False Flag Gladio Attacks Continue Unabated Around the Globe



False Flag Gladio Attacks Continue Unabated Around the Globe

URGENT: The Paris, Barnsley, Cincinnati terror attacks are linked to me, like 21 other attacks in one month (evidence).

by Marc Delantre

I have to tell you, in this report, that I’m linked to 22 attacks on the last 31 days. Probably, I have to say that I’m involved in these 22 attacks, and probably, you will not believe me, or you don’t want to believe me. Indeed, if you believe what I say, you have to face to something like Satan, the worst threat for this world. So, you will think that is unbelievable and that is not possible, and so, that I’m crazy. But you are wrong.

You have to know that today, September 10, 2018, many terror attacks around the world are planned and organized through Internet. It is sure, I did not plan, organize or decide the attacks, but it is also 100% sure that all these attacks have been planned through Internet, and have been recorded on my web server. Moreover, they decided to start most of these attacks according to my own activity.

Yesterday, even if I was very tired of this situation, I decided to make a report in English about the last 21 attacks (Yes, yesterday it was 21…). The report below. The ones who decide and organize the attacks on the field, liked so much the report I was writing on yesterday, and I saw it directly on the signal that they use to communicate with me. They were reading me yesterday as they are reading me now what I’m writing now. You must believe me.

Look the graph, on the left. This “signal” is explained in this report. This “Signal” is the Global signal of this terror organisation. It is coming from the most powerful Internet weapon in the world, Mirai botnet. it is a frequency, a number of connections per hour. You see that, on yesterday Sept 09, at 03:00 (09:00 in the Philippines, where  I live), this signal shows an important increase (30%) and this signal stayed high during all the hours, I was writing my report (yes, it is very long). Probably they expected that I send the report, before to go sleep, but I did not. I was too tired. So, maybe, they were upset that I go sleep before to send it, or they though that I did not have a good reason to send it. Whatever the reason, they decided to give me a good reason to send it, as soon as I will wake up. I found the new stabbing attack in Paris at 22:45 CET.

Update of the update, explaining why this new attack occurred in Paris.
I just see now, that they just marked the end of an operation. Indeed, on September 7, I sent an article to the websitereseauinternational.net. Gladio saw it and increased their signal. After they saw that this website refused my article (fear), but Gladio did not end this operation. They just ended with the new attack in Paris, the location of this website. It is exactly like this, Gladio is running in relation with me. I’m the one to write, but it’s about the same that they are writing with me. This website refused not only my testimony, but their testimony.

Most of you know my reports and don’t care about them, but I’m almost sure that we will pay the fact that you don’t take care of my reports.

And please know that Gladio reads my screen every second, exactly as if they were behind my back. They wait for the second when I click on the send button … I do not know if they have a plan, when this email is sent. For now, they still have an ongoing operation (visible on their graphics) began with my emails exchanged with the French General Delawarde. It could means that the next operation could be against police, army… or maybe NATO…

Back to my report of yesterday…

When this series began, I was writing my book. The Gladio Code, To a Sept 11 release 2.0 ?
There is the list of these 22 majors attacks and incidents, I have a link to (evidence) :
All these incidents have been recorded in real time, minute by minute, on my web server, by the ones who orchestrated these attack

