California’s Camp Fire “was definitively an attack” by Gladio. — Belgian Intel Agent


Satellite image shows Camp Fire smoke covering Bay Area
Burning over 113,000 acres


California’s Camp Fire “was definitively an attack” by Gladio. — Belgian Intel Agent

The California fires on November 08 were an attack! (Story & Evidence)
The Nuclear threat in Belgium on 18.11.18 (confirmed again by Gladio, = 4 times)

From : by Marc Delantre
56yo, Belgian computer scientist, Intelligence agent from 2008
2008, undercover agent for DNEF Paris
2009-2012, protected agent for Mossad
2013-2018, informing agent for the Belgian Justice, Belgian/French Secret Service and Ministers
2017-2018, informing agent for other agencies including FBI/Infragard (450 emails exchanged, including 150 received).
2014-2018, … insider and whistleblower agent for Gladio (forced)…
(Please my real name is confidential. Please use Marc Delantre for the public.)

Dear Madams and Sirs Executive of PG&E,
Dear Belgian Ministers of Interior and Foreign Office,
Dear members of Intelligence agencies in Belgium, France, UK, and the USA,
Dear Secretary General of United Nations, NATO, and Department of Homeland Security in the USA,

Before anything else, if you forgot who I’m or if you don’t know me, there is a very small presentation of my story; Who am I? Who are they?
After, you can read the first report that I send to the DHS just after the Massachusetts events (the gas fire and explosions).
It includes a summary of my story since it was the first time that I wrote to the DHS.
Below, you will see also that I’m informed by a signal on a web server (see also a FB exchange at the end of this email). this began on May 22, 2017 (see the links above) and it was very simple. I got a peek and there was a terror attack on the 2 next hours. 18 months later, it is much more complicate. I got multiple signal; some are for the attacks in real-time, other follow my own activity etc. It is also a 10 years Intelligence story, but with the links that I give above, you will have a good idea of my function and position, these one can be also confirmed by the Belgian authorities and Secret Services and they can confirm that a file exist.


I’m so sorry and so tired to must tell you that the fires on California on November 08 (Camp Fire) were definitively an attack. 

Two days ago, I discovered my link with these fires, but I got the request not to report it. I did not know anything before, and I was not looking for something to write again about my story. For some days, I was “disconnected” from the events of the world since I’m so tired of this situation.

I need to go back some weeks before…

After 300+ attacks in 18 months (about 3000 dead) and recorded in real time on my web server (see info after the email) and linked to me personally (I warned about ten times the Belgian authorities of an imminent terror event just before they occurred)…

there was, on the last weeks, a new kind of attack much less individual, and much more industrial: 

  • The Armageddon attack (gas & fire explosions remotely initiated through the Internet) in Massachusetts and where I’m fully linked… My report to DHS here.
  • The engineered hurricane Michael (Through HAARP system) in Florida, where I’m fully linked: My report to DHS here:
  • The attacks against the pipeline in Pennsylvania, two oil refineries in Canada and Germany, the explosion in a chemical company in Belgium, the bridge in Italy. Many of these last attacks have something of similar; The target is the steel, the metal to get sparks. The concrete collapses, the pipe and pipelines explode, the high-voltage electric lines go down.
  • The weapon used to get this is the directed high energy microwave weapon (see picture on the left took in California on Nov 8) This weapon can warm a little the surface of water in the ocean (enough to play with the weather), as to create sea and earthquake, and of course to attack all metal installations like a fork in a microwave, like an electric pole pointing to the sky and targeted from the space or from a mobile weapon. A video of such attack? Yes, that exists! About the bridge in Italy, we see very clearly on two official videos (from the Italian police) the whites sparks before the bridge collapses and there is no thunder. The sparks are white, not yellow. It is high energy, not dynamite.  And the picture on the left is not fake. It is recorded on Nov 8 in California. It is the direct energy weapon (see the link below.

