HURRICANE MICHAEL: Another Operation Gladio Geoengineered Superstorm



HURRICANE MICHAEL: Another Operation Gladio Geoengineered Superstorm

October 15, 2018


By Marc Delantre, the GLADIO Intelligence whistleblower


Who I Am

I’m Marc Delantre, Belgian IT, Intel agent, 56 years old, with a 11 years Intelligence story. I have been undercover IT man for the French authorities, protected and trained by the Mossad, the Israeli secret service. I have been a non‐official informant agent during 5 years for several agencies including the FBI, MI5, and the French and Belgian Secret Services. For, one year, I inform regularly the Secretary General of the United Nations. I can proof all this of course.

Who They are

However, I’m the most known for my deep and forced relation with the Secret Western Intelligence organization that we can call GLADIO. Some experts add a “B”, “C” or a “2” behind this appellation. However, a former member of GLADIO told me a day: If you see a cat through his tail or through his head, it remains a cat. So, I have decided longtime ago to call them GLADIO, whatever the name, or the name code that you could give to this terrorist organization.

GLADIO is an emanation, in 1956, of NATO, CIA and other agencies to protect Europe against Russia. Wikipedia will tell you that GLADIO has been dissolved by Europe at the end of the Cold War, and it was officially done in the 90s. However, this official dissolution, above all, allowed GLADIO to become more secret and to spread itself in all NATO countries and to keep his headquarters in Belgium near those of NATO.

So, officially, GLADIO doesn’t exist and doesn’t have its own staff. However, GLADIO uses tens of thousands of people, inside all NATO countries within their law enforcement, armies, justice and intelligence agencies. So, you can consider that in all these countries a part of each of these departments work for GLADIO, even if they don’t know it. GLADIO doesn’t make its own decisions; rather, it implements the decisions from any NATO country, government or army directing it.

What they do

The specialization of GLADIO is all kinds of false flag operations. They operate everywhere in the world. Their actions include the Islamist terror attacks, but also most of the mass shootings and stabbings, multiple family murders and infanticides, murders‐suicides, political/media murders, suicide‐pilots or drivers.  These are often perpetrated by individuals who are mind control programmed by GLADIO through various psychotronic microwave weapons.

They operate also Intelligence and other hidden training missions around the world, and they also run false flags operations or fake catastrophes through their global high energy microwave weapons. The ones we are talking about here in this report has been constructed by the USA under the name of HAARP.

Most of these secret weapons have been created by and within the US alphabet soup agencies.

How I am involved

You can find more information about me in the two first reports that I sent recently right after the Massachusetts gas events to the Department of the Homeland Security (e.g. 2. ).

However, it seems that I have a relation with GLADIO from the 80s and maybe earlier. The most important part is the story from 2008 and the most known is the one from May, 2017. Indeed, since the bombing terror attack in Manchester, on May 22, 2017, GLADIO, or at least a part of it records,through the Gladio Signal, all their operations on my web server located in the Netherlands. [The first terror attacks warned on my server are taken as examples in the illustration 1 and 2 at the end of this report.  The illustrations 3 and 4 are about more recent attacks, the Jacksonville massive shooting and the Massachusetts gas fires and explosions.]

The reason for this terrible situation is because GLADIO is managed by top level law enforcement and intelligence agents, and who have moral values and who want to blow up the truth before it will be too late. Since nobody officially belongs to GLADIO, and since GLADIO officially doesn’t exist, they decided to use me as their recorder and spokesperson. They’ve known me for several decades and they know I will do my best to tell the world what they tell me, even if they use a very specific code—the Gladio Signal to record and to communicate all their operations around the world on my web server.

On the other side, GLADIO reads my screens on my computers, on my mobile or maybe directly in my eyes or in my brain, through implants, to read what I’m receiving, reading and writing, like this article. If I try to hide something or myself, I usually receive directly a reaction, which could be dangerous for me, if this action is against some members of GLADIO, who I know personally for example.

Since May 22, 2017, the Manchester bombing attack, my web server has recorded about 300 deadly operations, and has generated more than 2000 dead and billions of USD in damages. [See the list at the end of this report.]

Hurricane Michael is the last major GLADIO operation and I will tell you why. I will show you here the proof of this operation, and how I’m deeply involved in this story.


  • September 22, I send an email to dozen of people, websites and organizations involved in the Targeted Individuals matters. Among them there are the journalists Ramola D, Alfred Webre and another person that I will name Christine.