(I can prove it)
Aug 10 Massive shooting in Fredericton (CA) [PW] My activity (book) started the attack + name link
Aug 11 Suicide pilot in Seattle (US) [PW] My activity (book) started the attack
Aug 13 Suicide pilot in Payson, Ohio (US) [PW] My activity (book) started the attack
Aug 13 The Christopher Watts case in Frederick, Colorado (US) [PW] My activity (book) started the attack + name link
Aug 14 ram-car attack in London (UK) [PW] My personal activity started the attack
Aug 14 The collapsed bridge (IT) [MW] My activity (book) started the attack
Aug 20 Gun and stabbing attack against police (RU) [PW]
Aug 22 Massive stabbing attack in Plombières (BE) [PW] To show me that I’m right about the weapon
Aug 23 Massive stabbing attack in Trappes (FR) [PW] To show me that I’m right about the weapon
Aug 25 Stabbing attack in Paris (FR) [PW] My activity (email) started the attack
Aug 25 Ram-car attack against army in Lille (FR) [PW] My activity (email) started the attack
Aug 26 Gun attack against a police officer in Spa (BE) [PW] My activity (email) started the attack
Aug 26 Massive shooting in Jacksonville (US) [PW x 2] UNCREDIBLE LINK WITH ME & MY ACTIVITY
Aug 29 Triple Infanticide (BE) [PW x 2] UNCREDIBLE LINK WITH ME & MY ACTIVITY
Aug 31 Massive stabbing attack in Amsterdam station (NL) [PW] My activity (upload) started the attack
Sept 01 Explosion and large fire in a refinery (DE) [MW]
Sept 01 Massive stabbing attack in a museum in Canneto, (IT) [PW] To show me that I’m right about the weapon + name
Sept 02 Massive stabbing attack in Cannes (FR) [PW] To show me that I’m right about the weapon + name
Sept 03 The burning museum (BR) My activity (email) started the attack + name
Sept 06 Massive shooting in Cincinnati (US) [PW] My activity (email) started the attack
Sept 07 Massive stabbing (failed) attack in Barnsley (UK) [PW] My activity (email) started the attack
Sept 09 Massive stabbing attack in Paris (FR) [PW] My activity (article & personal) started the attack

[PW] = Psychotronic / microwave weapon (see description below)
[MW] = Microwave weapon (see description below)

Gladio / Stay behind organization — Very short summary of my story 

Gladio was an official emanation of NATO born in 1956 to protect Europe against Russia and communism. However, when the cold war was finished, Gladio took other activities in terrorism. Indeed they had to manipulate and lead Europe to the right (the opposite of communism). Gladio has been involved in several terrorist cases in Europe, such as the Bologna station bombing attack in Italy and the Brabant killers in Belgium. It is the Italian government which revealed the existence of Gladio (“sword” in Italian) and Europe decided to dissolve Gladio. Gladio did not dissolve, and they became only more secret and spread in all NATO countries, keeping their headquarters in Belgium, near NATO.

When this story began, in 2008, I have been hired by Gladio to be a computer scientist in a very large organized crime organization. However, I did not know that it was Gladio. I went to see authorities in Paris who asked me to stay inside this organization as undercover IT man (MP3). In 2009, I have been exfiltrated from this organization by Mossad who told me much more (MP3) about the leaders of this organization. They said that they are fully involved in global terrorism including 09/11 but they did not name this organization. In 2012, the Mossad leader in Belgium is killed (something like Skripal). My wife disappeared. In 2013, the Belgian Secret services and me got the evidence that this criminal and terror organization use radios of police and army. So, the Belgian Secret services wanted that the Belgian Federal Justice opens a large investigation on this organization, but Belgian Federal Justice refused multiple times. So, the Belgian Secret services helped me to open a new terror case in another Belgian province in December 2013 against this organization. This one pushed me out of the country to go Madagascar (a setup). When I arrive there, I understand quickly that I’m surrounded by people who know my story before I told them and who are involved in my story in Belgium.

In September 2014, the judge in Belgium begins his investigations and I get huge and very skilled Internet attacks. After 3 weeks of such attacks, the police in Belgium ask me if I can come back in Belgium for an audition, but they refuse to protect me. I don’t know what I have to do, and without any answer from me, they close my file without any investigation at the end of 2014.

At the beginning of January 2015, the first terror attacks in Europe can begin. In 2015 and 2016, I’m more and more convinced that I’m deeply linked with all these terror attacks in Europe. I send again my file to the Belgian Terror commission in Brussels, but they do nothing with it. However, Gladio saw it and destroys my server, on October 21, while it was located in Dyn DSN in Manchester US.

On October 21,  2016, the most powerful Internet weapon, Mirai botnet, appears to the world and attacks the Dyn DNS company at Manchester US where my Internet server was located 2 days before. The consequences of this attack are huge and all major websites could not be reachable. Even, the White House, must give a conference. At the end of 2016, I got on my Internet server a signal from this Internet weapon, Mirai botnet. I call the FBI which confirms the Mirai botnet signature but they don’t find the origin and they don’t want to hear my story.

