Did VP Bush attempt to assassinate President Reagan?



Did VP Bush attempt to assassinate President Reagan?

Did Bush Assassinate Reagan?

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As incredible as it may sound to an American, we believe that there is credible evidence supporting a case against George H W Bush as the assassin of President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981. This may strike some as an abhorrent assault on the fairy land of perpetually immaculate American politics, but we follow the evidence wherever it leads.

The standard account is that John Hinckley Jr was an unstable soul who randomly shot the president in another reenactment of the lone nut theory which was supposed to explain the murder of John Kennedy. As evidence of prior insanity, he was a known stalker of Jodie Foster, who was then enrolled at Bush’s alma mater Yale, he left behind some weird letters to her (reminiscent of Sirhan Sirhan’s strange letters).

Even though Hinckley’s communications with Foster had been forwarded to appropriate authorities all the way to the FBI, no restraint or surveillance was applied to him – again following the pattern established in the case of Kennedy.

The Secret Service Does Its Dirty Deed

John Judge reveals some incredible information which brings back November 22 all over again and blows holes into the censored version of the murder attempt. As with JFK, the Secret Service took the lead in framing Reagan for the assassin, who was not John Hinckley, Jr. though certainly he was present at the scene of the crime.

The Secret Service (SS) started the day by telling the president that he did not need his protective vest in a move similar to its removal of Kennedy’s protective bubble in Dallas.

Reagan’s limousine did not stop at the Hilton Hotel entrance as it should have. Instead the driver pulled forward 40-50 feet, forcing Reagan to walk in the open. According to security protocol, the SS would form a diamond around the president, yet in this case, they formed a file to the right leaving Reagan and his party exposed.

The original story was that the assailant used a .38 caliber weapon, which accords well with the physical reactions of the victims. However, about 3-4 hours after the assault, the weapon became a .22 caliber – a change most redolent of the alleged Oswald weapon. In this case, Judge notes that ABC film footage shows a DC cop swapping the .38 for a .22.

NBC correspondent Judy Woodruff reported that a shot had come from overhead where SS agents were located, further implicating the agency, or allied impersonators, in the murder scheme.

The presidential limousine driver was supposed to take Reagan to George Washington University Hospital since it was the closest, but instead made its way to Bethesda Naval Hospital (BNH) which was much farther away. After some time, the driver finally decided to go to GWUH where Reagan walked in on his own accord which explains his ability to make his famous quip, “I forgot to duck.”

The delay was so obviously planned that Jim Brady, who was still on the ground 5 minutes after the president’s vehicle left, arrived at GWUH 15-20 minutes before Reagan did.

The medical team failed to find a bullet because Reagan had not been hit with one. However, he suffered a punctured lung which was caused by a CO2 cartridge supposed to be loaded with a shellfish toxin, whose remains were extracted from his body. This artifact was a dime thin flattened disk. For some reason, cartridge did not work as planned.

Throughout the day and into the morning, the Secret Service and Navy were pressuring the hospital to move the president to BNH. The head of the trauma unit steadfastly refused, thus saving Reagan’s life. The Bush team had planned to kill Reagan at BNH in the event that their cartridge failed to do the trick and to also perform a fake autopsy just as had been done with Kennedy.

Palace Intrigue

Bush started his takeover of government when he orchestrated a key reorganization of Reagan’s national security apparatus via a document known as National Security Decision Directive. Originally a product of Al Haig’s work, a second version not to his liking was formulated by the Bush camp which placed the vice president – rather than the Secretary of State – as the chairman of the Special Situation Group (SSG).

When Bush took the helm of the SSG, and after taking an initial report concerning the state of affairs domestically and internationally, he declared that there had been no conspiracy, on the authority of fragmentary FBI reports asserting that there was no such thing. This obstruction of justice followed exactly the tactic used by Nicholas Katzenbach when he wrote a memo within 3 days of the Kennedy assassination that Oswald must be found guilty as the lone assassin.

The arrogance of Bush is breathtaking. In less than 5 hours after the attempted assassination, a group of men in the SSG declared that there was no conspiracy. It took an 8th grade student at Alice Deal Junior High School to properly summarize the episode thusly: “It is a plot by Vice President Bush to get into power. If Bush becomes President, the CIA would be in charge of the country.”

The Hinckley Connection

A little noticed relationship which has not received adequate attention in the establishment press – and probably never will – is that between the Bush’s and the Hinckleys – they were not strangers. The Vice President’s son planned to have dinner the day following the assassination with Scott Hinckley, brother of the alleged assassin, an event acknowledged by the younger Bush.

George also had a lucrative relationship with John, Sr. which involved the latter’s generous contributions to George’s presidential campaign according to Sharon Bush, the wife of Neil. Later the Bush camp vehemently denied the story – not by Bush himself, but by his mouthpiece Peter Teeley.

In another repeat of the John Kennedy cover-up, the FBI suppressed nearly all information about Hinckley including his financial records, relationships, and personality. Also suppressed were hand written notes Hinckley left in his cell describing conspiracies to eliminate Reagan.

We suggest strongly that Hinckley was an MKULTRA subject who was programmed by the CIA – Bush’s CIA – to murder the president and to obsess about Foster as a plausible basis of his insanity. This technique was the same type used on Sirhan Sirhan in the murder of Robert Kennedy. Kennedy, of course, was not murdered by Sirhan Sirhan.

Judge presents evidence for this in noting that Hinckley was taken finally to the Fort Butner South Carolina prison which was the first to call its cells “labs.” This prison was the site of the first mind control experiments done on prison populations. There Hinckley was programmed for the insane role he would be compelled to play in court.

John W. Hinckley, father of the immediate assassin of Reagan, had a long history with World Vision, an ecumenical ministry of the Episcopal and Presbyterian (USA) churches. It is long known as a front for CIA activity in the developing world. Hinckley, Sr. also had a long association with Robert Ainsworth who was director of World Vision and held numerous governmental positions including advisor in Viet Nam.

In the late 1960s, when Hinckley’s Vanderbilt Oil began failing, Bush’s Zapata Oil bailed him out rechristening the company Vanderbilt Energy. And thus it becomes clear why Sharon Bush let loose the tidbit about campaign contributions from Hinckley. It may well be true that Hinckley did not contribute to Bush’s presidential campaign although we believe otherwise. The reason for raising the issue was so that the Bush camp could adamantly deny the contribution and thus insinutate that there was no relationship whatsoever between the two families. However, we believe that the facts show otherwise.

Also of interest is that Hinckley’s company was at risk of being levied a 2m USD fine by the Department of Energy, something that the acting president could easily make go away.

Viewing the Reagan assassination from a distance, we see previous patterns at work where an MKULTRA subject was programmed by the CIA to undertake a risky operation while the SS does its palace coup plan. We see oil and CIA Bush connected with oil and CIA Hinckley. Next we see ambitious palace maneuverings by the Bush forces to place Bush in control of the all powerful SSG. Finally, we see the grand and sweeping declaration that there was no conspiracy to assassinate Reagan and the suppression of information of interest about Hinckley, Jr.

Although we do not have the smoking gun, we believe that the evidence presented thus far points without doubt in the direction of George Bush as the assassin of Ronald Reagan.


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