Today’s “Donald Report” Highlights Several Important Developments



Today’s “Donald Report” Highlights Several Important Developments

White House planning to proceed with State of the Union Despite Pelosi Threats

Considering U.S., Mexico Border For Maximum PR Impact - View Image


World Elite Meet In Davos To Plot Destruction Of Worldwide Nationalist Uprising

The globalists are running scared!

Ben Garrison: A Change In The Weather : The_Donald

“Rules for thee, but not for me” seems to be the operating mantra of the world elite as 1,500 private planes converge in Switzerland so that they can tell us how bad climate change is.

The hypocrisy of globalists is evident as they descend on Davos in private jets this week to attend the World Economic Forum.

These types of globalist confabs are exactly what President Trump is fighting against with his America First agenda.”

Donald Trump vs The Globalists: How He Can Save America & Western ...


Leftists Call For Bullying Children On Social Media

Twitter Bans Alex Jones — But Allowed Thousands Of Radical Leftists To Target Children For Harassment

Media runs contrived hoax demonizing MAGA hat-wearing Trump supporters

Infowars' Alex Jones battles the tyrannical technocracy and the ...



Nathan Phillips, Soros Minion [confirmed] Lied! He Is An Actor, A Professional Agitator And The Media Was In On It Including Fox News Except The Big Three, Hannity, Carlson, Ingraham

What is AGITATOR? What does AGITATOR mean? AGITATOR meaning ...

Native American from viral video starred in mainstream music video

Turns out, he’s a far left professional ‘agitator’ funded by Deep State Rockefeller Foundation and George Soros

fake news | What Did You Say?

Now that the truth has come to light, the media is being forced to backtrack but many are perpetuating the ‘big lie’ on all the networks, using, in many cases, the same talking-points as if they were faxed to them by their Deep State handlers. A sample of what to expect in three months when your Internet computer, Smart Phone chip is activated.

Fake News Speaks With Forked Tongue
“A group of Catholic high school kids from Kentucky participated in the “March For Life” last weekend.

They were waiting for their bus to pick them up at the Lincoln Memorial. They wore red “MAGA” caps. An older Indian gentleman happened to show up and he was beating on a drum. He walked right up to one of the kids and banged his drum within inches of the kids face while chanting in his native tongue in an effort to intimidate. Turns out, he’s a far left professional agitator and funded by Deep State outfits such as the Rockefeller Foundation

George Soros The most Disgusting Human Being | I Heart America

The far lefty twitter mobs instantly began calling for the murder of the ‘racist’ young men claiming the “racist” MAGA kids were taunting and surrounding an Indian “veteran”. This assumption was biased on an edited video that was used to frame the young kids. One verified Twitter user tweeted that that they wished the young children’s school should be burned—with the kids locked inside. Twitter was OK with this. Another called for them to be put in wood chippers. We’ve heard these cries of violence from the left before. They scream out the ‘crime’ of racism toward targeted conservatives and then pronounce the sentence of violence.”

Fake News Forked Tongue Copy Courtesy Ben Garrison

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“MSM including NPR, ABC, CBS and NBC claim a group of school children harassed a group of Native American, black and minority adults when the footage shows the opposite actually occurred.Alex breaks down the propaganda campaign by MSM to smear Trump supporters as hateful.”



MSM Doubles Down on MAGA Vs Native American Hoax

Despite proof the media lied and twisted the truth, they are still pushing the narrative that the Covington students harassed the man

Watch Live: MSM Doubles Down on MAGA Vs Native American Hoax

Despite footage disproving the mainstream media’s original narrative, they are doubling down on their attacks against the Covington High School students from the now viral video.

Alex Jones exposes the bias and agenda behind the establishment’s twisting of reality on this worldwide transmission.



Twitter Allows Death Threat Tweets For Trump Supporting Children To Be ‘Shot On Sight’

MSM & Leftist Lunatics Push America Closer To Breaking Point And Civil War


“…leftist lunatic calling for MAGA hat wearing kids to be ‘shot on sight‘ isn’t a violation of their terms of service. Seriously?! If a so-called ‘white supremacist‘ called upon black or American Indian children to be ‘shot on sight‘, the FBI and local police would have the address of the perp within a moment, and exactly as it should be. Why are children who are supporters of President Donald Trump apparently ‘fair game during wide open hunting season‘ in the eyes of twitter and the mainstream media?

