Why is Lindsey Graham making common cause with Huma Abedin?




Why is Lindsey Graham making common cause with Huma Abedin?

What is up with Lindsey Graham?

Submitted by gulfgal98

Several strange things have happened since John McCain’s death and subsequent funeral in Washington DC. I quite do not know what to make of all this, so I am just putting it out here. My spidey sense tells me there is much more going on in the background than just the normal political intrigue.

Let’s look at Lindsey Graham, Senator from South Carolina and well known war hawk sidekick to the recently departed John McCain who was probably the most hawkish Senator in recent history. At McCain’s funeral in Washington DC, an extraordinary event occurred immediately following the service and it was all caught on video.

Before you read further, please view the video below. It is in slow motion and should either be viewed via the YouTube link or on full screen to get the full effect of what happened.

In the video, Graham is seen standing next to former Republican Senator from New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte when Huma Abedin comes sweeping in from his right, moving right past Generals Mattis and Kelly. Abedin goes right up to Graham and hugs him while whispering something in his ear. She then acknowledges Ayotte before speaking once again to Graham. Immediately, after this exchange, she leaves quickly, like the dragon lady she is, walking right by Kelly without looking at him in any form of acknowledgement.

In the meantime, both Mattis and Kelly are keeping a hawkeye on the entire incident. After the Huma incident, Graham looks extremely nervous and avoids eye contact with Kelly who is staring straight at him. Finally Graham and Kelly make eye contact and Kelly makes a hand signal as if to say, “I am watching your every move.” Graham becomes even more nervous and adjusts his suit jacket. After a brief period of time, Graham goes over to Kelly and whispers something in his ear.

All I know is that Kelly is all business and an intimidating force to be reckoned with.

So what happened in this exchange? Has Graham become a pawn in this power game and Huma was sent to remind him who his real masters are? Or has Graham flipped and is now playing on the Trump team?

There is some evidence to back this latter theory up based upon Graham’s vocal support for Brett Kavanaugh to be the next justice of the Supreme Court. Graham who clearly did not support Trump in the Presidential election of 2016 is now not only supporting Kavanaugh but was the lead in questioning on Constitutionality of the use of military tribunals in the case of treason.

This line of questioning was very interesting when viewed in the perspective of a major Freudian slip made by Ohio Governor John Kasich during an interview with Chris Cuomo this weekend.

Could this be why Lindsey Graham pursued his line of questioning of Brett Kavanaugh and did this line of questioning confirm that Graham has flipped, possibly to save his own skin?