Christian Churches Targeted Around the World Especially Throughout Europe



Christian Churches Targeted Around the World Especially Throughout Europe


Despite this trend, MSM refuses to entertain possibility of Notre Dame blaze being intentional

Kelen McBreen |

Feces smeared on walls, intentional fires and theft plague churches across France as police figures show 875 of the country’s 42,258 churches were vandalized in 2018.

As Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson reported just hours before the Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire, “The number of anti-religious attacks against Jews and Christians in France continues to rise, while attacks against Muslims are at their lowest for 9 years.”

The church attacks have some politicians saying France’s Christian heritage is being threatened by “militant secularists.”

“Every day, at least two churches are profaned,” Republican MP Valerie Boyer stated.

Meanwhile, according to Newsweek, some French officials say they “don’t know why” the churches have been targeted.

While the cause of the Notre Dame inferno is still unknown, one hypothesis is Islamic arson, but MSM is stopping anyone who dares mention this from speaking out.

For example, Fox News’ Shepard Smith and Neil Cavuto both cut off guests who alluded to the possibility of the fire being intentional.

A TIME Magazine columnist, Christopher J. Hale, claimed a worker at the cathedral told him the blaze was purposely started.



The media is also covering up the celebration of the cathedral’s destruction on social media, claiming Infowars lied about people reacting with smiley face emojis despite video evidence.

Will we ever get to the bottom of the tragic destruction of the 800-year-old historic site, or will political correctness stop a real investigation from taking place?