2017, this Mirai botnet signal follows, minute by minute, my activities on the fields and on the web. FBI confirms they know we are monitored. May 22, 2017, this signal shows a very huge activity at the very minute, when Donald Trump meets Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel. The Mirai signal stays high during 4h30 and I understand that this could be a terror warning. I call the Belgian terror center (OCAM) and they ask me a report. Some hours after this report is finished and sent, there is the Manchester bombing attack in the UK. It was also, the first example, where Gladio uses a same name (of city) to link 3 different events. They knew that I will understand it and they will use such links several times.

I got the same for the London Bridge attack and I wrote to MI5. At the beginning, the Mirai Signal warned me of terror attacks,  just 1-2 hours before the attacks, but progressively, the signal showed me the attack in real time on my web server.

2017, October, I got an officious call from Belgian Federal Justice (MP3) and I understood that this terror organization had a name “Gladio”, the secret emanation of NATO. The next day, the Federal Justice wrote to me that all these terror attacks are not their business!!But, through this email, they just confirmed that they know this situation.

Of course, the HQ of NATO are in Belgium, but it is something like external of the country, like an embassy. Belgium doesn’t have any power or right on them. NATO can organize terror around the world, nobody can say anything.

In September 2018, my web server has recorded about 200 attacks in real time (terror attacks, claimed or not, Islamist or not, murders, plane crashes, catastrophes, chemical attacks including the Skripal case or in Syria, large fires… in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, South-America, North-Africa, Middle-East…)… so about 2,000 dead in false flag operations, the unique activity of Gladio. 

Why I got this signal? Because these people of 2008, I was very close to, knew me for 20 years and they knew that I will do everything, even if I die, to denounce all about them. So, they are the ones, from inside Gladio, to record all their activities on my web server. Since, I understood this, I do what they expect from me, like another member of Gladio. I don’t have the choice.

I could say that Gladio just declared the war to NATO, so a war from inside NATO.
So, no Russian, no Islamist, only NATO against NATO.

So, in August 2008, I was writing my book The Gladio Code, To a September 11 Release 2.0 ?… and I was writing a chapter about all events after the Toronto attack, including the multiple plane crashes…

Note: The #xxx are references in www(dot)gladio-activities(dot)net and on the joined graphs. The graphs (x) x = the position of the graph in www(dot)gladio-activities(dot)net, because there are 1 global Gladio signal and 2 Gladio sub-signals. All hours are in Belgian time (CET)

    • Aug 10 – 14:30, Massive shooting in Fredericton Canada. Several dead and wounded. The killer is not Muslim. #600 (graphs 1 & 3)
      • These attack has been started when I was writing in my book a chapter about the multiple plane crashes after the Toronto attack.
      • According to the Gladio graphs (1), this operation began on Aug 10 – 08:00 and finished on Aug 11 – 05:00. (same time as the next one)
    • Aug 11 – 04:30, Suicide pilot in Seattle (US). (14h after the previous one) #494 (graphs 1 & 3)
      • The pilot is not a pilot and he is not Muslim. He never piloted a plane. Only as a gamer on a computer. He stole a bi-motored plane 56 seat, with a very complicated ignition process, makes acrobatics as a pro, talks with the control tower and suicides on an island. He was very happy in his family. His family doesn’t know the reason of his suicide.
      • According to the Gladio graphs (1), this operation began on Aug 10 – 08:00 and finished on Aug 11 – 05:00.

