California Wildfires: A Geoengineered Firestorm to DISTRACT from Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration



California Wildfires: A Geoengineered Firestorm to DISTRACT from Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

Trump’s declaration says that the:

“US will recognize Jerusalem
as the capital of Israel”

State of the Nation

The timing of these out-of-season wildfires is simply too coincidental with President Trump’s declaration which recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of the APARTHEID Modern State of Israel.

Defiant Donald Trump confirms US will recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel


First, please view the following photo-documentary in order to really comprehend what is transpiring in Southern California at this very moment…with no signs of letting up.

FIREGEDDON: Southern California Burns Again, Wildfires Mysteriously Spring Up Everywhere (Photos)

Next, consider that Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, the “Motion Picture capital” of the world.  As such, what better place for the NWO globalists to stage yet another all-consuming drama to divert the attention of the American people?

Whatever happens of great import in the LA area is always splashed across TV sets, computer screens and smartphones the world over.  Not only is Hollyweird their key “weapon of mass distraction”, the C.I.A. owns and operates the entire industry.

Likewise, The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within the U.S. Intelligence Community, controls every square inch of the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, especially Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Ventura County.  That’s why so many major dramas have exploded on the scene there over many decades (and seemingly out of nowhere).

KEY POINT: Given the historic California drought, as well as the prevailing weather conditions which are transparently geoengineered, it’s very easy for the arsonists to start these fires, and for the geoengineers to keep them spreading.  The Governor — Jerry Brown — has already proven himself to be a dyed-in-the-wool globalist who will permit and enable any scheme his NWO masters wish to perpetrate anywhere in the once great state of California.  See: CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES: Geoengineered Firestorms Terrorize to Advance the Agenda(s)

In addition to the endless droughts and deluges, wildfires and mudslides, urban tremors and earthquake swarms, mass shootings and gang violence, the LA region has also provided the set for the OJ Simpson Bronco chase and Christopher Dorner manhunt, the San Bernardino false flag massacre and Aliso Canyon gas leak, to name but a few other manufactured distractions.

The folks who stage all of these sensational cataclysms and shocking tragedies always do so for very specific reasons.  For instance, the 2015 San Bernardino attack was carried out the very day that President Vladimir Putin began telling the whole world that the U.S. military had never even bombed the terrorist group ISIS in the northern Levant.  Russia’s relentless bombing of ISIL in Syria showed the world community of nations that the US government had actually been supporting the Islamic State and arming the Daesh, not attacking them.


Now we come to Trump’s extremely ill-advised declaration that recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Here’s what the Palestinian president had to say about it. Abbas: US Can No Longer Mediate Israel-Palestinian Talks

And this is only the beginning of what promises to be an unparalleled outcry and intensifying protest against the flagrant betrayal of the Palestinians by the United States. The Trump Administration can no longer serve as a peace broker anywhere in the Mideast.  Trump, himself, has literally triggered an international firestorm, the flames of which may burn down the entire Middle East.

Israel’s deep involvement in Trump’s ill-fated decision is transparent.  The various trips made by his boy advisor Jared Kushner to the region, as well as his son-in-law’s quite special Mideast portfolio indicates this whole debacle was engineered by PM Benjamin Netanyahu.  The only way to correctly understand Netanyahu’s true intentions is to read what he foolishly shared with his confidantes in the Mossad.

Prime Minster Netanyahu speaks candidly about Israel’s true intentions towards America?

The $64,000 question here is whether the POTUS is really a closeted Christian Zionist.  If he is, and he is doing the bidding of Israel by making this highly consequential declaration, he will have effectively started the hot phase of World War III.

His campaign promises to terminate American wars and conflicts across the planet now ring hollow.  And this single presidential decision will prove to be the most disastrous foreign policy statement of his entire term.

Now the world knows why there is an apocalyptic firestorm licking at some of the most expensive homes in Ventura County.  This is where many of the richest Jews in the country live in their California mansions… … …who also happen to oppose such an imprudent change in American foreign policy.


President Trump has no right or power to determine where the capital of Israel is located.  Jerusalem is a very complex and highly sought after city with an exceedingly complicated past.  Hence, the presidential declaration has only made things much more difficult for all involved parties.

The California firestorms are meant to distract the American people from such an unnecessary, provocative and reckless initiative.  The Neocon Zionists who stealthily engineered Trump’s declaration knew there would be tremendous pushback.  And so there is.

State of the Nation
December 7, 2017