Why is ex-FCC Chair Tom Wheeler pushing the 5G roll-out with such a vengeance?



Why is ex-FCC Chair Tom Wheeler pushing the 5G roll-out with such a vengeance?

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler Now Wants Us to Feel Sorry for Big Tech

By B.N. Frank
Activist Post

Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler worked many years for Big Tech before working at the FCC. When he left the FCC, he immediately went back to work again for Big Tech. Many would consider Tom to be part of “The Swamp” that Trump promised to drain.

This week, Tom has been very busy writing and publishing op-eds trying to make everyone feel sorry for Big Tech. Of course, this is his job and he’s probably paid handsomely for it. However, he’s coming across even smarmier than usual considering the increasing widespread opposition to 5G small cell installation being forced on communities and rural areas across the U.S.

Activist Post published an article about Tom’s New York Times op-ed published on Monday:

“Former FCC Chair Wants to Know Why 5G Isn’t Secure. Still Doesn’t Care That 5G Radiation Exposure Isn’t Safe”

Tom wrote another op-ed which was published yesterday:

Government shutdown halts the Trump FCC’s deregulation agenda

I highly recommend you read this in its entirety but only when you have time to take a shower immediately afterwards.

Stay classy, Tom.