    • Aug 13 – 10:30, Suicide pilot in Payson, Ohio (US). #493 (graphs 1 & 3)
      • I was just talking in my book about the suicide pilot of the Germanwings (2014) and Gladio just showed me on the signal that they were to ones to push the pilot to suicide. #512
      • In the Payson case, the pilot is a real pilot (not Muslim). A problem occurred in his family. Police intervene. Front of the police, he sweetly says to his wife “See you tomorrow, I love you”. He goes to the airport, takes the plane of his employer and crashes his plane on his house, wife and kid.
      • According to the Gladio graphs (1), this operation began on Aug 12 – 17:00 and finished on Aug 13 – 16:00. (same time as the next one)
    • Aug 13 – 12:30, The Christopher Watts case in Frederick, Colorado (US). His 15-weeks pregnant wife and 2 young children are dead.
      • The story is not very clear. Aug 13 – 09:48 the Watts’s wife comes back home from a business trip. In the night, Chris told her that he wanted to divorce. After, he saw on a baby monitor that his wife killed their two kids and he ran to strangled his wife to death in a fit of rage. Aug 13 – 13:27, Christopher goes out of his house with his car. 21:40, he calls the police to say his wife and kids disappeared. Aug 16 – 00:15, police finds in his work place a bed sheet matching with the pillow of the Christopher house and later, they found the 3 bodies in oil, in a grave.
      • According to the Gladio graphs (1), this operation began on Aug 12 – 17:00 and finished on Aug 13 – 16:00.

Do you see above, two suicide pilots + 2 Frederic* attack at the same time? Do you think that is by chance?

    • Aug 14 – 08:37, ram-car attack in London (UK).  #499 (graphs 2 & 3)
      • I was just describing to my partner the psychotronic weapons taking the example of the 2 ram-cars in Russia. #497 (Aug 13, 03:00)
      • A British man, Sudanese origin, moderate Muslim, with a quite life, just got his British passport to leave the country and to visit his family in Sudan. He leaves Birmingham early to go to the Sudan Embassy in London. When he is in London, he doesn’t know what happens and he runs on the crowd front of Westminster. #499 (Aug 13, 08:37)
      • According to the Gladio graphs (3), this operation began on Aug 13 – 20:00 and finished on Aug 14 – 09:00.
    • Aug 14 – 12:00, a bridge collapses in Italy #515 (graphs 2 & 3)
      • For 10h35, I was writing in my book about psychotronic and microwave weapons. #514.
      • We have a first official video took from a CCTV on the bridge where it appears white flashes on the foot of this bridge, before anything collapses, and the deck of the bridge collapses. After, we have a second video took from police officers on another road, where we see 2 white flashes at the same foot bridge and the foot collapses. When the bridge collapsed, there was no thunder (no thunder light, no thunder noise), but the witnesses saw the white flashes on the bridge foot, heard the noise of an explosion, but no smoke. Several engineers say that this collapsing is impossible without an external reason. The reason I give is a high-energy microwave attack against iron, within the concrete, which provoked the explosion of the concrete and of course the collapsing of the structure. There are two examples of this situation. 1. A fork forgotten in a microwave provokes white flashes (the dynamite explosion is yellow) and finally the explosion of the microwave and maybe of the house (which happened in France in Summer 2018). 2. the 09/11 where everybody could see the iron transforming itself in dust.
      • According to the Gladio graphs (3), this operation began on Aug 14 – 09:00 and finished on Aug 14 – 17:00. Gladio drawn a bridge foot on their signal on my server!
    • Aug 20 – 09:30, Gun and stabbing attack against police in Russia #559 (graphs 2 & 3)
      • At 15:22, ISIS claims the attack against the police in Russia #560 (graphs 2 & 3). My file demonstrates that since May 22, 2017, ALL attacks claimed by ISIS / Amaq have been done by Gladio.
    • Aug 22 – 17:00, Stabbing attack in Plombières in Belgium. Several dead and wounded. The killer is not Muslim. #556 (graphs 1 & 2)
      • Since, I was writing in my book about psychotronic and microwave weapons, Gladio just shows me the effect of psychotronic weapon (see below for the definition).
      • The incident occurred in a restaurant where were the ex-wife and step mother of the killer. Both of them are dead.
      • The attack is clearly drawn on the Gladio global signal
    • Aug 23 – 09:30, Stabbing attack in Trappes in France. Several dead and wounded. The killer is Muslim. #549 (graphs 2 & 3)
      • Since, I was writing in my book about psychotronic and microwave weapons, Gladio just shows me the effect of psychotronic weapon (see below for the definition).
      • At 09:15, I just finished my book (in French) and sent it somewhere.
      • At 09:30, a Muslim guy, who seems unbalanced goes out from his house and he stabs to death his sister and mother, and wound other witnesses and he goes back to his house.
      • At 11:15, ISIS claims, through Amaq, the attacks in Trappes, where a Muslim kills his sister and mother (theoretically impossible).
      • My file demonstrates that since May 22, 2017, ALL attacks claimed by ISIS / Amaq have been done by Gladio. Moreover this attack occurred exactly when I just sent my book.

