judeo-Anglo-American Juggernaut rolls across the planet unimpeded, and only Russia stands in its way.  In order to understand both the tactics and the strategy of Putin’s Kremlin it is imperative that the reader first possess some essential background information and historical perspective.  These will be taken up in an upcoming essay.

The actual drama that is now unfolding in Russia and around the globe is quite inscrutable  and difficult to comprehend even for the most experienced geopolitical strategists.  The many behind-the-scenes plots and intrigues, machinations and maneuverings, which give away the real AAA agenda at every turn, are reflexively countered by Russia with extraordinary effectiveness.  It’s almost as though Russia knows what’s coming down the pike well in advance of the execution of the CIA-coordinated schemes.

Only the weighty subject matter of “The Power(s)” behind Putin can properly address the true back story of this epic war between East and West.  In spite of the inexorable outworking of the Anglo-American agenda worldwide, Russia and the BRICS Alliance possess what is necessary to permanently short-circuit the Juggernaut.  The extent to which they are successful will determine the fate and/or fortune of the whole of civilization. Truly, the future of the world hangs in the balance as at no other time during this era.

State of the Nation
February 21, 2015

Author’s Note

The following quote from Vladimir Putin speaks volumes about how he ended up serving as either Prime Minister or President of Russia since 1999.  From his own mouth, he didn’t even want to be there.  Yet still he was chosen.  Chosen by who … by what power(s)?
Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 8.09.24 AM

As depicted by his very humble beginnings and ordinary life, Vladimir Putin was an improbable candidate for the highest offices in the Russian Federation.  Even his photos reveal a character that reflects a person who appears not to be preoccupied with the acquisition of power or public stature or high society.  Nor are his personal interests typical of those who want to “rule the realm”.

All of this investigation and inquiry, therefore, leads one to ask in earnest, “Who really chose President Vladimir Putin?”  And, why was HE chosen to lead Russia during this critical and delicate period of her history?

The true leaders of humankind are always chosen by the Universe itself. Rarely do they want to be president or prime minister, king or queen. Usually they shun such positions of high authority. The righteous kings of ancient times knew that they were not crowned to be served; rather, they were chosen to serve every subject in the realm.  This is the true and original understanding of the “Divine Right of Kings”.
State of the Nation


Anglo-American Axis:
The Anglo-American Axis is represented, first and foremost, by the major English-speaking countries of the world: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel. The European member nations of NATO, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are also closely aligned with the AAA as are all the Scandinavian countries. So are the Asian Pacific Rim nations of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar also owe their allegiance to the AAA but some of these may be changing. The World Shadow Government is an ultra-secret, supranational organization which completely controls the Anglo-American Axis, as well as the European Union, NATO, among many other institutional entities which constitute the Global Control Matrix.


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The website shown below is presented as Vladimir Putin’s personal website.  If this is true, then the site offers an excellent perspective on both the man and the President.  It also offers penetrating insight into the forces and influences which shaped Putin throughout his life.

It does appear that President Putin created this website for the youth of Russia as both inspiration and encouragement.  Because it has been translated into English, young and old around the world can also benefit from his message of hope and self-empowerment.
Vladimir Putin – Personal Website

Talk about humble beginnings!  Young Vlad with his mother and grandmother.
bc7dad97191c                                        SOURCE: Vladimir Putin – Personal Website

Video References

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