The Illuminati,

Black Nobility,

Khazarian Mafia,

The Kahal Of the Cahilla

British Crown,

The Pilgrims Society,

Committee of 300,

NWO Globalist Cabal,

Central Banking Cartel,

World Economic Forum,

Deep State(s),

Global Military-Industrial Complex,

Zio-Anglo-American Axis,

All Collude to Foist
the “Fifth Reich”
on the Entire
Planetary Civilization.

State of the Nation

A Thoroughly Tyrannical and Totalitarian Technocracy is
Being Stealthily Shoehorned into Place Around the Globe
by The Powers That Be (see the list above).

TPTB are using the GREAT RESET and THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC, after using THE GREAT STEALECTION, to sow seeds of unprecedented chaos and conflict the world over.

The immediate goal of this manufactured disorder and naked warmongering is to divide and conquer the world community of nations as never before.  But first the New World Order globalist cabal is executing their Ordo ab Chao strategy to divide and rule all of humanity.

That’s because TPTB know full well that deeply divided families, such as we have here in the United States, always translates to divided communities.  In turn, the cities, counties and states are inevitably divided followed by the whole nation, which is then easily collapsed and totally taken over.

Welcome to America 2021!

The Malevolent Plan

The power elite knows that many are onto their game of rape, plunder and pillage of planet Earth where every human being is considered a natural resource to be used and misused, enslaved and oppressed, shackled and subjugated for the benefit of the BEAST System.

That’s why all of humankind is currently being compelled or forced into receiving the “Mark of the Beast”.  As follows:

MARK OF THE BEAST Makes Its Debut in 2020…

Make no mistake, the various COVID-19 injections, shots and vaccines are the primary way in which every recipient will be slowly taken over—mind and body, heart and soul.

The fascist corporatocracy wants slaves to work on their corporate plantations, not employees.  And the power elite will proceed with this New World Order agenda unless they are stopped by We the People.

KEY POINTS: Never in human history have there been so many extremely wealthy and powerful globalists all acting in quiet collusion to conquer and subjugate all of humanity.  That the power elite can simply print money and use it to carry out any criminal plot, corrupt scheme or nefarious conspiracy is a testament to their unbridled power and influence.  Hence, there is no resident on Earth who is not vulnerable to their multifarious crime waves washing over the planet such as the transparently engineered COVID-19 Plandemic.

But why are they so painfully obvious today, where TPTB were quite covert in their machinations and intrigues of yesteryear? 

Because, given the rapid dissemination via the Internet of so much incriminating evidence of the crimes against humanity committed by these incorrigible cabals of criminally insane psychopaths, they know that sooner or later, we are coming for them—that’s why.

Which means that raw fear of life-threatening consequences is motivating, to a great degree, the sociopathic individuals who populate the preceding list of satanic entities and secret societies.  And, their many actions of extreme desperation and recklessness reflect the power elite’s resolve to ensure their self-preservation at any and all costs.

The biggest concern, therefore, for “99%” of the human race is that TPTB have crossed so many lines and exposed themselves as never before in world history, they are well beyond the point of no return.  It’s literally do or die for all of them, given that we all know who they are and where they live—thanks to the World Wide Web.

BOTTOM LINE: The New World Order is really the Old World Order on Super Steroids… … …because the power elite have no other way out but to complete their NWO agenda.  How they will successfully accomplish this impossible task in the face 7.8 billion people who are waking up fast and furiously remains to be seen.


Which brings us to the Fifth Reich.

But first it’s of paramount importance to correctly understand the progression of the First through the Fourth Reichs.

The First Reich is widely known to be the Roman Empire.

The Second Reich is the British Empire, “upon which the sun never set”.

The Third Reich, which was really a bad joke, was Hitler’s short-lived Germanic Empire.

The Fourth Reich, which was the true reason for wild over-dramatization of the Third Reich of Nazi Germany, is the United States America as reflected by its imperialistic Pax America and tyrannical American Exceptionalism.  The very reason for Operation Paperclip, as well as other much more secret operations to bring high-level Nazi leaders, scientists and engineers to America, was to expeditiously build the post-WW2 Fourth Reich—the USA, also known as the military arm of the New World Order.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

For the very first time, the Fifth Reich is designed to be a worldwide, supranational entity overseen by a One World Government with law enforcement managed by a Global Security Superstate, which has been initiated by the rapidly evolving medical tyranny spawned by OPERATION COVID-19.

This new political economic paradigm is based on a hybrid model that utilizes the inherent fascism of the quasi-capitalistic American corporatocracy, sometimes known as the U.S. Government-Corporate Complex; and the quasi-communist Chinese model that effectively functions as a unitary one-party socialist republic overseen by a despotic government.  It will also employ many of the worst features of the European Union—a totally failed economic union and political superstate BY PURPOSEFUL DESIGN.

The disastrous fusion of these fatally flawed political economic models is what the power elite are attempting to foist on the entire planetary civilization.  This is why three of the primary public leaders of the Fifth Reich are all of German origin—(i) WEF Founder Klaus Schwab for the GREAT RESET (ii) German Chancellor Angele Merkel for THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC in Europe and (iii) President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen for the planned One World Government.

Once the power elite have successfully imposed the new global superstructures on the world community of nations, they will set about the process of advancing the infamous UN agendas at warp speed.  For the swiftly unfolding Fifth Reich is really about rearranging the whole biosphere according to the secret dictates of Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  Only in this way will the wealthy elites be able to carve out the special green spaces for their eternal enjoyment while enslaving the rest of humankind after corralling us into unlivable urban jungles and FEMA concentration camps.

The good news, in spite of this emerging reality, is that the abused 99% vastly outnumbers the abusive 1%.  And, here in the USA, the citizenry can arm up and ammo up in a heartbeat, especially when things start to get really bad.  Once that sleeping giant awakens, there’s really no telling what might happen across the planet.  For all it takes is one domino to fall at the right time and in the right place for the demonic New World Order to crash and burn…in a day and a night!

State of the Nation
April 7, 2021

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