The World Has Already Changed, BRICS Ushering In A New Order





LaRouche: The World Has Changed, Our Enemies Are Finished

Lyndon LaRouche

Addressing colleagues on Sunday, Aug. 24, Lyndon LaRouche underscored the dramatic shifts in the global situation since the BRICS summit in Brazil in July, China’s breakthrough work on Helium-3, and the profound changes initiated by the Egyptian government. He cited his wife Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s ongoing tour in Asia as another major advancement on policies that have been promoted by the LaRouche Movement for the past 40 years since the time of LaRouche’s initial proposal for an International Development Bank to replace the IMF and World Bank system of genocidal looting in the mid-1970s.

“The point is, what has happened on this planet is, we have converged in terms of a trend in which the preparations are now in the making, in China, in all parts of Asia, in the Americas, in the different parts of the planet as a whole. The Egyptian case is an important case of this type. Our enemy, the British Empire, and its satellites such as the ass-kissers we have in Washington, these people are finished, and the only thing that could keep them alive, would be the foolishness of people inside important places inside the U.S. government. We are now ready, and Helga’s position is going to be a change in the world as a whole. We are out to change the world as a whole.

“And I can say a lot more about that, and if necessary will say more, but this is not a tactical problem or simple strategic problem. We are now prepared to smash the evil which has dominated the United States and other nations for far too long. And we are in a position to do the job, and we’re going to do it! …”

“Let me add one thing here. Look, let’s look at the planet as a whole. Let’s not look at just parts of the planet. What’ve you got in South America? What is South America? Now, there are some very terrible places there, that are still affected by this crap. But! What about South America? South America is actually a developing place. It’s an improving place. Egypt’s a revolutionary place. China’s making the greatest revolution, that has ever been made by anybody so far. What’re we complaining about? We are creating, now, with our own work, where we have our collaborators, we are creating, like this initiative to protect — against this ISIS system. We are fighting to save civilization, and we’re going to fight to save civilization.”

“So we don’t have to apologize. We have a planet who’s available forces, as organized, are capable of creating the greatest bonanza that mankind has ever experienced on Earth! So why not just do it? We can do it. But you have to get rid of some of the problems! Don’t admire the problems forever, and dumping this bunch of heathens who are causing mass murder in the Middle East, is just simply one of the things we have to do. And the fact that we have people who are willing to do that, and will do that, means that there’s a future for mankind.”

“The majority of mankind wants to live! Give them the permission to do so, give them the help to do so! C’mon, cut out all the worries and so forth, about this problem and that problem. Get a big shoe, preferably cast iron, ram up the rear end of somebody who’s recalcitrant, and say, ‘OK, now get moving.”

“Because we have everything available to us, every part of the world is available to us, every part of the world contains something good for us.”

Indeed, as LaRouche noted, major players on the international stage are working in concert for great changes—including for the defeat of the British drive for World War III. General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, forced the issue of the Islamic State on President Obama, and created the conditions where the President must go to Congress and the American people to seriously debate the IS threat and explain what the US role must be to defeat this barbaric enemy of mankind. Through the efforts of Gen. Dempsey and his colleagues, the US is now sharing intelligence with the Syrian and Iranian forces, albeit through intermediaries, to create a necessary alliance to defeat the IS scourge. This was a big change. This is not what Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and the British had in mind.

Russian President Putin, by authorizing the delivery of the humanitarian aid to the people of eastern Ukraine late last week, forced the Poroshenko government to agree not to conduct air strikes or artillery bombardment of the humanitarian convoy, even though the International Committee of the Red Cross did not participate in the delivery. This has set back the British plans to use the upcoming NATO summit Sept. 4 in Wales to launch a major war provocation against Moscow. German Foreign Minister Steinmeier has been working with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, to create an opportunity for the Aug. 26 Minsk meeting between Poroshenko and Putin to be the start of a de-escalation and resolution of the crisis that London has been trying to exploit for confrontation. After her visit to Kiev and her five hours of meetings with Poroshenko and other officials, Merkel emphasized that there is no military solution and that a political/economic agreement is vital.

The real change, however, comes from the dumping of the genocidal British System and the moves to create a new, global cooperation for great projects and a true science-driver. With China, India, Russia, Brazil, Egypt, all of South America, and many nations of Southeast Asia ready to join in this long-overdue effort, it remains for the United States to be brought in to the revolution. This means the immediate ouster of John Boehner, Obama’s protector, and the impeachment of Obama himself.

In his dialogue on Sunday, LaRouche reiterated the pivotal role that former President Bill Clinton must play in a realignment of American politics to create a new presidency. Bill Clinton is the only rallying point around which a new President of the United States can be chosen to reverse the disasters of the past dozen years of the Bush-Cheney and Obama abominations. The world is now aligned for just such a dramatic change from the United States.