PEDOGATE: How Brazil Became an Epicenter With its Own Pizzagate



PEDOGATE: How Brazil Became an Epicenter With its Own Pizzagate

Arrest Of Brazil’s Murderous ‘Healer’
Revives The Pizzagate Scandal

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The faith healer known as “Joao de Deus” or John of God , real name Joao Teixeira de Faria, was such a powerful presence that Oprah Winfrey fainted in his arms in ecstatic bliss on her 2010 visit to his compound in Abadiana, southern Brazil, an experience powerful enough to be shown a one-hour special on her show endorsing his spiritual presence. was apparently pulled from web access after stunning revelations of his forced confinement of young women to produce babies on his “child farm” over a 10-year period followed by the murders of the mothers by his henchmen. A Brazilian police raid on the compound in December has confirrmed the allegations of “suicided” whistleblower Sabrina Bittencourt. Her recent death in Spain is explained by her son as “They murdered her”, in reference to the Satanic Occult Elite behind dozens of other pedophile-linked horrors collectively known as Pizzagate.

Other globalist superstarts who visited the compound known as “The House of Ignatius of Loyola”, included Bill Clinton and former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The name of this cult center should ring a bell because that lifelong resident of Loyola, Spain, is none other than the founder of the Military Order, of Jesus, the Jesuits, the networking center for Illuminati, Satanists, blood-rite pagans and Rothschild intelligence agents since its founding in 1539.

Christians who certainly should be alarmed by this case of “The Devil citng Scripture” should realize that Loyola House (Mi Casa es Su Casa) worships not the Holy Trinity but spirit agents called “The Entities”, a rather bland euphemism for the Old Deceiver himself and his host of Fallen Angels, since referred to as demons.

Spirit Cookery fom Kali’s Curry to Moloch’s Oven

As disclosed in my previous article on the cultic ties of Alexandra Ocasio-Corzez and her campaign manager, Oprah is a member of the Hindu drug cult called Transcendental Meditation (TM), which was exposed as a CIA front by John Lennon, the likeliest reason for his gunshot death at the hands of MK-ULTRA hitman Mark David Chapman.

Another high-profile visitor to the child-killer Brazilian cult was Tony Podesta’s favorite “spirit-cooking” artist, whose hands-on assistance for John of God, was graphically presented in her 2016 narcissistic documentary “The Space Between: Marina Abramovic and Brazil”, yes, the same artist linked with Pizzagatte who splashes fresh blood at her celebrity performances.

Director Marco del Fiol describes the film of her conducting hands-on healing with the cult maestro as: “In a mixture of road movie and thriller, Abramovic travels through Brazil experiencing sacred rituals and exploring limits between art, immateriality and consciousness. How far will she go to create her work of art?” Immateriality can also be defined as death.

Visitors are charged upwards of 1,000 euro for a visit from Rio or Sao Paulo to the compound. The cult travel agent ws a practitioner of “reiki” or healing with light emitted from the hands, the signature treatment of Sukyo Mahikari, the apocalyptic cult linked to the Aum Shinrikyo subway gassing sect exposed by Garry Greenwood.

The late anti-cult activist Bittencourt charged “Hundreds of girls were enslaved over years, lived on farms in Goias, served as wombs to get pregnant, for their babies to be sold.” The human breeding stock ranging from 14 to 18 years old were penned inside prison villages in remote areas of the Minas Gervais region controlled by the iron-mining giant called Vale, where they may have used as prostitutes for its miners. The babies were then put up for sale by adoption agents in the US and Europe for between $20,000 and $50,000 each. After 10 years of service through birthing, the young mothers are worthless as prostitutes so they are simply murdered, probably in ritual human sacrifice.

Celebrity Fans of Satanic Rites

Among the celebrity visitors besides Clinton were Paul Simon, Shirley MacLaine and Naomi Campbell “who have been healed by John of God” along with hundreds of foreign women forcibly raped at the cult site thanks to the hallelujah endorsement of that accomplice, the TM cultist Oprah Winfrey. Another endorsement for Healer John came from His Holiness of the CIA, The Dalai Lama, who is known to drink from a cup made from a human skull. Aum! Shoko Asahaka blesses you with a dose of nerve gas.

Cult master Teixiera is now facing personal accusations of rape from 600 women, including his own daughter who has stepped forward to charge that her father raped her at age 10 and continued for years. Harvey Weinstein, eat your heart out because you’ve run a distant second place.

The cult succeeded in muzzling abused women with threats of curses and other psychological terror techniques from witchcraft. As explained by Dutch choreographer Zahira Leeneke Maus: the cult master Teixeira Faira had manipulated her into sex acts and raped her during a visit to his clinic whilst she was seeking healing for previous sexual abuses. In the horrific session he touched her genitals and forced her to have anal sex. Hiding what had happened for four years, she said: “I was terrified of them sending bad spirits in my direction, wrecking my life.”

Lesson: The Devil is hopelessly powerless unless you surrender to belief in him. The MSM remain true believers. The sex-cult crimes are still being covered up by the mainstream news, indicating that top US media moguls are likely implicated in the pedophile rites or involved in smuggling Brazilian children into the US for sexual abuse, sometimes followed by ritual slaughter at Black Mass.

Brazilian BBQ Pizza for Podestas, Clinton and Obama

The larger issue here remains the all-too predictable behavior of “Haitian children’s friend” Bill Clinton at the Ignatius of Loyola encampment, and whether his lackey John Podesta accompanied him there The other question is whether Barack Obama slipped into the Ignatius of Loyola center during his February 2011 visit to Brazil, after giving a federal $2 billion to Petrobas, the oil company that acted as the slush fund for then Brazilian President Lula da Silva? Notably, Obama returned to Brazil in 2017 as a private citizen, perhaps to do some follow-up.

Pizzagate is nowhere near closure, folks, the deep disclosure of demonology in Washington DC and Wall Street is still on the back burner. Now if the FBI would please extract its cognitive sphere out of its defecative orifice, the long overdue official investigation into Pizzagate might just get started. Alefantis and Brock, you’re not forgotten at all. Meanwhile, John and Tony, every move you make, every step you take, someone’s watching you. Stern justice is going to arrive piping hot, like a Brazilian barbecue.

As for the harassment and coerced suicide of anti-cult activist Bittencourt see: anyone who wants to be “healed”, there are still openings for the next visit to the Casa of Ignatius of Loyola:

Marina Abramovich shines a Luciferian light on the healer’s surgery