Russia Demolishes Australia’s Kangaroo Court: Sends Four Warships To G20





Russia Demolishes Australia’s Kangaroo Court: Sends Four Warships To G20

Tony Abbott’s Political Boxing Is No Match For Vladimir Putin’s Geopolitical Judo

Russia Sends Four Warships To Australia NE Coastline In Advance Of G20 Meeting

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Whether you’re a Russophile or a Russophobe, you gotta love Russian President Vladimir Putin’s latest response to Australia Prime Minister’s “shirtfront” comment.

Russia has sent four warships, including the flagship of their Pacific Fleet, to an area just outside of Australian territorial waters.  What is especially significant about this location is that Brisbane, site of the G20 conference, is well within firing range of both the flagship and the accompanying destroyer.

With that single naval maneuver Putin handily outdid his Australian opponent.  The word is that London bookmakers favored Putin’s superior geopolitical judo 10 to 1 as he went up against Abbott’s amateur boxing.  Abbott has had considerably more to lose throughout this fight since he bore the added pressure of winning as the host country.

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott Parrots Obama’s Baseless Accusations

After Abbott falsely accused Russia of having a part in the shooting down of MH17 over the Ukraine, he said he looked forward to shirt-fronting Putin when he met with him at the upcoming G20 conference. The Guardian reported on Abbott’s diplomatic disaster as follows:

Tony Abbott says he will “shirtfront” Vladimir Putin over the downing of MH17, claiming his conversation with the Russian president at the G20 would be “the toughest conversation of all”.

The prime minister resorted to the Australian Rules football term for roughing up an opponent to describe his approach to Putin’s presence in the country next month.

“I am going to shirtfront Mr Putin – you bet I am – I am going to be saying to Mr Putin Australians were murdered, they were murdered by Russian backed rebels,”Abbott said.[1] 

Why a ‘hosting’ Prime Minister would commit such a gaffe, particularly using a patently false accusation against a visiting G20 president, is as bizarre as it is unprecedented.  The following article contains indisputable evidence that MH17 was shot down by two Ukrainian Government fighter jets, not by the eastern Ukraine rebels.  In fact the rebels did not possess the weapon technology necessary to take down the passenger jet at that time.

Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17

The deliberate shoot-down of MH17 stands as the greatest war crime since the Ukraine conflict began.  It has been determined by experts who have evaluated all aspects of this premeditated mass murder, that it was perpetrated with the explicit purpose of blaming Russia.  In this way the tide of worldwide opinion would be turned against the rebels and Russia, whose primary interest was to protect the Russian speakers of the eastern Ukraine.

G8 Quickly Morphed Back Into The ‘New & Impoved’ G7
Not only did all the Western Powers quickly rally around imposing sanctions against Russia after the shoot-down, Russia was removed from the G8 government forum. The West has continued to demonize Putin, as it falsely blames Russia for the cold-blooded murder of 298 passengers and crew on MH17.

Such a crime against humanity, which was committed by the Ukraine with US backing, is conduct deserving of severe retribution.  And yet the world watches Tony Abbott being used by his masters in Washington to attempt to humiliate Vladimir Putin.  Truly, the modern world has never witnessed such immature and immoral leadership.


PM Abbott Convenes A Kangaroo Court In The Land Down Under

In light of the repercussions that this single crime against innocent civilians has had, it is now clear that the community of nations must act.  Not to lay blame with those parties who are guilty of both the crime and the coverup is to allow the travesty of Abbott’s Australian kangaroo court to continue.  Tony Abbott has not relented for one moment in the prosecution of President Putin in his very public kangaroo court.

Not only has Abbott distinguished himself as the most inept and childish prime minister in Australian history, he has thoroughly embarrassed Australia on the world stage.  Perhaps the voters will recall this amateur as a sign of their displeasure with his totally incompetent and shockingly unethical leadership.

Michael Thomas
November 14, 2014
State of the Nation


[1] Tony Abbott says he will ‘shirtfront’ Vladimir Putin over downing of MH17