There is the beginning of one of the most important attacks series in this story, the SITE Intelligence group series linked to the Jacksonville shooting!

    • The circumstances

Aug 25 – 03:00

      • , I begin a report for the Director of the famous company

SITE Intelligence Group

      • . I don’t know why I’ve chosen to write to this Director. It is something like I got the idea to do it (see explanations below). SITE Intelligence Group is a reference in terror analysis on the web. Indeed, this Director and her society are known worldwide for their analysis of terrorist events. A very large number of newspapers and sites refer to their publications. Their name is often mentioned by the press about the claims of terrorist acts, since SITE Intelligence Group makes the search for these claims a priority. They are therefore often the first to find and present them, and the rest of the world’s press makes the links to their publications.
      • However, like any other official press, SITE Intelligence Group is quick to make a claim known, but they will never say that this claim could be false or if the claimed incident could be a false flag operation. Gladio is therefore trusting SITE Intelligence Group that obviously contributes greatly to the spread of lies. Indeed, the press using information from SITE Intelligence Group, do not even question if the claim is fake or not. They trust SITE.
      • But Gladio members who want to tell the truth about their activities, do not appreciate at all this kind of information processing. More exactly, there is no treatment. It’s copy-paste. They had already attacked Telegraaf in the Netherlands and the Annapolis Gazette, they were also going to show it to SITE Intelligence Group, especially since Gladio had seen that I have written to them.
      • Oops, that’s not correct. Gladio did not see that I have written to them. Gladio made me think that I should write to them. It’s very different. Why, how? You will find this below.

Aug 25 – 11:00

      • , my email is finished and I gather the email addresses to whom I will send this email.

 Aug 25 – 15:00

      • , I send my email. #566. Gladio shows directly a huge increasing of their global signal on my server.

Aug 25 – 16:00

      • , I call a French journalist, because I found his phone number on an article about the Trappes attack.

Because of my email to SITE Intelligence Group, we will get :

  • Aug 25 – 19:00, Stabbing attack in Paris (subway) #569 (graphs 1 & 3)
    • A man stabbed another man in the subway. The man is dead. The motives are unknown. The suspect escaped.
    • Gladio shows a huge peak matching at the very minute of this attack
  • Aug 25 – 21:20, ram-car attack against army in Lille (FR). #570 (graphs 1 & 3)
    • We don’t know who was the driver and his/her motive.
    • Gladio shows a huge peak matching at the very minute of this attack
  • Aug 26 – 02:00, Gun attack against a police officer in Spa (BE)  #567 (graphs 1 & 3)
    • The police officer is dead. The murder is not Muslim but he is not 100% defined yet. There are 3 suspects from the Netherlands.
    • Gladio shows a huge peak matching at the very minute of this attack and after the signal goes back to its previous level.
    • The main suspect seems to run away after the attack taking two times his head between his hands (something like ‘What have I done?”)
  • Aug 26 – 19:30, Massive shooting in Jacksonville, Florida (USA) #572 (graphs 2 & 3)
    • The mass shooting appears quickly in the news. According the witnesses and the face of the killer on the video’s, the killer seemed drugged.
    • Since the killer seemed to be out of control, I’m pretty sure that I have a link with it, but Gladio shows almost nothing on their signal.
    • Aug 27 – 10:00, so the day after, Gladio shows a peak on their global signal.
    • Aug 27 – 11:00, the peak on the signal remains high and I try to find on the news if there is something new to explain this peak.
    • Aug 27 – 12:00, I FOUND and I’m shocked, the name of the massive shooter has just been revealed; David KATZ, Jewish origin, coming from Maryland . I immediately understand THE huge LINK with me and my story. The Director of SITE Intelligence Group is Rita KATZ, 53 years old, living in Maryland, Jewish origin,4 kids !
    • But there is something very wrong. David KATZ left his house, with his weapon, in Maryland, before my email has been sent to Rita KATZ.
    • So how this huge coincidence has been possible?? (see the reason below)
    • Aug 27 – 15h17, I send a new email to SITE Intelligence Group, with what I have just discovered.

