Congress Obligated to Impeach Clinton if Elected




Congress Obligated to Impeach Clinton if Elected

by Jim Autio

The U.S. Congress is constitutionally obligated to impeach Hillary R. Clinton should she be elected as the President of the United States of America.

  1. House Speaker Paul Ryan has already made efforts twice to deny Clinton access to Classified information based on the FBI’s findings but cannot presently do so because there is an error in the separation of powers due to lack of jurisdiction
  2. If Clinton is elected, her proven behavior in regards to handling of Classified information based merely on grounds of public endangerment—not criminality—are necessary and sufficient for Congress, as a duty to preserve and protect the Constitution, to impeach her immediately after Inauguration (Congress has jurisdiction after Inauguration)
  3. However, if after Inauguration impeachment proceedings are not pursued, the Constitution itself will be legally breached and, therefore, invalidated creating an immediate Constitutional crisis
  4. In the absence of a federal Constitution in good standing, the individual states will then have the right and duty, based on state-level Constitutions and/or Bill of Rights, to respond which could include passage of Secession from the Union
  5. Given that states like Texas have perennially expressed strong desire to secede, the dissolution of the U.S. itself is becoming a stronger possibility that can no longer be dismissed on legal grounds

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