Vital Information: Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle (Video)



Vital Information: Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle (Video)

by N.Morgan

Florida has never seen such destruction as has been wrought by Hurricane Michael. Many residents are left homeless, without power, food, water, the bare necessities.

Douglas Gabriel introduces Michael Thomas, the founder and editor of two of the independent media’s most substantive news sites – State of the Nation and The Millennium Report.

As a resident of Florida, a first-hand eyewitness of the devastation of Hurricane Michael, and a citizen journalist who has followed the progress of weather being weaponized against citizens, Michael is outraged at what is happening in Florida’s panhandle just as the midterms are around the corner.

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The devastation left by Hurricane Michael may take years to recover from. Please pray and help the residents in Florida.

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