    • Aug 29 – 02:00, a mother kills her 3 very young children in Belgium and tries to suicide (failed)  #577 (graphs 2 & 3)
      • At the beginning, I don’t see this event.
      • 08:00, the press begins to talk about it and Gladio shows the same kind of peak as with the Jacksonville case.
      • 10:00, I saw the peak and I try to find the reason of it and I find it.
      • The mother is young. Everybody says that she seemed happy with her man and their 3 kids. They were living in a nice house in a quiet place. The day before, they have been seen walking hand in hand, with their kids.
      • So, I’m almost sure that this infanticide is not normal.
      • However, it is the same as with the Jacksonville case. There is almost nothing on the Gladio signal when the crime occurred.
      • 12:51, I send my report to the Belgian authorities, because I’m almost sure that this infanticide has something wrong.
      • And I was right. Several days later, we learn that the mother just got depress for 15 days only. She felt something wrong with her and she took an appointment to visit a psychiatrist on August 29, so later in the day!
      • How is it possible that she killed her 3 kids on the night before and, only 2 hours after I discovered the Christopher Watts case where there is also question of infanticide !
      • Or, another way to ask the question, how is it possible that I found the double infanticide of Christopher Watts, 2h before the triple Belgian infanticide? All this looks terribly programmed! (see the reason below)

You have here a good video about this series of incidents here http://vimeo.com/287857334 

There is the missing piece of the puzzle to understand many attacks and coincidences… the psychotronics (microwave) weapons! 

What are the psychotronic (microwave) weapons? Their principles are old and the big powers are doing experiences for several decades, but it seems that today, they are operational. On the other side, it is the only way to explain the dozens of attacks and the impossible coincidences, described in my file.

My definition of these weapons is this one: A psychotronic weapon, is a weapon which can read and write in a part of the human brain. What they write, or what they can write, depends on the purpose, or on the operation to launch, and probably on the kind of psychotronic weapon that they use.

This weapon can be composed of drugs, implants (soft and not detectable), microwave (short, middle and long distance). From the 200 attacks, that I have in my story, I can say this:

      • Most of the terrorists and massive killers are ready to die when the operation is finished. We call that kamikazes, but Gladio belongs to NATO, and there are not the ones to play with the chance. Indeed, it is never impossible that one of them changes his mind before the operation, or before the end of this one. It is so true, that when the terrorist doesn’t succeed to be killed, he asks to be killed. It is clear that most of them don’t run such operations by conviction even if they show it. Another clue is the mental health of most of them and their attitude when they are killing and asking to be killed. Another clue of this is the operating mode. Usually, they are identical, but some terrorists have used fake weapons or fake explosive belts. If I’m a kamikaze, with my own conviction, I will do everything to succeed my operation, but I will not be stupid enough to do this like that. Many terrorists in Europe have attacked police officers with only a knife or a hammer. How is it possible? All of them are crazy? Impossible. The only way to get such killers and to be sure of them is to use psychotronic weapons.
    • Recently, some killers say themselves that they heard voices. The killer of Parkland said recently, he heard all the time, 4 words “Kill, burn, destroy and die”. Today, he knows what he did and he refused a glass of water, saying that he doesn’t deserve it. The Parkland killer, recorded before the shooting 2 or 3 videos, like an allegiance to the devil and because he knows that his phone will be found after the shooting. But, at the same time, the NRA, was recording also videos to push the weapon’s sales and just after the shooting, the NRA was claiming that the schools must have more weapons… The killer of Parkland and the one of Annapolis had with them, some bottles of flammable liquid that they did not use. In France, we got also a woman, who began to stab with a cutter in an hypermarket. After, she said that she heard that Allah asked her to do that. Two days ago, in UK, a 28 yo not Muslim girl, said and repeated “Kill, kill, kill…”, like a word recorded in her head and she stabbed one man. The only way to record such words in the head of the killers is to use psychotronic weapons and probably in their room/house..

