Christine Blasey Ford: An MK-ULTRA Mind-Control Programmed Persona on Full Display



Christine Blasey Ford: An MK-ULTRA Mind-Control Programmed Persona on Full Display

Blasey Ford Is An Old School Vampire From MK-ULTRA

By Yoichi Shimatsu

The closest it gets to an old-style sorceress casting an evil spell over a gullible public was the bizarre performance by psychologist Christine Blasey Ford during her testimony at the Senate about her alleged half-night stand with four male Yale students supposedly including Brett Kavanaugh (who was a high schooler at the time at Georgetown prep). Her feigning to be a trauma victim turned out to be a pathetic amateur-hour stunt, scaring only those congressional leaders who’ve been entrapped by the CIA-NSA dirty bag of tricks including homosexual pedophilia, bisexual orgies and other compromising positions.

The mass media refused to report the facts once again by downplaying her own admission that she was not gang-raped or even close to being penetrated, but only groped. How is teenage body-exploration to be judged in the era long after the sexual revolution, when it takes a disgustingly gross Harvey Weinstein to arouse condemnation from the Jewish-owned media? What is expected to happen among youths at drunken parties on a Saturday night? Prayers and hand-wringing? Are we living in Saudi Arabia?

If celibacy is going to be the new moral standard of political correctness as indicated by #MeToo, then the Kardashians and all Hollywood celebrities, transsexuals and other exhibitionist freaks, should be banned from social media. Why then should liberals object to moral education at Sunday school becoming mandatory for all, including Jewish children (who need broader exposure outside their stifling myopic confines). Along with the Bible Belt, I support stricter rules against sex with or by minors along with a major attitude shift back to the Protestant work ethic, summer jobs behind a lawn mower, less suggestive entertainment and a ban on porn-oriented computer games. Instead of necessitating adults to hire migrant workers, young Americans need to get off their duffs and be required to perform sweat labor in the fields and factories to restore moral backbone to a flabby indolent society of complainers. After a hard day’s toil, they’ll be too tired to run slippery fingers across another child’s tummy.

If groping is the only dubious charge that could be dredged up against Judge Kavanaugh, then it never should have been brought before the Senate, since most lawywers and judges are guiltier of more adventerous youthful explorations. The other stike against Blasey Ford’s accusation is that she and her husband are both employed by pharmaceutical companies that market abortion pills, whereas the judge takes a stricter traditional approach to the consequences of societal permissiveness. In legal terminology, it’s called conflict of interest.

CIA-NSA Mother Hen

Her feigned memory lapses during a fictitious group-sex party at Yale were straight out of an MK-ULTRA hypnosis routine. Visualizaton exercises can surely help to concoct a lie. Her Girl Scout behavior before the senators was a coy deceit, since she is a veteran psychologist. That being the case the only question after her denunciation in a Stalinist-type show trial, is to determine whether her CIA banker father personally initiated her as a child into the dark arts. She’s damaged goods, sent to sabotage confirmation of a Supreme Court justice who is not under direct control of Langley, Fort Mead, J.Edgar Hoover headquarters and the Federal Reserve. (I do not support or oppose Kavanaugh, but only recognize his right to a fair assessment at the Senate.)

Professor Blasey Ford has served as a research psychologist at Stanford in charge of personality assessment for the CIA Undergraduate Program as well as lecturer on the pharmaceutical industry. Add up Agency and drugs and what do you get? MK-ULTRA and its thin cover known as the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). Her task was to conduct psychological testing followed by statistical analysis of trainees to determine the career track of aspiring national intelligence officers.

For a quick reprise of the vetting process, as conducted by Blasey-Ford:

– Pathological liars are put on the A-list for assignment under diplomatic cover at the State Department or major American corporations abroad to subvert foreign countries and to recommend various local fanatics and criminals to receive covert weapons shipments aimed at regime change prior to another invasion;
– Thuggish creeps are fast-tracked to the agency’s arms-trafficking pipeline under cover of energy corporations or security companies;
– Total losers without an ounce of guts are slated to be desk jockeys in back offices of banks and research firms around the world with eventual promotion to the rear end of a consulate; and
– The leftovers with or without criminal records are promoted to further MK-ULTRA personality-disorder training as lone gunmen and patsies.

Madam MK-ULTRA as an Abortion Lobbyist

It’s the pharmacology in her Stanford CV that should also raise alarms, since that’s even more central to MKULTRA, the CIA-NSA mind-control program that produced drug-addled media superstars like Mark David Chapman, John Hinckley Jr., Sirhan Sirhan, Whitey Bulger, James Earl Ray and that other fall guy Lee Harvey Oswald. Her mentor, psychiatrist Dr. Alan Schatzberg, is head of Stanford psychiatry and also its neuropsychology department, where he runs studies on interactions of drugs with the human brain under President Obama’s Brain Initiative, an extrapolation of MK-ULTRA on a much wider scale. His research has been funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the federal cover for the MK-ULTRA mind-control program.

Blasey Ford is now employed at Corcept Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical company with a disturbing record of ethical violations including insider trading with Stanford and Silicon Valley. Its most heavily promoted drugs include psychiatric agents and abortion pills. Her fast-exit for embryos is a generic called Korylym, better known as mifepristone or RU-486 (as in “Are You for 86-ing that little burden, girl?), first developed by Roussel in France and since cloned in China. To bail out a plethora of lawsuits over side-effects including vaginal bleeding and uterine cramps, the French producer gave the proprietary right to the Population Council, a Rockefeller-funded NGO involved in legal genocide.

An SEC investigation of Corcept’s hidden ties with Stanford led to a steep fall in its stock market values since the start of 2018. To counter the share-value tumble, the company has been attempting a sideways strategy of using Korylym as an anti-hyperglycemia drug and also as an anti-depressant. This magic cure-all is the panacea that 86s all your problems. Now is it any wonder that Christine Blasey Ford is being put in front of the Senate for sneak promotion of her abortion pill?

Chrissy’s husband Russell Ford by strange coincidence also works for pharmaceuticals as a mechanical engineer (think of the big rolling machines that make pills and presses that close capsules), including Abbott (RU486 in India) and Zonano-Macroflux, which produces non-needle injection devices for vaccine campaigns, like the health-boosting campaigns sponsored under the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s global population extermination strategy.

A BlackRock Connection

The CIA-linked investment fund BlackRock, created by former Commerce Secretary Peter Peterson, is a major shareholder behind Corcept Therapeutics and has also been the prime investor in SunTrust Bank, the successor to National Savings and Trust where Christine’s father Ralph G. Blasey Jr. served as vice president in charge of financing the agency’s undercover operations. Among his many financial beneficiaries was psychiatry professor Frederick Melges, who was in charge of establishing MK-ULTRA at the Stanford medical school. Melges’s area of research was depersonalization and “re-invention” of personality by introducing a focus on a new future, in short, “transformation” as in how a directionless David Webb became an objective-targeted Jason Bourne.

By no coincidence, the father of Chrissy Blasie’s husband was also a banker, with Lanson and Company, which sold Treasury notes issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The firm was founded by Aubrey Lanson, who served as assistant to Treasury Secretary Hans Morganthau Jr. in the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt. Morganthau, of course, was the Rothschild-Bronfman-Rockefeller asset who maneuvered to win U.S. and Soviet Union to support the creation of the State of Israel.

In addition to that salesman for the crypto-Jewish Rockefellers, the Ford clan is intermarried with the Biddle dynasty, whose most prominent members were slithering federalist agents of treachery against the Constitution, Francis Biddle who as FDR’s attorney general used the pretext of World War II to crush ethnic German and Japanese citizens, who in reality bore the brunt of fighting in Europe, while providing key technology and political support for the Soviet Union. His ancestor was the infamous Nicholas Biddle, sponsor of an all-powerful central bank who clashed with the populist President Andrew Jackson.

It is no coincidence that a populist Jacksonian-style president, Donald Trump, along with judicial candidate Kavanaugh, come under a barrage from the federalist neo-liberals in favor of an absolutist corporatist state run by a bureaucratic class of mandarins and the central bankers at the Federal Reserve.

Thus the New Deal (trade in your economic rights for a soup kitchen) has managed to preserve its zombie existence through sexually bent stooges from Bill and Hillary Clinton to the Bush dynasty and Barack Obama. And now arrives the shameless Salome, mother of all dead children, dropping her veils before the Senate in return for Judge Kavanaugh’s head on a silver platter. How sickening that she stoops so low.

Candidate Brett Kavanaugh should be judged on the basis of his own merits and flaws, and not tarred-and-featured with calumny from conspirators and deceivers. In their farsightedness, the Founding Fathers structured the Constitution around the central principle of separation of powers between the Congress, Executive and Judicial branches. The treacherous Tories and Federalists, and their political spawn, have repeatedly attempted to revive an absolutist authoritarian state, from the British invasion in the War of 1812 to the New Deal and the miltiary-industrial complex.

Now it is their intelligence-financial-media juggernaut that poses a clear danger to the Republic. As stated in the earlier Declaration, the American people have faced a “history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States.” Nothing changes, and neither should the defense of democracy.