British Organs of Propaganda Inciting World War I



British Organs of Propaganda Inciting World War I



masterman-charles-frederick-gurneyFrom the previously censored American activities pages of Charles Masterman’s Wellington House War Propaganda Bureau, just provided by the National Archives

Archivist. (Sep. 1916). Third Report on the [propaganda] work conducted for the Government at Wellington House, Signed in 1916 Sept, 124 pp + map, Cat. Ref. CAB 37/156/6. The National Archives. )This version supplied is missing pp. 8,11,13 and 14, the last 3 all from the US section).[propaganda]-work-conducted-for-the-Government-at-Wellington-House-Signed-in-1916-Sept-124-pp-mapCat-Ref-CAB-37-156-6-National-Archives-Sep-01-1916.pdf

British writers signed up to write anti-German fiction about WWI

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Charles Masterman (Rhodes relative), carrying forward Cecil Rhode’s Manifesto for The Round Table and Milner’s Kintergarten:

masterman 2


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Concealed interference from any appearance that the British Government was behind it… to “form right judgment”

masterman 4

Charles Masterman claims great efforts at private interference

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American collaborators with the British War Propaganda Bureau (he would not have mentioned them to the War Cabinet otherwise)

p. 14

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War was Masterman’s opportunity to implement the Rhodes/Milner Jesuit stealth plan of influence.

masterman 7

Partial list of British propaganda collaborators

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masterman 9masterman 10


Sir Henry Norman. (Mar. 07, 1902 confirmed Oct. 11, 1912). British Government-Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company, Limited [SECRET] Contract with the Post-Master General Herbert Samuel confirms agreement on Mar. 07, 1912 to erect six wireless stations, HC Deb 11 October 1912 vol 42 cc667-750. UK Parliament, Hansard.


Milner was a monster

Humphreys-Owen, MP. (Mar. 04, 1902). South African War – Concentration Camps, Vol. 104. UK Parliament, Hansard.  


Lloyd-George. (Jun. 17, 1901). South African War – Mortality in Camps of Detention, HC Deb 17 June 1901 vol 95 cc573-629. UK Parliament, Hansard.