I did not know it, and it is very important for this narrative, but the lawyer Alfred Webre was a famous opponent of the HAARP system which has been created by the USA to provoke large weather disturbances, earthquakes, tsunamis and so on. GLADIO saw that he was included in my email list and perfectly knew him as their enemy.

The Targeted Individuals are people who usually have nano‐implants that they received through injections (vaccines for example), surgeries or chemtrails.  During recent years, these people are more and more numerous, especially in the USA and they complain so much of the effects that they remotely get. A very small percentage of them become killers from being under the control of the GLADIO psychotronic weapons. I have the records of their murders on my web server, in real time, minute by minute.

Very recently, I discovered that I also have nano‐implants. I maybe have some older ones, since in the 1980s, the Belgian army refused that I made my military service because my brains showed a very unusual electric activity. The electric activity is the basis of the psychotronic microwave weapons and their implants.

  • September 23, only Christine replies to me. She is Belgian, and she is severely impacted by the implants. She got several surgery operations to remove these implants and she kept the evidence of these implants. However, she cannot remove all of them and she still is remotely tortured by the psychotronic/microwave weapons, getting regularly, for example, micro‐ burns in her genitals.

We talk very quickly on Skype. It is thanks to our talks that I begin to understand the nano‐ implants that I personally have. However, I’m not tortured by the psychotrony but I quickly understood that GLADIO used the same psychotronic weapons on me, to lead me in my research projects and in the writing of my reports and so on, particularly during the recent weeks and months.

Christine also knows Alfred Webre for a long time and she proposes to me very quickly that I ask Alfred Webre to do an interview with me. Of course, GLADIO sees and hears what we are talking about and about who Alfred Webre is who they personally know as the enemy of the HAARP system.

Some hours after this first contact with Christine, a tropical wave was generated (either naturally or via technology) near Africa on September 23. This tropical wave is the one which will eventually become the Hurricane Michael.

  • September 29,

Christine confirms to me that Alfred Webre will do an interview of me with her and probably with a first contact on Zoom to prepare this interview.  In the next hours, the tropical wave becomes much more important.  A guy on Facebook updates his bio. He presents himself on his FB as “Transcient” who will be on FB, only for a while. He is not my friend yet. I talk about this because of the date and because he will be the most important person of this story. I will call him “the Transcient”. I did not know it, but he is also a FB friend of the Journalist Ramola D.

  • September 30, the tropical wave becomes a tropical depression (much more powerful).
  • October 3

At 13:06 AM EST, Christine, Alfred Webre and I will make the first non‐recorded meeting contact on Zoom.  A moment, I was warning Christine of the huge power of GLADIO in Belgium and because she lives in Belgium. I have been their victim several times in the last 10 years, with several complaints opened also with the help of the Belgian Secret Services and against GLADIO, and before I learned that they were GLADIO. Christine and I have a very contact and I told her this, like a friend coming from the same country with a large experience in this matter. Alfred Webre did not appreciate at all my advice to Christine and he became very aggressive against  GLADIO making two times arm movements and shouting before his camera that he doesn’t care about GLADIO. I did not react at all. I was only scared for him that GLADIO hears and sees what I was seeing and hearing. They really did.  Anyway, Alfred Webre still wants to make the interview at a later date and time scheduled for October 6, at 7:00 PM CET.

  • October 6

At 10:44 AM EST, Alfred Webre cancels the interview. Later, he writes to Christine, that GLADIO doesn’t exist anymore since the end of the Cold War. He forgot for example the books of the former CIA and GLADIO expert, Sibel Edmond… Christine and I though saw directly that he got scared by GLADIO, even if he wrote that GLADIO did not exist anymore. GLADIO sees his cancellation.  At 01:00 PM EST, Christine who knows many people, contacts the journalist Ramola D, who accepts immediately an invitation to do an interview of me on the same day. At 01:41 PM EST, Ramola D send us the link to join the meeting on Zoom. GLADIO sees it also on my screen.  At 01:50 PM EST, exactly when we begin the interview, there is the Limo accident in New York. However, I don’t know it, since I’m on the interview.  After the interview, I’m so stressed by this one and to have learned the day before, that I also have nano‐implants, that I go take a long rest.  At 04:00 PM EST, the NOAA NHC informs that the Tropical Depression Fourteen became dangerous.  At 06:00 PM EST, the Gladio Signal on my server begins to increase slowly.

  • October 7

o 08:54 AM EST, the Transcient asks me as friend on FB. o 01:00 PM EST, the tropical Depression Fourteen becomes the Hurricane Michael.

