The CIA’s Mockingbird Media Goes All Out To Debunk the Real False Flag Conspiracies



The CIA’s Mockingbird Media Goes All Out To Debunk the Real False Flag Conspiracies

Fake News Website Tries to Disprove the Obvious Virginia Beach False Flag Mass Shooting

The Millennium Report

Deep State is getting very desperate indeed.

Just watch the video above produced by a former 26-year CNN “domestic terrorism” reporter who now spends his time attempting to debunk false flag operations, fake terrorist attacks and mass shooting hoaxes.

The funny thing about Alan Duke’s utterly juvenile endeavor is that he failed to convince even one commenter at his YouTube channel.  Take a quick read of all the posted comments at the video posted above.  They’re laughing at this prolific generator of transparently “fake news”.

Now take a look at the amateur job that Duke did with the print piece published on his MSM website

Really, after reading the absurd article posted below in its entirety it’s clear that Editor-in-Chief Alan Duke can’t get out of his own way.

Remember, this reporter prevaricator had 26 long years at the Communist News Network (CNN) to learn and master the art of gross misrepresentation, serial lying, pathological obfuscation, extreme equivocation, deceitful mendacity, perfidious deception and incessant falsification.

In light of this extraordinary skill set, knowledge base and deep experience, is it any wonder that Mr. Duke has stooped to the level of debunking the most destructive false flag terrorist attacks perpetrated against the American people?

We really  wonder what Alan would say about this epic exposé on the 9/11 false flag terror attacks? INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

Then there is this little gem of a video that proves a cruise missile from the U.S. Military arsenal was fired at the Pentagon on that same day. 9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

Have at it, Alan!  Let’s see you debunk that 9/11 video that clearly indicates the exact moment of missile impact.

The Millennium Report
June 2, 2019

N.B. What follows is the referenced (and ridiculous) article posted at

Fake News: Virginia Beach False Flag Mass Shooting Was NOT Ordered By Deep State To Distract From SPYgate

by: Alan Duke
Lead Stories

Was the Virginia Beach mass shooting a “false flag” attached ordered by the “Deep State” to distract attention away from the investigation of “SPYgate”? No, that’s not true: Twelve people shot to death inside a Virginia Beach municipal center were killed by a disgruntled city employee on Friday, May 31, 2019. There is no reasoning or evidence to support the conspiracy theory that it was a false flag incident.

The story originated from an article (archived here) published by a conspiratorial website The Millennium Report on June 1, 2019 under the title “GLADIO TERROR: Virginia Beach False Flag Mass Shooting Ordered by Deep State to Distract from SPYgate”. It opened:

False flag terrorist attacks have become the preferred means of distraction of the American people. Epic scandals like SPYgate require major distractions to change the national conversation–FAST! See ANOTHER MIND-CONTROLLED PATSY: Virginia Beach Mass Shooting frames a ‘disgruntled employee’ as the fall guy
Mass shootings in high-profile venues are particularly carried out to divert the attention of the body politic when Deep State is under a LOT of pressure. That pressure is coming from the necessity of covering up SPYgate.
In light of the radioactive revelations that are about to be made public by the DoJ after being authorized to declassify the Russiagate hoax documents, things are about to get very dicey. Truly, it doesn’t get more serious for the Democrat coup plotters than SPYgate.

Although it might seem unbelievable to many American that a government agency — in this case a purported arm of the NATO alliance — would murder a dozen people for public relations purposes, it is accepted by some:

The false false flag claim cited a purported prediction by another conspiratiorial website that there would soon be a false flag attack:

“Everything Points to a Shocking
 False Flag Attack by Deep State”
— State of the Nation headline from May 27, 2019 
from an article titled:
 COLLISION COURSE 2019: It’s gonna get ugly–REAL UGLY!

The article offers no sourcing that the May 31, 2019 attack was the one predicted. In fact, it cites a lack of evidence:

KEY POINT: No one really knows if this mass shooting in Virginia Beach was for real, a hoax, or a hybrid of the two. It’s virtually impossible to determine what really happened in these highly controlled mass casualty events (MCE). Nevertheless, they still have the same effect on the mass consciousness. That’s the goal: to instill fear and apprehension among the populace so that they can more easily execute their various hidden agendas. But DISTRACTION is always another stealthy purpose behind these MCEs. There are now so many serious Deep State scandals that the perps have no choice but to cover them up before the dominos start to fall as they never have before.

But the leader of the United States, President Donald J. Trump, does not believe it, even though he is the one who ordered the “SPYgate” probe by the Justice Department. The president tweeted his condolences just after this false flag claim was published:

Spoke to Virginia Governor @RalphNortham last night, and the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Virginia Beach this morning, to offer condolences to that great community. The Federal Government is there, and will be, for whatever they may need. God bless the families and all!

Spoke to Virginia Governor @RalphNortham last night, and the Mayor and Vice Mayor of Virginia Beach this morning, to offer condolences to that great community. The Federal Government is there, and will be, for whatever they may need. God bless the families and all!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 1, 2019

Still, others including “Raging Rob” are not buying that it was a real attack with actual dead people:

This may seem to be a joke for most people, but the misinformation could have consequences as some citizens are convinced their government is ready to attack them. This is one example of a tweet predicting this: