Trump’s missile attack carried out to prolong US military involvement in Syria…



Trump’s missile attack carried out to prolong US military involvement in Syria…

And to embolden ISIS and Syrian rebels…

And to provide the IDF with political and military cover  by  Franco-Anglo-American coalition

And to create an impeachable offense that hangs over the head of the POTUS

And much more that will be exposed in due course of time…

Two Subsequent Airstrikes by Israel Marks New Offensive Against Assad Government

The Millennium Report

The further we get away from the scene of the war crime in Syria, the more apparent are the true motives of the Neocon Zionists who now control President Trump’s foreign policy, especially his Mideast war policy.

Those who ordered Trump to launch the unlawful missile strike have several goals in mind.

Each passing day inevitably reveals those secret objectives that have been agreed upon by the US, UK, French and Israeli governments.

Other NATO powers such as Turkey, Germany and Italy are also well aware of this “strategy of tension” routinely employed by Operation Gladio.

So are the other Middle Eastern co-conspirators like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, etc.

The bottom line is that such a brazen and reckless war crime is only ever committed out of sheer desperation.

The Neocon Zionist perps are really that desperate that they would risk starting World War III.  There ultimate goal, after all, is to trigger a global conflict of apocalyptic proportions.

Because Trump’s missile attack on Syria represented such an egregious betrayal in the eyes of his political base, it’s now clear he was forced into the decision.

The profound damage that he inflicted on the Patriot Movement is so great that he will never recover.

Trump’s only hope is to make it through his final term without an impeachment proceeding.

Deep State is closing in on Trump by the day.   And there’s no way out for him but strict compliance with shadow government dictates.

At the end of the day, the Greater Israel project will proceed as stealthily as ever.

All the Western powers dance to the beat of their masters in Tel Aviv.

Until the world community of nations wakes up to this grim reality, there will never be peace.  There can never be peace in the Mideast or the world.

Hence, there is only one solution to this extremely serious international crisis.

The Millennium Report
April 17, 2018