FRANCE, Bastille Day ‘Attack’: 100% Staged False-Flag – And Here’s Why…




FRANCE, Bastille Day ‘Attack’: 100% Staged False-Flag – And Here’s Why…



So, so sick of this BS.
And I know I’ve said that a number of times before, so let’s just get on with it. Let’s just expose this latest staged ‘terror attack’ nonsense quickly and be done with it – so that we can get on with our day.

And before I explain why this ‘truck attack’ in Nice is almost certainly a staged/false-flag operation, let me just get the disclaimer out of the way: our thoughts and sympathies should be with those killed, harmed or traumatised in this incident and I’m so sorry for anyone who has suffered. Calling it a ‘false-flag’ isn’t the same thing as saying that no one really died or was hurt: it just means that the attack was organised by a different source to the lone-wolf perpetrator who we’re shortly going to be told all about.

Having said that, I’ve been looking at some of the videos the news channels have been playing over and over again – and none of it looks very convincing. You can check some of them out for yourselves; all I’m seeing is lots of people running around and shouting.

But I’m going to ignore that whole side of things anyway – because we actually don’t need to nitpick the footage or the accounts in order to explain why this was a false-flag operation: we can use pure, simplelogic.

What’s sad is that it only took me about three minutes to work out that this was probably a false-flag event. Why? Because I immediately remembered I’d read a piece on the BBC News website just *hours* earlier and it gave the game away completely.

The BBC reported in the afternoon of 14th July 2016; ‘France will not extend the state of emergency imposed after last year’s Islamist militant attacks in Paris in November beyond 26 July, President Francois Hollande has announced. The president said in his traditional Bastille Day interview that it would not make sense for the emergency to be extended indefinitely. That would mean the rule of law “no longer applied”, Mr Hollande said. France has twice extended the state of emergency since it was first imposed…’

So here’s the sad part: as soon as I switched on the news and saw the breaking report of the Nice attack, my first thought was ‘brilliant timing’. And then when I tuned back in a couple of hours later and we were being told Francois Hollande was about to make a speech, I said to myself ‘He’s going to say they now need to extend the state of emergency for longer…’

True enough, that’s precisely what Hollande declared after the Nice attack.

Which makes this one of the most obvious, blatant inside jobs you could think of. The report that France was going to end the state of emergency was literally the SAME DAY as the attack that conveniently provided the basis for CONTINUING the state of emergency – literally just hours before it happened.

The French Deep State might as well have left a signed calling card at the scene.

Here’s another report that France was about to end the state of emergency, just in case you’re doubting it. Just Google ‘France to end state of emergency’ – there were about two dozen different news sources confirming it, all of them yesterday and just hours before the Nice attack.

For those unaware of it, the state of emergency was enforced after the 13th November attacks (also false-flags).

The emergency powers triggered by the November Paris attacks included the deployment of between 6,000 and 7,000 soldiers into public places, primarily to protect schools, synagogues, department stores and other sensitive sites, but essentially testing the waters (and laying the foundations) of a military/police state.

A recent commission had in fact found that the state of emergency was only having a “limited impact” on improving security – which this Nice attack (if it is real) seems to demonstrate.

Rights activists and civil liberties groups, as well as some politicians, in Francehave been opposing the emergency powers for some time, placing the state under pressure to justify the situation.

A Human Rights Watch article, dated April 20th 2016, was asking the question ‘Will France’s State of Emergency Ever End?’ It noted, ‘The state of emergency grants the government considerable powers to search homes without judicial warrants and impose control orders, designed to restrict the movement of people authorities consider a threat to public order or security, but who have been charged with, far less convicted of, nothing. In February 2016, Human Rights Watch documented abusive and discriminatory raids and control orders against Muslims in France executed under state-of-emergency powers. People described to us how police officers stormed into their homes in the middle of the night, broke their belongings, traumatized their children…’
It continued, ‘As it seeks to extend these powers once again, the government should explain why it cannot ensure public order and safety with the wide range of laws and powers already at its disposal. The prospect of eight months of the state of emergency – with no commitment as to when it might end – raises the question of whether it could, in fact, become permanent.’

They also warned, ‘A further extension of these powers would also set a dangerous example to other countries that could use France as an example to justify their own endless restrictions on freedoms.’

Well, guess what? It’s ok, because the French state is now going to end the state of emergency and… oh, wait, what’s that? Oh, no, sorry – breaking news: state of emergency will continue because, see, we just had another terrorist attack!

