WOW! Alt Media folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome are finally waking up.



WOW! Alt Media folks with Trump Derangement Syndrome are finally waking up.

Gordon Duff Recovers From Trump Derangement Syndrome and Denounces Real Swamp Critters

Carlsbad CA
December 16, 2018

by Rich Scheck

Months ago I accused Veterans Today (VT) Senior Editor Gordon Duff of having Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Duff and his team of researchers at VT write many excellent articles outlining the massive corruption that has turned Washington into the District of Criminals Swamp, Trump was elected to help drain.

Like so many others who rabidly disapprove of Trump’s antics and who were enthusiastic about Robert Mueller’s RussiaGate investigation, Duff was unable to see that the former FBI director was himself a deeply compromised individual.

Mueller is leading a team of Hillary cohorts and apologists pursuing an essentially contrived plot accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 election on behalf of the New York realtor and business tycoon.

Now comes Duff with a clearer understanding that although Trump leaves much to be desired, displacing him based on lies and fabricated evidence by corrupt Obama Administration officials and intelligence operatives does not serve the Republic.

Duff finally seems to have dispelled his TDS and embraced a saner, more accurate version of what really happened in the run-up to Trump’s victory and the subsequent post-election assault on his legitimacy by those loyal to the Very Deep State (VDS).

It remains to be see whether this shift will be enough to save Trump and dispatch swamp creatures like John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and Mueller along with their allies in British intelligence who orchestrated the conspiracy to exonerate Hillary and destroy Trump.

The official government narrative supported by the Main Stream Media has been too narrowly focused on minor crimes while ignoring the research of many like George Webb, Robert David Steele, the crew at State of the Nation, and Duff’s writers who demonstrate that the DC Swamp is far more pervasive than most decent folks can begin to imagine.

By failing to probe the research of former top NSA official Bill Binney who posits that there was never a Russian “hack” of the Democratic National Committee computers but instead an insider “leak” to Julian Assange at WikiLeaks, the MSM misconstrued its sacred roll under the First Amendment as guardians of the Truth and devolved into mere puppets echoing what the VDS wants reported.

Similarly, accepting the suspicious “death” of Seth Rich as a botched robbery instead of investing the kind of resources they wasted on Stormy Daniels and Micheal Cohen, the MSM became accessories after the fact and participants in the cover-up of egregious criminal behavior in support of the Military-Industrial Complex that dominates our government. Had they done their job properly, terms like Vault 7 and Project Cassandra would have been revealed with folks like Felix Sater and others being exposed as FBI informants.

The National Security State and the war machine it operates is the mechanism that underlies virtually all the ills of contemporary American society. By realizing that our problems go far beyond the narcissistic, wrecking ball ways of Donald Trump, Duff has elevated the conversation and increased the potential for an awakened electorate to do something about it.

Is it too little, too late? Have the dark forces now ascendant in DC and elsewhere gained enough control to shut down the resistance? For those in doubt that there is still hope, one need merely look across the Atlantic to France and the UK where yellow vested protesters are saying a resounding “NO!” to globalist leaders like Macron and May.

Will that happen here as well? Is America poised for the completion of the upheaval represented during the 2016 election by the forces of the Tea Party Right led by Donald Trump and those of the Occupy Wall Street Left led by Bernie Sanders to overthrow the corrupt political establishment in Washington?

Stay tuned: we will find out in the days ahead as the new Congress prepares to challenge Trump with the prospect of impeachment while other dramatic issues play out on the national and global stage.