DISASTER CAPITALISM: Globalists Started the California Fires, We the People Will Pay Them



DISASTER CAPITALISM: Globalists Started the California Fires, We the People Will Pay for Them…

… Especially the Recovery, Wildfire Safety & Utility Rate Hikes

Beware Of Those Who Cry Wolf

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California fires, fires, fires? 

Those that cry the most after a fire hold the matches?   Guess who will foot the corporate utility rate hikes?  Amazing how they wasted literally no time for the working class minions to pay for wildfire safety after years of Leftist rulers (Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown)  stopping it?  Will everyone just roll over and pay for intentionally overlooked mistakes?  Look to France, they are mad as Hell and ain’t going to take it anymore (at least for the time being).


In the meantime, look what the poor Pelosi’s Paradise deal with it Napa Valley:  Whine, wine, wine, win, win, win!  Concerned about the impacts of increased traffic while demanding open borders?  What a bunch of phony Whino Crites that wield too much USA power.  Opus One…..

“Paul Pelosi, the husband of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, has been organizing neighborhood opposition to a proposed 30,000-gallon winery project that’s planned for the corner of Silverado Trail and Zinfandel Lane near St. Helena,” the Napa Valley Register reported at the time.
The Pelosis own the property next door to the winery, which will be called Castelluci Family Winery. 
Paul Pelosi told the Napa County Planning Commission last week that he’s concerned about the impacts traffic to and from the winery will have on Zinfandel Lane.

California Troubled Utility Proposed $2 Billion Rate Hike To Fund “Wildfire Safety”

One month after the stock and bonds of troubled California Utility Pacific Gas & Electric cratered after the company hinted of a liquidity crisis as a result of mounting legal obligations following California’s destructive Camp Fire, shocking and infuriating its investors…
… PG&E is now set to reap the ire of its clients as well after a demand for a rate hike of almost $2 billion from customers, saying more than half will go toward wildfire safety.
In a proposal submitted late last week to the California Public Utilities Commission, PG&E asked for $1.1 billion in new revenue in 2020, including $576 million for the Community Wildfire Safety Program, $273 million toward liability insurance, and $209 million for core gas and electric operations. 
The proposal also asks for another $454 million in 2021 and $486 million in 2022.
If the commission approves the hike, California clients of PG&E could see their bills jump more than $10 a month, a troubling development for Californians who already pay one of the highest prices in the nation for electricity. 
According to the US Energy Information Administration, last year’s average monthly bill was $101.49.