The Nazi Concentration Camps Were Labor Camps Not For Extermination



The Nazi Concentration Camps Were Labor Camps Not For Extermination

Russian Historian Presents Revisionist Perspective On The Jewish Holocaust

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In 1920, the Rothschilds made the world “King of the Jews” Chaim Weizmann, who from 1948 to 1952, was also the first president of the parasitic state of Israel!

Simultaneously, since 1920, Weiman led the World Zionist Organization and the Jewish Agency for Palestine!

After the Hitler’s drive to power, Weizmann and Adolf signed an agreement:
“On the transfer from Germany to Palestine in the form of labor of the state of the German Jews who left there.”

This agreement thwarted the economic boycott of Germany by different countries of the world! Zionist organizations handed over to Hitler in 1933-1936. – 126 million dollars!

At the same time, to “put the world to sleep” from the real cooperation of Hitler and Weizmann, world Jewry declared itself a participant in the Second World War and on March 24, 1933, declared war on Germany!

From the world-wide Zionist organization, Weizmann sent his deputy Feifel Polkes in Germany in 1937, at the invitation of the leadership of the Gestapo (SD) in Berlin, in the person of the Jew Adolf Eichmann.

The cooperation of Eichmann and Polkes was led by Jew Heydrich, behind whom stood the Jew himself Hitler!

The SS special department, headed by Oswald Paul – the Office of Economics and Administration, worked to turn the camps into large industrial complexes.

Circular dated August 15, 1940, shows the details of the German plan developed by Eichmann, because, it is signed by his assistant Danneker.

On September 5, 1939, the world Jewish king Haim Weizmann declared Germany a war on behalf of the Jews of the whole world, saying that Jews would support England and that the Jewish Agency was ready to take immediate measures to use Jewish human resources and other actions.

And before that, since 1933, various Jewish organizations and agencies have declared six times (!) To the world that they are at war with Germany.

Thus, all Jews were de facto declared agents ready to participate in hostilities against Germany.

During the war, the Germans continued the policy of Jewish emigration.

The memorandum of Luther, the ministerial secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Third Reich in August 1942 shows that he conducted these negotiations from July to December 1940 with the French government.

The German Fuhrer decided to evacuate the Jews to the east.

Details of this evacuation were decided a month before at a conference in Wannsee / a place on a lake near Berlin.

On March 7, 1942, less than a month after the memorandum at the Foreign Ministry, Goebbels, as the “final solution to the Jewish question,” approved a plan for the concentration of Jews in the East.

Goebbels’s later correspondence also speaks of deportation to the east / to Poland /, stressing the need for forced labor.

After the policy of deportation to the east was introduced, the use of Jews as a work force became the main part of this operation.

It is quite obvious that the term “final decision” was applied to both Madagascar and the eastern territories and that it meant only deportation.

The “Madagascar” plan was just a “distraction” and “cover” of the constant export of Jews to Palestine, passing through the concentration camps in Poland, which began in 1933, and by 1937, the Jewish population of Palestine reached 400,000!

Palestine was then under the jurisdiction of Britain and the Arabs were methodically destroyed by Jewish brigades, and Jews were moved “quietly” to their places of residence by Jews from Europe.

Pope actor and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jew Gustav, was the chief of the Austrian police and voluntarily joined the Nazi Party in March 1938, even before Austria was “attached” to Germany.

And in 1940 he became a member of the Sturmabteilung – Nazi stormtrooper, of which twenty soldiers and officers of Jewish origin were awarded the highest military award of the Third Reich – the Knight’s Cross.

For a long time, the Nazi press put a photo of a blue-eyed blonde in a helmet.

Under the picture was: “The ideal German soldier,” and this “Aryan ideal” was a Wehrmacht fighter Werner Goldberg / with the Jewish Pope /.

Major Wehrmacht Robert Borchardt received the Knight’s Cross for the tank breakthrough of the Soviet front in August 1941.

Then Borchardt was sent to the Rommel African Corps, where El Alamein was captured by the British, who in 1944, he was allowed to come to England to a Jewish father.

In 1946, Borchardt returned to Germany, saying to his Jewish father:
“Someone must rebuild our country.”

Colonel Walter Hollander, a Jewish mother, received a personal letter from Hitler, in which “the Fiihrer certified the Aryanism” of this halachic Jew / Halacha – traditional Jewish legislation, according to which the Jew is considered to be a Jew born of a mother.
The same certificates of “German blood” were signed by Hitler for dozens of high-ranking officers of Jewish origin.

During the war, Hollander was awarded Iron Crosses of both degrees and a rare mark of distinction – the Golden German Cross, and in 1943, he received the Knight’s Cross.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Luftwaffe officer and grandson of a Jew, testified: “Only in my air force there were 15-20 same guys like me.”