It’s so badly plotted that you have to wonder if, in future, they could just do it all in one speech: literally, just have the President announcing the state of emergency is now over, and halfway through his speech he pauses and says ‘oh wait, I’ve just been informed there’s been another attack – sorry, folks’.

Because that’s basically what has just happened – all in one day.

Basic tip: whenever a terror attack happens, always check for what kind of legislation, police powers, surveillance powers, etc, have been discussed by politicians or in the media beforehand. At the time of writing this, I’ve also been told by someone that the gunman/truck driver was known to the police – but I can’t verify that. I’ve also been told there’s video footage of motorcycled police guiding the truck driver to his target – but I haven’t been able to find it yet.

Someone has also said that entire area where the attack happened had been blocked off for the day’s event and in theory the truck shouldn’t have been able to even get there. And I’m just hearing now that the driver/attacker’s ID has been found in the truck to identify him: and that the grenades and other weapons allegedly found in the truck are fake.

In the United States, September 11th 2001 – the Neo-Cons’ predicted and desired “Pearl Harbour” – established a “permanent state of emergency“ (the Patriot Act), allowing it to make radical changes domestically and also to launch several imperialist wars of aggression.

France’s state of emergency could be paving the way for France and Europe to follow/adopt, or perhaps more accurately to come into line with, the American model.

Moreover, Francois Holland has said previously that the French constitution may need to be altered in order to deal with this terrorist threat, as the country is being prepared for potentially draconian policies, including the possibility of expelling foreigners considered a threat. As far back as November and the state of emergency being declared, the president was openly seeking to expand his own powers and the powers of the state.

Some, even in France, see the dangers of this. “If you give the president powers that have been reserved practically for civil war, that is extremely serious,” said Adrienne Charmet some months ago, campaign director for a French digital-rights group, la Quadrature du Net.

We should note that the November Paris attacks also occurred only a few months after legislators passed sweeping new surveillance laws affording the government expanded powers to closely monitor the mobile phone and Internet communications of its citizens, including monitoring phone calls and emails without the authorization of a judge. The same law requires Internet service providers to retain and provide mass data on the Web-browsing and general Internet habits of millions of people to intelligence agencies. All of this might be a very effective way of fighting terrorism and thwarting future attacks; but that’s assuming of course that there have been any genuine terrorist attacks.

France has essentially been maneuvering to go the US/NSA route and establish a surveillance super-statebased on the American model (a route that Britain can certainly follow too, now that ‘Brexit’ has placed a pro-surveillance Prime Minister into power); a route that I noted previously ‘it can now follow with virtually unanimous public support thanks to the Friday 13th attacks’.

And where France leads, the EU might follow; and in that scenario, we’ll end up with a NSA-style surveillance super-state that spans the entire Western world, backed up on the ground by armed troops with expanded powers to arrest, confine or eliminate people – and almost certainly sponsored from the beginning by the American Deep State.

You probably won’t hear much of that in the coming days.

Instead you’ll hear lots about ‘the Muslim Problem’, those ‘terrible refugees’ and the threat they present to our societies, the ‘failure of multi-culturalism’, etc. And if you fall for that and go along with the misdirection, then frankly you’re anidiot and I hope you enjoy your complete loss of liberties when it gets set in stone.

Watch now and wait for all the usual BS; the sheer, inane predictability of everyone and everything in response. ‘Oh no, another terrible attack!’ ‘Something must be done about these awful Muslims!’ ‘Multi-Culturalism has failed!’ ‘It’s the refugees – deport them all!’ You can set your watch to all this bullshit; oh yes, and the obligatory Donald Trump comment about the Muslim Problem (has already happened), and… let’s wait and see how long it takes Info Wars to blame Islam, multi-culturalism, liberalism, feminists and Ewoks.

It’s the Ewoks – those furry, shifty-eyed Ewoks up to no good.

Watch the Far Right gain even more ground and milk this for everything it’s worth. Watch ‘ISIS’ be linked to the attack – to justify increased French/Western military action in the Middle East.

Get ready for all the psy-op conditioning and the #PrayForNice or #PrayForFrance or #PrayForEurope hashtags, and all the mainstream news broadcasters spending the next few days asking ‘what can we do to increase our security and make sure this doesn’t happen again?’, accompanied by dramatic montages with sad music – it’s only been a few hours and I’ve seen both Sky News and RT  doing it already.

It’s called the script.