      • We have at least 4 ram-car attacks, 2 in Russia and 2 London, where the drivers were not Muslim, or only moderate Muslims. But in all these cases, the driver doesn’t understand how, he did that. The two drivers in Russia explained this because they were working too long. However, the first one said when he ran out of his car, “It is not me, it’s not me!!” and he seemed to be sincere front of the camera of the police. He explained also, that he got the feeling to get asleep and to wake up on the pedestrian!. The last one in London, did not have any reason to run on the crowd front of Westminster. When he is taken out from his car, by the police, it is obvious that he doesn’t know what he does there. The only way to take the full control of an individual is to use psychotronic weapons and maybe inside his car.
      • The previous point is also the only way to explain, how a man happy in his life suddenly steals a plane, pilots this plane like a pro and decides to suicide on an island.
    • On the last weeks in Europe and in the USA, there are several identical cases where the parents kill their kids. However, these drama’s are recorded minute by minute on my server by Gladio. So how they do it. How, Gladio can be sure that the parent will kill his/her children and that their target will not change his/her mind before the end? The psychotronic weapons in the house of the target.

      • In Belgium, this happy mother killed her 3 young kids some hours before to go to her appointment with the psychiatrist. Most of the beginnings of attacks in my story depend directly on what I was doing on my computer, trying to warn the world. Is Gladio physically behind the killers? or behind my shoulders? Impossible. They will not take that risk and obviously, we see that sometimes, the time between my action and the attack is less than one hour. How is it possible? Coincidence? Impossible, not for so many attacks! The only way to have the full control of an individual and to start such action, on demand, is to use psychotronic weapons. Gladio knew that the mother in Belgium had to see the psychiatrist in the next hours, but they wanted that I’m the one to start the infanticide action to let me make the link later. So, they made me find this Christopher Watts case and when I found it, they launched the infanticide, because they knew that I will link both of them, and the mother got her order to kill her kids. Impossible? No it is possible, because it is the ONLY WAY to explain, that I decide to write to Rita KATZ, the director of SITE Intelligence Group, while David KATZ is already on his way, with his weapon, to make his shooting. Gladio was sure that they will push me to write to Rita KATZ before the shooting begins. They could not be wrong in the timing. However, I don’t know, how I have been manipulated. I think, I have an implant. I feel something near my left eyebrow, making hurt sometimes and I feel sometimes tinnitus. A day, I was very sick and vomiting several times without any reason. All this, could be symptoms of psychotronic / microwave weapons. In 2012-2013, I have been poisoned two times, and I spent each time several days in clinic. Maybe, I got some implant, but one thing is sure, where I live in the Philippines, the use of microwaves in my house, could not be easy at all. So it is almost sure that they use highest technology on me, to have a full control on my activity, even if I don’t feel it everyday. I’m too much important for them, even if I’m not important for you.

I can be wrong on some points, but it is impossible that I’m wrong on all points. Indeed, since all my actions are monitored by Gladio, since they show me what they think through their signal, and since sometimes, it seems that they give me some ideas, we could almost say that they maybe write my emails with me. But any way, such skills or weapons belong to the most powerful powers on this earth.

Aug 31 – 10:55, I begin to upload on Twitter, pictures explaining the psychotronic weapons…

The last set of attacks! Some shots before the checkmate!