I must go back three weeks ago… However, I have to tell you, in the story that you will read, there are two stories mixed and linked each other; the fires in California and the nuclear threat in Belgium. It would be a non-sense to split them.

On October 25. I understood that I must change the cover of my book, my real story, something like a Da Vinci Code and a X-Files together and in real-time. The Gladio Code. A Facebook friend helped me with this, and she advised me to add “Natural Disasters‘ in the events created by Gladio (see the links and Wikipedia to know what is Gladio in 2018). When I just sent the new cover to my FB friend, with the new subtitle and the new design, Gladio launched the extraordinary 6.8 engineered sea-quake attack in Greece. However, I did not see it. I did not see the link with me, even if at the same very minute the island where I’m in the Philippines, Palawan, experiences a huge electric outage and all the Philippines know a huge Internet outage which lasted several days.
On October 25, I also received an email from a friend of mine, a TI (Targeted individual — also targeted by microwaves. See also Google to know what is a Targeted Individual), telling me that a TI investigator will contact me. I will call him Robbert and he is working for years on the TI’s, the Gladio attacks, and other false flags, even if he did not know the existence of Gladio. Of course. Gladio knows him and they have decided to use him to help me to gather much more evidence and an important witness.

On October 29, I still had a very bad Internet connection, and I tried to find more information about this Internet outage began in the Philippines 4 days earlier. I discovered then, the link between the cover of my book, the earthquake in Greece and the outages in the Philippines. Everything occurred at the same minute, at the same minute. When I understood this and wrote a new report about this, Gladio launched at the same hour, the storm attack in Italy (Venice) and they changed the route of the typhoon (following the hot water) to the city of my step-parents in the Philippines. I explained all this in this report:

I do not know that this storm occurred exactly at Venice when Robbert was there to meet an important TI.Robbert did not contact me yet. Moreover, even if he tried to do it, his emails for me were delayed and finally not delivered for an unknown reason. It was maybe too early, and his emails were under control.

On November 1st there was a huge warning for a possible nuclear incident in Belgium on November 18 (18.11.18 !!). This warning from Gladio occurred at the very minute when a Belgian Federal office informs the public that they just agreed that the very old nuclear power plant of Tihange will reopen on November 18. The shape of the warning includes 4 plots in line and I think to the reactors of the Tihange power plant, along the river.

On November 3, 10h00 in the morning CET, I wanted to “test” Gladio about this possible nuclear warning, and I post something on Facebook. I expected a reaction from Gladio.

On November 3, 14h00 CET, the answer of Gladio began on my screen. Since they draw one plot per hour, they spent 10 hours to draw the confirmation of the nuclear threat with three plots in line again. What they have drawn on my screen is terrific. It is the same shape as the first nuclear warning, and all the drawn is a big knife the symbol of Gladio (sword in Italian = Death).

So, on November 3, from 14:00 to 22:00, Gladio was drawing their new huge nuclear warning. 22h-17h= 5h. So 18h30 is the exact middle of this second terrible warning.

On November 3, 18h39 CET, I received the first email from Robbert telling me that he wants to see me. He also explained that he is very busy now, meeting an important TI in Los Angeles. In fact, he is in Paradise.

On November 4, 00h23 CET, I posted on FB a new message about what I just saw on the Gladio signal, warning that I will publish a report about the nuclear threat on the same day. There was no reaction from Gladio about this new FB post. Probably, they are waiting for the new report.

On November 4, 10h55 AM CET, I begin this report for the authority, about the nuclear warning, repeated two times already with the same design. Gladio showed an increase on his main signal immediately.

On November 4, 17h16 CET, this report is sent to the Belgian authority.
On November 5, 02h44 AM CET, this report is online too and posted on Facebook. In both cases, Gladio showed on its signal a significant increase of activity. It means, they saw my reports. This is this report.

However, I don’t know if Gladio is bluffing, playing chess to see the reactions to this report, or if they plan to launch a nuclear attack (hidden behind a terrible nuclear accident in a very old nuclear plant, just reactivated…). I don’t know that.