  • October 08

At 10:16 AM EST, there is a refinery explosion in Canada (Alfred Webre lives in Canada).  At 03:48 PM EST, I write a report to some contacts about the refinery explosion, but I don’t send anything, like I do it usually, to the authorities. GLADIO sees that I did not report to the authorities. At 09:00 PM EST, the Transcient contacts me for the first time and asks me to confirm that the refinery explosion in Canada is a GLADIO attack. He sent me many other links… at 10:40 PM EST the Transcient tells me that the Limo crash was not an accident. He

said that the owner of the company was an FBI informant and that the “Lady” (?) had nano implants. I don’t take care of the information.

  • October 09

At 07:27 AM EST the Transcient sends me again a new link about the Limo crash and the Gladio Signal makes a huge spike. o 06:12 PM EST I see the spike on the Gladio Signal is matching with the Limo info received from the Transcient, and I understand that GLADIO wants that I check more about the Limo crash. The Transcient was right! It was a big attack and I did not see it!

At 07:21 PM EST, I send a first report about the Limo crash to Ramola D, since I just understood that this event occurred at the very minute when we started the interview. o 11:36 PM EST, I send a report to the authorities, about the Limo crash.

  • October 10

At 02:43 AM EST, Alfred Webre sends to many people an email, when he writes that I make disinformation. o 08:00 AM EST, the Hurricane Michael becomes category 4, almost a Cat. 5 and moves to Florida. The Gladio Signal shows a straight line during several hours… The Gladio Signal is never flat and at this time, it draws like a line.  At 02:00 PM EST, the eye of Hurricane Michael touches the coast in Florida and the Gladio Signal makes a huge spike. However, I don’t see yet my link with the hurricane.  So, I expect that this huge spike if for Alfred Wrebe who cancelled the interview and insulted GLADIO.  I’m so worried for him, that I begin to write a personal email to tell him that he could be in danger by GLADIO which looks happy about this email. Indeed, for months, I check the level of the Gladio Signal to know what they are thinking about a report. Of course, I don’t know the link between GLADIO, Hurricane Michael, the HAARP system and Alfred Webre. I really cannot imagine at this time that a hurricane could be engineered. Not for one second!

However, I’m hesitating to send this email to Alfred Webre, since he seems to react very strangely and with aggressively.  I don’t want him to think that I threaten him personally. I ask the opinion of Christine and finally we decide to not send anything.

At 09:03 PM EST, I write to the State of the Nation website to ask them to make a correction in one of my articles. Indeed, this website, the State of the Nation which looks for the truth, has published all my articles and it is the only one. However, I didn’t know that its owner lives in Tallahassee, Florida, the first target of the Hurricane Michael. (The Editor of SOTN is Michael Thomas who is also an expert on geoengineered superstorms)

  • October 11

At 07:23 PM EST, I still see that the Gladio Signal keeps a very high level, but I’m not aware of any attack. So, as I do sometimes, I open a notepad file on Windows, and I write a text to GLADIO, that I slide on the Gladio Signal, since I know they read my screens every second. Of course, never they write to me, but usually, I get answers, through the signal, or through a post that I discover on my Facebook, or through a new event… Some minutes, after this text, on my screen, my area in the Palawan Island, in the Philippines has a huge electric outage followed by an Internet outage. At 10:04 PM EST, the Transcient sends me a link about Hurricane Michael with the comment “she spends 30 minutes explaining Hurricane Micheal wasn’t a hurricane it was something else..” However, it disappears immediately in my Messenger, since he continues to send me other information about other topics. Moreover, with the electric and Internet outages, I cannot open the links that he just sends me.

  • October 12

At 10:00 AM EST, I find the post sent by the Transcient about the Hurricane Michael on the day before and I ask him, what does he thinks about it. At 10:14 AM EST, the Transcient replies with this comment: “I just send you that , is not a hurricane but a geoengineered storm”!!! In other words, the Transcient was answering to my previous question to GLADIO, which just confirmed by this massive outage in my area, that they were behind to the Hurricane Michael.

