No one changes the conversation faster than GLADIO (Video)



No one changes the conversation faster than GLADIO (Video)

Get Outta Hot Water Fast

Are you in hot water? On the hook for lying, stealing and cheating an entire nation?
Are those yellow-vested protesters getting you down? Spoiling your holiday plans?
Does your well-deserved date with Madame Guillotine loom closer with every passing hour? In short, are you desperate for a change of scenery, so to speak?

Well, I’m here to tell you the solution to all your problems is just a phone-call away. Yes. That’s right! One phone-call to the folks at Operation Gladio and all your troubles will be yesterday’s news. Literally.

The folks at Gladio are exceptionally well versed in creating large-scale distractions.
As a matter of fact, distractions on a massive scale are their specialty. And they’ve been helping folks just like you get off the hook for crimes against humanity, for decades. They’re famous, some would say infamous, for changing the focus and topic of conversation of entire nations.

So, if you’re a Jesuit puppet like Immanuel Macron, on the brink of losing control of France and all that would entail.  Or an unhinged socialist in the US doing your darndest to subvert the natural rights of every US citizen and need a little help. The folks at Operation Gladio have the solution for you.

They pride themselves in providing world-class distractions tailored to suit your specific needs. No job is too small or too large. So give them a call. And before you know it, all your worries will be gone. Guaranteed.