On November 7, 19h55 PST (05 AM CET), Robbert left LA and Gladio showed a significant peak of one plot, at the exact time, when Robbert was leaving LA. Immediately after this spike, while Robbert was in his plane, Gladio increased the level on the main signal and my subsignal, but they knew that I was writing the first chapter of my book in English.On November 8, 04:33 AM PST (13:33 CET), the first chapter of my book in English is finished, and Gladio has drawn a peak on their main signal and another one on my subsignal.

On November 8, 06h15 AM PST (15:15 CET),
Robbert has arrived in the airport in Paris
the fire began in Camp Fire, burning a city called Paradise
where Robbert was meeting an important TI and receiving strangely a special file.
The fire started from an electric pole targeted by the beam of a direct high energy microwave weapon! 
Gladio loves to talk about themselves as Satan. They just attack Paradise!!!

On November 10, Robbert told me that he planned to come to see me now, in the Philippines. Gladio apparently knew that he was preparing this email and this travel before I received this email in my mailbox. I answered to him that I preferred to finish my book first. Gladio drawn for this mails exchange a huge peak on my personal subsignal. However, I still did not know the link between Robbert, the Venice storm and the Paradise fire.

On November 11, I got a huge and long -30 hours- warning, and I did not find yet the reason for these peaks.

On November 13, 
13h12 CET, I finally asked a US friend if he saw something strange in the US events on the last days and she said the California Fires!
13h51 CET, I answered to her that I think that I’m linked with these new fires, since, I see a warning on the exact time when the fire started and matching with the upload on the Internet of the first chapter of my book in English.
14h20 CET, I read on Mercury news that PG&E power lines may have sparked deadly Camp Fire… with a good picture of an electric pole in the smoke. I understood that I’m facing again to a new directed high energy weapon attack!

20h18 CET, I ask Robbert, if he knows the Camp fire major incident. He answers that he follows the news like me. I explained then the link that I just discovered with me.

They follow second by second, what I do, write, hear, receive…. you know that. So they saw that I just finished the first chapter of my book.  I saw the peak at this time, but I did not know that a huge fire just started in California. They want to show me and to the world through my reports and book, how, I’m 10000% involved in the world events. 

In fact, they have of course prepared the attack in California before, since they knew that I have /will write the English version of my book. So, they make the same as the last days of the French version, they launch attacks at the end of each episode. They only were waiting for the moment of the end of the 1st chapter.

20h50 CET, Robbert confirmed that he left LA, on 08 PM PST and he arrived in Paris, at 06h15 AM PST. It is the time of the fire, and his travel is clearly recorded on the signal. Gladio used precisely his activities to make him able to track after and to link all his activities and the fires in LA. They do the same with me.

On November 14,
04h15 AM CET, I saw that the first email of Robbert matches with the change of the cover of my book, the earthquake in Greece and the huge outages in the Philippines. I told him.

05h48 AM CET Robbert confirmed me that he strangely received a confidential file at 14:00 PST on November 6, when he was in… Paradise! But he did not see it, and he said that he doesn’t know how he got this file. However, at the exact time, when Robbert got this file, Gladio draws a straight line (very rare and difficult to do for Gladio. It usually means that something is on the way…), until the moment that he will see the file, in his computer at the airport! Robbert discovered at the same time as me the links between his activities, the Gladio records, and the LA fires!

06h15 AM CET, Robbert finally added that before to be in LA, he was on Venice (Italy) on October 29 where he met another important TI. Immediately, I asked him, if he remembered his day in Venice! The extraordinary storm.

06h18 AM CET, he asked me to keep all this, private, since……. he has a particular challenge about his work, where I’m involved too, on…. 18.11.18!! I asked him if he knows the importance for me of this date! He confirmed that he knew it and that this date has been fixed for his challenge, just after the Belgian government has approved that the Tihange Nuclear Power Plant restarts on 18.11.18!

