Why The US Military Knows Israel Did 9/11


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Why The Military Knows Israel Did 9/11

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S. Army War College, on audio. 

For updated (September 2012) information about why researchers are 100% certain that Israel did 9/11 and the official story is a pack of lies, see:


For the longer version, which details how the WTC1 demolition was carried out, how James Millette and the “debunkers” were right about Steven Jones’ red/gray chips being primer paint on rusty steel, and how those chips still provided incontrovertible proof of demolitions in the form of iron spheres generated from active accelerants in the fireproofing that was adjacent to the red primer paint film and mill scale as they cracked and spalled off from the steel substrate in the excessive heat, see:


But be warned; that’s not intended for people with the attention span of a goldfish 🙂

See this page for 100% proof that the “Dancing Israelis” (known to the FBI as the “High Fivers”) knew in advance that planes were going to hit the North and South Towers:


When interviewed by John Miller in May 1998, Osama bin Laden stated: “Our religion forbids us from killing innocent people such as women and children.”

This is perfectly consistent with his September 28, 2001 denial of responsibility for 9/11: “Neither I had any knowledge of these attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people.”

The loony official conspiracy theory has a guy who doesn’t believe in killing innocent civilians yet kills 3,000 innocent civilians, a guy who can’t fly a Cessna yet steers a Boeing 757 on his debut flight like an ace fighter pilot, devout Muslims who cavort with hookers and strippers, snort cocaine, eat pork, drink alcohol and gamble, three steel-framed high-rises that collapse from office fires for the first time in history, Jews who can see into the future, suicide hijackers who return from the dead, etc. The OCT is believable only by those with an IQ in the bottom quartile and those who are dumbed down by hate and bigotry.

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An article by Dr. Sabrosky on 9/11 is available at:


His article of March 2010 entitled Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism, discussed in the audio with Mark Glenn and Phil Tourney, is at: