OPERATION GLADIO: An International NATO/CIA Terrorist Organization



OPERATION GLADIO: An International NATO/CIA Terrorist Organization

NATO/CIA International Terror – Operation Gladio


What is Gladio?

False Flag Terrorism

Our government wouldn’t attack us, their own people would they?!

Allan Francovich Documentary

This long-forgotton BBC Timewatch series documentary that blew the lid on Gladio for many of the general public. The director sadly died in extremely suspicious circumstances passing through US customs. The documentary has been buried and never repeated or released, so this is in very low quality.

Daniel Ganser

An author credited with helping bring-to-light state-sponsored terror in Western Europe, he spoke on “Treaty of Rome & US-backed Operation Gladio”

He also published this article on his websiteSecret Warfare: From Operation Gladio to 9/11(pdf) (local cached copy)

and wrote the book NATO’s Secret Armies (Amazon) on Gladio which I’ve not read.

Paul L Williams

Having read this book last summer Operation Gladio THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE BETWEEN THE VATICAN, THE CIA, AND THE MAFIA (publisher page) By PAUL L. WILLIAMS (Amazon page)

He made a short 30 minute interview on RT where he admitted he was a life-long neocon until his investigations led him to have an about-turn in his views.

and I recently listened to him discuss the book and his findings in much more depth for 2 hours on a US radio station which I found on YouTube

Both of these I saved (links at the end) just-in-case they ‘disappear’ given their sensitive nature and the thought-control police being increasingly active.

Known Gladio Operations

There’s too many to mention, but here’s a few:

 Italy PM Aldo Moro’s Assassination

The Crazy Brabant Killers

 The Turkish Grey Wolves

“Turkish (Grey) Wolves” were a stay-behind terror group created to help destabilise Russia/China as part of a grand plan, strategy to radicalise the group of countries between Turkey & China into a pan-european Turkish nationalism.

  • Gulen extract
  • Turkist Grey Wolves extract

Paul L Williams

30 min RT Interview (video)