How to identify members of Deep State’s Senior Executive Service



How to identify members of Deep State’s Senior Executive Service

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The headline below will take you to Americans for Innovation that has developed an amazing research tool that you can use to identify Senior Executive Services members.

It also contains a Crimeline with its own search feature that is a mind-blowing 17 years- worth of research that the ‘white hats’ have done so that internet research sleuths have access to thousands of documents that can be used as indictable evidence for thousands of D. C. criminals.

Bookmark this page to save these research tools.


Senior Executive Service (SES) is ~10,000 Deep State shadow government employees who are sabotaging the American Republic for the globalist agenda.

Download, study and share the “Crimeline” widely

The amazing research team at Americans for Innovation created a research tool for you to find SES employees in the Plum Book. In order to compile this report, they had to search widely on the internet for the bits and pieces of the report that had been scattered in digital space so that you couldn’t find it.

Make sure to bookmark this tool and share it with everyone. Let’s uncover each swamp creature, one by one, as we pull them from the slimiest pit of the D.C. swamp

Access SES search function click here. Scroll down the page until you see an image like this. You can use the Google Custom Search function for as long as Google allows this to exist. The other way is to open the PDF and follow the instructions below:

SES tool
This is just an image of the page; the links aren’t active. Go to the website to see the active page. 

Fired McCabeThe Charge Needs to be for Treason

Betsy and Thomas explain Andrew McCabe’s firing and why it is just an opening conversation with patriots who know that he needs to be tried for treason and we know how this corrupt system is now set up with the Senior Executive Services.

Make sure to bookmark this research tool called Clinton/Circle in order to connect the dots in the Clinton-Podesta-DNC emails. As Thomas mentioned in the audio above, anybody that communicated with Hillary Clinton on her private email server was 100% complicit in her crimes. This would include many SES employees. Use the SES search feature to find your favorite SES shadow government enemy and see if they were included in any of the emails. Remember John Podesta was SES, too…and so was Michael Horowitz, Bruce Ohr….

Clinton Circle

Clinton connections