Russiagate: The Ultimate False Flag Psyop To Take Down America!



Russiagate: The Ultimate False Flag Psyop To Take Down America!

Burlington, WA
August 1, 2018

by Rich Scheck

The 2016 election never ended: Russiagate is being used to keep it going and unresolved!

Fueled by the unrelenting assault by the Mainstream Media and the political establishment against the election of Donald Trump, the United States has descended into a state of chaos bordering on all-out civil war with the possible breakdown of society.

It is totally understandable that those who oppose Trump find it hard to accept his victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.  He is a man with incredible baggage and a personality that leaves much to be desired for someone claiming to lead a nation of
over 300 million souls.

BUT, push is rapidly coming to shove, with the unproven “Russia Did It” meme reaching almost insane proportions as a disruptive force that endangers the very fabric of American society.

Even if the Russians did “interfere” with the election in some manner, continuing to harp on that theme is extremely disruptive to the well-being of the American Republic.

It also represents an incredible level of hypocrisy with the pot calling the kettle black since the U.S. (especially the Intelligence Community) is notorious for interfering in the elections of countless other countries……….. including Russia.

It also excludes Hillary’s clear interference in obtaining the Democratic nomination, as well as her many other dubious dealings that made Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy as suspect as the president’s. (Can you say Uranium One?)

Here are some of the major problems with the ongoing Mueller investigation:

Mueller himself lacks credibility as an honest public servant. Despite his supposed excellent reputation, he is a deeply flawed and conflicted prosecutor who should never have been assigned this role. (Check out his utter failure to investigate 9/11.)

His team is filled with those who clearly have it in for the president. (Can you say Peter Strzok?)

He has provided NO evidence of Russian collusion with Trump after nearly 2 years of investigation.

His prosecutions either exceed his mandate to prove collusion, lack any serious claims of interference and/or are focused on low-hanging fruit who have other problems that make them vulnerable to “turning” on the president (i. e. say anything, Judas-style to avoid years in jail……….like Manafort or Cohen).

His boss, Rod Rosenstein is deeply conflicted because of his relationship with Mueller and Comey, and possibly because of his wife’s many dealings with the Clintons and Obama.

Mueller’s alleged evidence is highly tainted and subject to being rejected by the courts as invalid in a criminal prosecution.

Many of his sources are former criminals like Felix Sater who have been turned into informants.

His investigation is entirely one-sided as it ignores the apparent complicity of the Clinton campaign in its dealings with Russia over the years via the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

Mueller is part of the bi-partisan, massive criminal operation that constitutes the US government which came to power despite Ike’s warnings to avoid the Military Industrial Complex. This is the New World Order, (Very) Deep State, Washington Cabal thatboth sides employ to discredit their opponents while failing to admit their own participation.

In short, we have the corrupt investigating the corrupt……the legal equivalent of the blind leading the blind!

As George Webb, Robert David Steele, State of the Nation, The Millennium Report, AIM4Truth, VeteransToday, Jeff Rense, Infowars, and countless other alternative news sources have documented over the years, the MSM is perpetuating and covering-up the various false flag scandals that have led to endless U.S. wars.

These wars have all but destroyed our country by bankrupting the Treasury and undermining our good will as the (former) beacon of liberty for the world.

Russiagate has been brilliantly converted into a scheme to take down America by further undermining an already vulnerable federal government whose legitimacy has been decreasing over the years by virtue of it having embraced an imperial philosophy of world policemen intent on establishing Pax Americana.

Russiagate is the ultimate false flag psyop to take down America………….and it’s succeeding!

Trump rode into office articulating the disgust most decent citizens have with the quest for empire that sees US troops stationed at nearly 1,000 military bases across the globe in almost every nation on the planet; a situation so hidden from public awareness that even Congress was flabbergasted to learn that four US soldiers were killed in a secret military operation in Niger last year.

Despite his rhetoric, Trump has done a poor job of fulfilling his mandate, in large part because his personal life-style of funny-money business deals (including those with the RUSSIAN Jewish Mafia) and womanizing has left him open to well-deserved attacks on his judgment and morality. His cabinet choices were also almost entirely inconsistent with what he said during the campaign.

His most significant step in the right direction, peace talks with Putin and the Russians, has been met with the most sickening outbursts of over-reaction by the custodians of the MSM whose lies, exaggerations, cover-ups and outright fake news have left the public stunned, confused and justifiably even more distrustful of the Fourth Estate.

In short, we have a society teetering on the edge of economic, social, moral and political collapse. Trump should have fired Sessions long ago and never let the Mueller investigation keep going. His failure to do so suggests his own arrogance and/or some level of complicity in misdeeds that may have nothing to do with Russia and the election.

As things now stand, 14 weeks prior to the mid-term election, it is possible the results may prove decisive enough to either repudiate the never-Trump monologue of hatred and denial coming mostly from the Left or see the final resolution of the 2016 battle between Hillary and The Donald.

More realistically, nothing will be decided as both sides spew their self-righteous pleadings and retreat further into their own confirmation biases that will prevent any progress towards healing the current great divide.

Those behind the Russiagate fiasco are succeeding beyond their wildest hopes with their false flag psyop as our once great Republic continues its plunge towards the abyss.