08h50 AM CET, I sent an email to my father, advising him to leave Belgium before 18.11.18 and I explained to him why. Now this date matches with two pawns on the terror chessboard, with a nuclear plant in the middle, for which I get already two warnings with three plots in line (3 reactors) and another one when I sent my report to my country. I also sent a new short email to the Belgian authorities.13h00 CET, so 3 hours later, I discovered a new nuclear warning with three plots in line!!! again I informed Robbert who asked me if I’m ready to fly everywhere in the world where/when people, journalists and so on will require conference… I answered that even if I will risk my life everywhere and every second, I will do it. It is my job.

18h41 CET, since I saw this new confirmation, I wrote again to the Belgian authorities (who never answered. I got only some personal acknowledgement of receipts.) to confirm the nuclear threat again, even if I insist it is “only” a threat. I cannot be sure of it, but four identical Gladio warnings on each of my emails…that’s very much and not usual at all. I add that I would like a visa for my partner since I feel that this story will take a big turn, very soon and if it is not on 18.11.18, it will remain imminent since Gladio increased so so much the engineered attacks on the last weeks.

On November 15,
05h00 AM CET, I just uploaded the 2nd chapter of my book on my site, and Gladio showed a new peak on their global main signal.
16h00 CET, I talk again with Robbert, about the Paradise fire and the nuclear threat. Robbert said something that I don’t like. He said that I would get much more credibility, if Gladio provokes a massive nuclear accident, according to my prediction and to their warnings.

I answered to him that I would never ask Gladio to run a nuclear or a massive chemical operation. I’m convinced already of the power of Gladio, but the authority doesn’t want to hear. However, I claimed for a very long time that Gladio could run a massive operation if the authority doesn’t say the truth to the population, and they could orchestrate a nuclear accident, for example. I also said that Gladio would force the world to look at my story, in their story, the story of Gladio. The masterminds behind Gladio, know me for decades and they hate the deep state, the capital, the US/European imperialism, and they are not Muslim. Gladio is only composed of Western Citizen also working in NATO, CIA and so on and they decided to tell, what they must do, killing and destroying for the deep state for decades. Some of these False Flags engineers are also humans, and I think, they have decided to say stop and to turn their most powerful weapons against the ones who ask them to use them against the innocents.

Many people ask me why they kill people in their own countries if they want to tell the truth. Of course, there are many dead, but there are much more victims, of the terror, of the fires, of the engineered hurricanes, and the TI’s etc. I see that they spread all their attacks all over the USA. I think that their goal is to attack first a major Western country, second its economy and finally the population, creating more and more people who could be ready to hear another truth that the formatted news!

Since I published the 2nd chapter of my book, Gladio has drawn during 23 hours, on the global signal, 3 factory shapes (probably for 3 and it is not finished.

Since I was talking about this, with Robbert, our subsignal became crazy and very high.

I think that an “industrial” attack could be imminent, but I think that they are waiting for 18.11.18……

For the ones, who live in Belgium, my advise will be, “Think to spend a good weekend, but not in Belgium.” At the same time, I cannot be sure of anything and if they treated four times to operate a massive chemical or nuclear accident on 18.11.18, it could also be on another place, in another country. PG&E also has an old power plant. The most important for them is that I warned and to have demonstrated that the Paradise fire was an attack!

My job is done, and Gladio read this report as I was writing it, so before you. Maybe, I’m only the typist.

When this email will be sent, this report will be on the web here:

Best regards.

Marc Delantre
Home/Office +63484331158
Mobile +639490067657
Belgian Number (VOIP) : +3210818362
The video which presents my story:
The video which presents the psychotronic weapon and the Jacksonville shooting:
www(dot)gladio-activities(dot)net (several reports and videos.)

PS: This report will be published online without the name/emails of the recipients of course and without my real name.
For your information I invite you to watch this, which match perfectly to my story above.