The Democrat’s 2020 stealth candidate comes out of the closet…



The Democrat’s 2020 stealth candidate comes out of the closet…

and into the hotel room in a bathrobe!


Yes, that really is Michelle Obama and make-up artist Carl Ray posing for a photo-op in a hotel room with her in a white bathrobe.  Unprecedented photo of a former first lady causes a major scandal.

State of the Nation

Michelle Obama recently launched a book tour that rivals Beyonce’s with “sky-high ticket prices”. See: Michelle Obama Book Tour Draws Beyoncé-Like Prices

This tour was most likely timed as a part of the 2020 Democrat campaign strategy in order to test the waters for her planned U.S. presidential run.

But why, pray tell, would Michelle Obama come out of early retirement to run for POTUS.

Because there’s nobody else in sight.  And the DEMs are truly desperate!

The Democrat Party does not have a single candidate for POTUS so damaged are all the top so-called leaders. In fact, the most popular Democrat politicians have so destroyed their reputations individually that none of them have any hope whatsoever of a viable candidacy.

In other words, Michelle Obama is their only hope.  Because of an extremely serious party-wide epidemic Trump derangement syndrome, most of the prospective Democrat candidates have irreparably damaged their political brands—FOREVER.

Were one to name even a single vocal Democrat, it’s certain they have disqualified themselves because of their official and/or unofficial misconduct since Trump won the election.  Hence, there is simply no one else on the short list of potential candidates.  Here’s why even Uncle Joe Biden cannot run in 2020: (Video)

Only Michelle can save the Obamanation

It’s entirely true that only Michelle Obama could attempt to effectively prevent the total destruction of the Obamanation by President Trump’s wrecking ball.  After all, she’s the wife of the guy who irreparably tore the fabric of American society.

As the wife of a stone-cold Manchurian Candidate, only Michelle understands what is required to claw back the gains that were made during 8 long years of Barack Obama’s repugnant reign.  She walked with her partner-in-crime every step of the way and knows the political and governmental terrain quite well.

More significantly, Michelle came from the same C.I.A. test tube as her husband and is therefore trained in all the ways necessary to galvanize all the mind-control programmed Obamabots.  She also knows how to trigger the Clintonistas and Berniacs who will be needed to secure anything close to a 2020 Democrat victory.

No U.S. President and First Lady in American history have been so concerned about their legacy as the Obamas.  This is, to a great degree, because Deep State never had a presidential pawn so committed to advancing the globalist New World Order agenda.  In other words, Obama’s communist leanings lined up nicely with that globalist scheme. President Obama, himself, became the poster child for the NWO enterprise, which had planned to make him the head of a One World Government.

However, in order to foist that harebrained scheme on the world community of nations, the globalist cabal had to groom a husband and wife team who could serve as acceptable frontmen. (many Alt Media commentators truly believe that she is a transgender). That’s where Michelle comes in very handy for the 2020 election  She’s really the only person who can sufficiently jumpstart the covert nation-destroying plot which brought us a 3rd millennium Sodom and Gomorrah, where New York is Sodom and Gomorrah is LA and San Fran.

Back to the book tour

What better way to commence a major candidacy than to do a highly hyped book tour.  Not only does Michelle enjoy the status of a super popular rock star, she possesses a tremendous amount of political capital accumulated over her 8 years as First Lady.  By pushing her out into the public domain (former First Ladies simply don’t do book tours unless….) her handlers are getting the opportunity to see just how popular she really is.  They’re also able to assess where she needs to clean up her act so as to generate the maximum amount of support from the Democrat base.

At the end of the day, Michelle Obama will have undergone the most important marketing test of 2018.  She is being carefully coiffed and manicured to appeal to the same core constituency as her husband.  Not only the ultra-liberals, hyper-progressives, extreme left wingers and DINOs, but particularly the extremely motivated LGBTQ crowd.  For it’s the gay community that feels it has the most to gain with another Obama in a White House bathed in the colors of the rainbow.

Why Obama’s First Stay After White House Was With Married Gay Couple In Palm Springs CA

We can expect Michelle’s book tour to be ‘the longest and most successful’ (according to the MSM) in U.S. history.  This tour will also be portrayed and sensationalized by the fawning press as though she is royalty.  In this way, Michelle will be presented as the perfect solution to the HUGE problem now faced by DNC—there’s nobody else who can run but her.


The following article shows why Michelle will be so well received by her fans, particularly the LGBT movement.  The photos in the article are especially telling.  She’s clearly is telegraphing to the world that the Cultural Marxist revolution will continue apace under her utterly misguided leadership. See: Michelle Obama Shocks With Pouting Pose, Former First Ladies Simply Don’t Do This (Photos)

The seeds of division (racial, gender and religious) sown by Barack nationwide are still having great consequences throughout the Republic.  Those seeds, and more, will germinate and sprout once again under a Michelle Obama presidency.  And a socialist paradise, morphing into full-blown communism, will manifest as it has been advanced and funded by international criminal George Soros.

The preceding factoid is critical to understand.  Should Michelle Obama become a presidential candidate, she will not work for the American people, she will work for the Rothschild Crime Syndicate just as Barack did (and still does).  Whereas Soros is merely the bagman for that international banking cartel, the real forces behind him and Michelle and Barack are the very same who have profoundly destroyed Europe.  They are the very same powers who seek the complete destruction of American sovereignty and territorial integrity.

No other POTUS has furthered the globalist agenda like President Obama did.  Michelle Obama, were she to ascend to the presidency, would become Barack on steroids.

State of the Nation
September 27, 2018