TRUMP & 2020: “What do we tell them?”



TRUMP & 2020: “What do we tell them?”

SOTN Editor’s Note: Please find below the SOTN response to those
who wonder about President Trump and the very real concerns about 2020.  Every patriot is highly encouraged to seriously consider each of these irrefutable critical data points.

Please understand that our network is comprised of
health advocates and enviro activists, political reformers
and peace activists, real patriots and hardcore nationalists,
conservative Christians and lifelong Libertarians like Ron Paul.

Some of them are having to move because of the 5G roll-out
that the POTUS is passionately promoting.  YIKES ! ! !
What do we tell them?

Some of them are living under the most chemtrailed
skies they have ever seen.  And many are getting really sick
with Chemtrail Syndrome.
What do we tell them?

None of them are Christian Zionists, btw, and they
perceive that the POTUS is spending more time and
energy with MIGA than MAGA.
What do we tell them?

Many of them live in places where the illegal aliens
are increasing in numbers, not decreasing, and more
dangerous than ever. What do we tell them?

Obamacare premiums have crushed some of these good folks
with no end in sight.

Many of them saw their taxes increase, not decrease as they
expected and were told.

The Federal Debt is MUCH higher than the Obama years
and it’s growing faster than ever!

Countless patriots have emailed about the stealth gun control
legislation signed by the POTUS.  The gun owners, vets and
militiamen especially are quite unhappy.
What do we tell them?

Others have chafed at the presidential admonition that the
kids “have to get shots”.  The homes with Autism and Asperger’s
are downright mad about this.
What do we tell them?

NONE of them want war with Iran or anyone else, and yet
the “wars and rumors of war” have only intensified.  Just
why is that?

All of them have only emailed us to say that the D.C. swamp
is worse than ever, and that the globalist perps continue to
act like they own the place. Not a single prosecution either!
What do we tell them?

Some have even commented how they think Clinton might
even run again…in 2020!  And they mean it.

The election machinery and electoral process are as broken
as ever as seen during the 2018 midterms. The election theft
in 2020 will surely be even more rampant. And NOTHING
has been done to fix it.  They know that nothing will be done
to fix it. What then?
What do we tell them on January 21, 2021.

Most importantly for many folks who live in the Deep South
and Midwest, they have been crushed economically by the
trade wars. Farmers are going bankrupt left and right,
small businesses are folding in the face of the AMAZON’s
taking over the marketplace, small town America and our
traditions are being slowly disappeared.
What do we tell them?

Perhaps of greatest concern, many folks have recently
emailed the Alt Media news reports that confirm not
a single mile of border wall has been built.  They really
wonder how that “crucial promise” will be kept with 4
more years of the same.
What do we tell them?

Lastly, the Christian, conservative and patriotic voices across
the USA are being rapidly silenced without a single meaningful
attempt to stop it. These truth speakers really feel that
NOTHING is being done to reverse this unconstitutional
repealing of the First Amendment!
What on Earth and in Heaven do we tell them?

One final point that has been recently made by our following:
Why was Alex Acosta ever appointed to DoL Secretary?
The real smart ones are quite concerned about that, and truly
fear it will come back to haunt.
What do we tell them?

Really, we want to know what to tell our many loyal readers
and “salt of the earth” patriots about these very real concerns?

In the lead up to Election Day 2020:

So, what do we tell them?