…And so we must ask, with all of this now unfolding and leftists calling for violence against children, how long might it be until all-out civil war breaks out in America



…With many on the left actually having come to believe that they are the ‘chosen people‘ and morally superior to everyone else after the 8 year ‘reign of terror‘ over America by Barack Obama, how long might it be until one leftist lunatic takes the lies from the mainstream media too far and attacks a Conservative, Christian school for their support of POTUS Trump? As one commenter recently pointed out, America is absolutely a powder keg, ready to explode, all it might take is one spark.

Yet as William B. Stoecker had reported on ANP back on December 31st, the very last thing that ‘the left‘ should want is Civil War breaking out in this country in 2019 with the ‘Democratic party’s terrorist wing antifa‘ composed largely of beta men, soy boys, shrieking witches and girly-boys while 10’s of millions of well-armed Patriots on the right have been members of the US military and members of law enforcement, with many very well trained and prepared to protect their families and their country from ‘enemies of America within‘ or without.



…And while we’ll continue to pray that a bloody civil war in America remains a thing of the late 1800’s and will never happen again within our lifetimes, should another civil war break out in America today, those on the left now calling for violence against children could eventually see their very worst nightmares coming true with America transformed into something that looks like a 3rd world, with Americans fighting Americans due tomainstream media inflicted ‘Trump derangement syndrome…..”




Hollywood producer Jack Morrissey calls for killing innocent Covington boys by putting them into the woodchipper

“Although the full video of the incident was posted to Facebook on January 18, the truth didn’t stop Jack Morrissey, a Hollywood producer of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and two Twilight Saga movies that romanticize blood-sucking soul-less vampires, from calling for the murder of the Covington boys.

On January 19, 2019, referring to the Covington boys, Morrissey tweeted that “MAGAkids” should be killed by putting them, “screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper.”

_______________________________________________________’s Mike Adams Issues Air Traffic Control False Flag Warning

Breaking report warns of a possible attack on America to blame on President Trump

“Mike Adams discusses a variety of breaking news stories, including a statement from [reader Dave Hodges] the Common Sense Show that addresses the possibility of an air traffic control false flag that would be used to further blame President Trump for negative, undesirable impacts of the government shutdown.

The globalists could easily blow up an airplane or airport and blame it on “Trump’s shutdown” and simultaneously push the [false] narrative that the TSA actually protects America…”

It's Not a Conspiracy Anymore; Public Belief in 'Deep State' Soars ...

Buzzfeed Big Bunk Bombshell

“Buzzfeed dropped such a bombshell and everyone thought it would mean the end of Trump. It was another dud. Buzzfeed has lied so much they should change their name to ‘Bunkum.’

They will make up any kind of bunk to justify the removal of our lawfully elected president. Trump’s life is also in mortal danger. It’s a good thing he has many levels of security protecting him.

Hearsay or anonymous sources are used by such the legion of those nattering nabobs of Trump negativism. They are paid to perform their jumping jacks of lies when their Deep State handlers pull their strings. The LA Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, Yahoo, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and a legion of other liberal mouthpieces are now constantly spewing slanted, anti-Trump hatred. They hope one of their bombshells will eventually explode and do damage.

Mainstream Media Parrot Fake News

None of their bombs have hit the target and they can’t stand the fact that President Trump is still standing.”

—Ben Garrison


‘Deep State’ Controlled U.S. Government Cannot Account For $21-Trillion

Officially Categorized A ‘National Emergency’ So Access To The ‘Books, Financial Data’ Is Denied To All Citizens, Watchdog Organizations

Could Lead To A ‘Hyperinflationary Depression’ That Would Make Venezuela Look Like Child’s Play…Just In: Venezuela Inflation In 2018 Was 80,000%

“Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Skidmore is being refused access to data that could explain $21 trillion in “missing money” from HUD and DOD.

Now, the entire federal budget has been turned into a national security issue.

There is literally no more public access to what the government spends your tax money on. Skidmore says, “Now, as of October 4th, we have effectively two sets of books.
Image result for ben garrison cartoons the annual shearing

We have a set of books that can be manipulated and changed by a group of people that determine it’s a national security issue. They can alter the numbers and move things around within or shift funding all the way to hide it.

What we are going to do is produce a financial statement that is fake, and we will have no idea how much money was moved around, and we are all going to pretend we are going to have a real report.

We will also have an actual report that will remain hidden. It seems self explanatory that if the government can’t track $21 trillion, there is something deeply wrong.”….”

Happy New Year! Political Cartoons – Orange County Register


El Chapo trial shows why a wall won’t stop drugs from crossing the border

Witnesses tell of extreme violence, political corruption, international intrigue and entrepreneurial innovation

El Chapo, Leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Stands Trial in New York ...