  • Aug 31 – 12:00, Stabbing attack in Amsterdam station (NL) against Americans by an Afghan  #593
  • Sept 01 – 05:30, Explosion and large fire in a refinery in Germany  #598 (graph 2)
    • The authorities don’t find the reason of this explosion. However, I see that this refinery is made of a lot of iron. (easy to attack by microwave weapons)
    • According to the Gladio graphs (2), this operation began on Aug 31 – 19:00 and finished on Sept 01 – 11:00.
  • Sept 01 – 17:30, Stabbing attack in a museum in Canneto, Italy #594 (graphs 2)
    • The authorities don’t find the motive and the 58 yo woman seemed crazy or out of control.
    • According to the Gladio graphs (2), this operation began on Sept 01 – 11:00 and finished on Sept 02 – 00:00.
  • Sept 02 – 10:00, Stabbing attack in a museum in Cannes, Italy #599 (graphs 2)
    • The drama occurred within the same family. The killer killed his parents and his 20 yo sister and seemed crazy, out of control.
    • It is not the same environment, but we got already several attacks of this kind.
    • What is very particular, is the two 2 same names Cannes-Canneto, like the two Katz, the 3 Manchester, the two Frederic*
    • According to the Gladio graphs (2), this operation began on Sept 02 – 00:00 and finished on Sept 02 – 18:00.
  • Sept 03 – 00:30, a very important and old museum is burning in Brazil #601 (graphs 1)
    • The police did not find how/where the fire began yet. The museum was closed.
    • The museum did not have enough fire protection system.
    • The hour of the beginning of the fire and the other circumstances make me link this fire to the Glasgow School of Art that contained also a lot of very precious books. The Glasgow  School of Art fire was definitively a Gladio operation.
    • Gladio showed in June-July 2018, that they like to setup very large blazes. (Europa park, Winter Cherry mall..)
    • Gladio shows something very special for this blaze on their signal.
  • Sept 06 – 15:00, Massive shooting in Cincinnati (US) (graphs 2)

    • Sept 05 – 19:00 I wrote to a General (army) in France. Gladio stars a new operation. #603
    • Sept 06 – 05:00 I wrote to a General (army) in France -2. #605
    • Sept 06 – 07:00 acknowledgement of receipt from the General. Gladio shows a big peak. #602
    • Sept 06 – 15:00 massive shooting in Cincinnati. Gladio shows a classic sword peak (death).
    • The killer, 29 yo, not Muslim, talk about wars in the world and seemed unbalanced.
    • Several dead and wounded.
    • Sept 07 – 08:00 End of operation
  • Sept 07 – 09:20, Terror incident in Barnsley UK (graphs 2)
    • After, my exchange with the General, I wrote to a website reseauinternational.net. A woman answered to me and…
    • A 28 yo woman, was shouting “kill, kill, kill” and she stabbed one man in Barnsley.
    • Gladio shows a classic sword peak.
  • Sept 09 – 22:45, Massive Stabbing attackin Paris (graphs 1)
    • A Afghan attacks people with an iron bar and a knife .
    • This attack occurred because I did not send this report, yesterday (see introduction)
    • Gladio shows a peak of its Global signal (see introduction).

To be continued, probably today or tomorrow…

Let me to remind you my worst souvenir. Just before the Toronto ram-car attack, we got 2 huge bombing attacks in Afghanistan. These bombing attacks have been done by Gadio (for NATO), since they recorded these attacks on my web server, minute by minute. It was already the same with the Intercontinental hotel and the bombing ambulance. So, I chose to warn the Belgian authorities and several Afghan embassies, showing the records of these operations in my web server. Among the recipients of my email, I finally add the Afghan embassy in Ottawa.

Gladio saw that, and immediately, they launch a new operation, that I see on their signal. 7 hours later, there is the ram car attack in Toronto, but the sketch of this operation is coming from my first video that I just put on the web here http://vimeo.com/266657401. Indeed, in this video, I gave an example to show what I get as information from Gladio when they launch an attack. The killer respected almost the number of dead.

The next days, I contacted many journalists and a video-journalist was very happy, to get an email from me. We talk so much, and she wanted to talk about my story. With other journalists, she proposed me an interview on the web. But some days later, she became scared and finally, she cancelled the interview. Gladio was so angry by her attitude. In the next hours, they organized a bombing attack in Kabul. They have waited for the coming of the journalists, and when they were enough on the bombing spot, they send a video-journalistexplode himself to kill as more as possible of journalists. 10 have been killed. Later, in the day, they killed 12 kids. I’m so sad to be involved in such situation, but about Gladio, I’m almost sure, more they have to kill to make known the truth, more they are angry and able to kill much more again. We are very closed to a huge attack, or nuclear/chemical accident.

I really sorry of this whole situation. I can not count how many emails and warnings, I sent already in 15 months (since May 22, 2017), how many hundreds or thousands of hours I spent already to warn you, how many people and kids are dead or wounded. I guess that Gladio is very angry that I work for nothing. I’m very scared for the near future.

Best regards

Marc Delantre @MDelantre

Other summary of my story in English (not updated) : http://docdro.id/ztkAydf