At 11:09 AM EST, I ask him if to create a hurricane is possible and I precise to him that I’m without electricity and my fiber Internet line for about 15 hours. So, I cannot open the links that he was sending me. o 01:46 PM EST, I understand that the Gladio Signal matches 100% the evolution of the hurricane o 03:28 PM EST, the Transcient sends me again several links and explanations how GLADIO can hack electric control center and how they use gang stalkers to operate destruction on the field. Among the links he just sent me, there is two links. One is to a Twitter account, because he suggests me to take a contact with this expert. Another link is important. However, I don’t see this at this time. I choose to click on the Twitter account and I tweet to this guy, copy to the Transcient who has also a Twitter account. The Transcient confirms immediately my request to this new expert. In a few minutes, the expert asks me to confirm that is me in the Ramola interview. I do it, but he doesn’t reply to my information request about the weather warfare. o 03:45 PM EST, the Transcient sends me back a second time a link to the twitter account of this expert and tells me that the expert just posted a video that the wanted to send him. o 03:54 PM EST, the Transcient confirms once again that this expert knows everything about the weather warfare. At 04:12 PM EST, I have finished to put the Hurricane Michael chronology on the Gladio signal. I want to send the graph to the Transcient, but he just blocked me and almost closed his FB and it is the same on Twitter. I’m shocked and I don’t understand at all, what it just happened in the last minutes. At 04:40 PM EST, I ask to the new expert if he as news from the Transcient, but he ask why I’m surprised that he disappeared, when we talk about weather warfare on Facebook!  At 04:44 PM EST, I remember that the Transcient showed me that he was a FB friend of Ramola D on Facebook. So, I ask her, if she still the Transcient among her FB friends. She is not on-line.

  • October 13

At 02:11 AM EST, I send a fast and first report, in French, about the Hurricane Michael.  At 05:30 PM EST, it still is the night in Palawan, Philippines. The electricity is back but the fiber optic Internet is still down. We are supposed to sleep, but I’m awakened up but big noise around the houses because of an intensive wind and everything is flying everywhere. I check the house, the garden, I feel something wrong. I go check the weather situation on Windyty, but they don’t show any weather disturbance in the area, with a wind speed at 15km/h. It is impossible, but I’m tired and I go back to sleep.  At 08:00 PM EST, I see a spike on the Gladio Signal, matching perfectly with the strong wind that I saw 3 hours earlier. When I begin to write to the Philippines weather center to ask more information, the Gladio Signal repeats exactly the same spike, a little higher and I definitively understood that I did not dream and that the strong wind on the same morning was not natural.

  • October 14

At 11:08 AM EST, I see that the State of the Nation website replies to my email, where I asked him to make a correction in one of my articles. He tells me also that he did not have Internet to reply earlier, because of Hurricane Michael. I thank him for the correction and I add that I have the evidence that the Hurricane Michael has been geoengineered.

At 11:08 AM EST, the State of the Nation replies again and asks for my report about Hurricane Michael.  At 11:47 AM EST, I discover that the video that Transcient sent me on October 12 at 03:28 PM and on which I did not click, and that the video that he was talking about again at 03:45 PM about the expert on Twitter, and finally the video that I found also at the top of aTwitter account, were 3 times, the same video! So, I finally clicked on this video and I see a reportage about the owner of the State of the Nation and the design of his website that I know very well… since all my articles are posted there. I immediately write to the State of the Nation.  At 01:39 PM EST, the State of the Nation confirms of course, that the video is about him and I finally understood why I got an invitation 3 times to click on the video! Did GLADIO choose that Hurricane Michael would hit Florida, especially at the Tallahassee area, since I would be the one to make the link between the State of the Nation, the Hurricane Michael and me?

We are now on October 15 and it is 09:50 AM EST, and GLADIO is just signing on the Gladio Signal the attack by the Hurricane Michael and this report at the same time that they are reading before you!

Of course, the USA will say that this story is not true and that there is no document to prove that the USA globalists are behind Hurricane Michael. They will say that for sure!

But they must explain why there are these dozens of clues and coincidences involving me in the story and the attack of Hurricane Michael. No hurricane has a brain or can follow a signal on a server, especially if this signal, the specific Gladio Signal, is also created by the most powerful Internet weapon in the world; Mirai Botnet.

They must explain then how this Gladio Signal, described in the reports sent to the DHS has recorded in real time, about 300 other attacks and operations on my server in the last 17 months. This can be very easily proven.

They must also explain how and why dozens of thousands of Targeted Individuals have implants in their body.  Who is targeting them as the worst torture in this world and transforming some of them into killers, including the mass shooters, or in some cases parents killing their kids.

These implants are physically there just as the dead of the numerous false flag attacks and operations also apparent.

So, there are thousands of victim who are still living. These implants can be considered as weapons of crime. There must be a culprit and only one country has the necessary technical means in the world community of nations, as well as the motive to rule the world!

Submitted by Marc Delantre for GLADIO Intelligence.
October 15, 2018


[1] The first attack signed on my web server. The Manchester bombing attack.

[2] The second attack signed on my web server. The London bridge attack.

[3] The Jacksonville massive shooting 100% linked to me

[4] The Massachusetts gas explosions and fire