In January 1944, the personnel department of the Wehrmacht prepared a secret list of 77 officers and generals “mixed with the Jewish race or married to Jews.”

All 77 had Hitler’s personal identification of “German blood”; among the listed in the list – 23 colonels, 5 major-general, 8 lieutenant-general and two full generals.

Reinhard Heydrich, head of the RSHA, who controlled the Gestapo, criminal police, intelligence and counterintelligence, joined the Freakcaps at 16 to dispel rumors about a Jewish grandfather.

In the middle of 1925, Heydrich served as a cadet on the training ship “Berlin”, where the captain was the future Admiral Canaris and where Reinhart met his wife Erika, arranged with her home violin concertos of Haydn and Mozart.

Then, having joined Hitler, Heydrich sailed up the Nazi stairs, becoming the youngest SS-Obergrupperfiihrer of the SS / rank equal to the major-general of the army.

The classic “hidden Jew” in the elite of the Third Reich was Field Marshal of Aviation Erhard Milch, whose father was a Jewish pharmacist.

Milch in the division of the famous Richthofen, met the young Goering and distinguished himself at the headquarters, although he himself did not fly on airplanes.

In 1929, Milch became the general director of Lufthansa, the national air carrier, and provided free aircraft for the leaders of the NSDAP.

Hering’s aphorism about Milch:
“In my headquarters I will decide who is Jewish and who is not!”

After the war, Milch spent nine years in prison, and then until the age of 80 worked as a consultant for the concerns “Fiat” and “Thyssen.”

The story of the “salvation” of Lubavitch Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson of Warsaw in the fall of 1939 is full of mysteries .

Chabadniki in the US appealed to Secretary of State Cordell Hell to ask for help.

The State Department agreed with Admiral Canaris, head of military intelligence (Abwehr), about the free passage of Schneerson to Holland.

The operation to remove the Lubavitcher rabbi from occupied Poland was led by Lieutenant Colonel Abwehr, Dr. Ernst Bloch, the son of a Jew.

Bloch defended the rabbi against the attacks of the German soldiers, for he himself was “covered” with a document:
“I, Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German nation, hereby certify that Ernst Bloch is a special German blood.”

His namesake Jew Dr. Edward Bloch received personally from the Fuhrer in 1940, permission to travel to the US: he was a doctor from Linz, who treated Hitler’s mother and Adolf himself in his childhood.

Not only soldiers and junior officers of Jewish origin served in the Wehrmacht, but also Field Marshal Manstein-Lewinsky, 2 full generals, 8 lieutenant-generals, 5 major-generals and 33 colonels were in the highest positions of the Wehrmacht, let alone the very top Jewish leaders: Goebbels , Himmler, Hess, Schucht, Ribbentrop and other Jews … up to the grandson of Solomon Rothschild-Hitler!

In the camps of Poland, most of the Jews began to leave after March 1942.

The “prisoners” of the ghettos and concentration camps were used as a labor force in the production of military products for the needs of the Third Reich.

This problem was especially acute for Hitler at the end of 1941, after the failure of the blitzkrieg, for the “quick capture” of the USSR, and then the German leadership was forced to mobilize all resources for the war, the continuation of which was demanded of the top of the Reich by the Rothschilds themselves.

Thus, the issue of the work of prisoners was fundamental in refuting the allegations that Germany allegedly pursued plans for the mass extermination of Jews.

The Rothschilds forced Hitler to let the Jews work for the Third Reich, while they were cleared for them in Palestine, with the help of armed detachments of Jews and the British.
The verbatim record of the conversation between Hitler and the Hungarian regent Horthy, held on 17.04.1943, contains the request of Hitler to release 100,000 Jews to use them on the project of developing a new fighter.

Concentration camps turned into huge industrial complexes supplying military products of the German army – the factory of synthetic rubber Buna in the camp of Bergen-Belsen, IG Farben in Auschwitz, Siemens electrical company in Ravensbrück.

For example, Jews produced synthetic gasoline and rubber at Auschwitz enterprises, and the work was paid for by special money, for which it was possible to buy goods and additional food, go to restaurants and marry!

In the Wehrmacht, more than 150,000 Jews were at war against the Red Army, and in the NKVD camps on August 2, 1946, there were 10,573 Jewish Jews captured by SS Jewish prisoners – and these are only pure Jews who admitted this, and how many Jews were in various other legions of the world, who fought against Russia ?!

In the besieged Leningrad, the Finnish Legion served 300 Jews.

They were given the opportunity to observe religious rites, for which the synagogue was equipped on the river Svir, in a folding Finnish house.

Thus, the “circumcised Finnish guys” fought for the triumph of the Third Reich and Great Finland. At that, two of them:
Major Leo Skurnik and non-commissioned officer Solomon Klass, were represented by the Wehrmacht command to the highest German award – Iron Cross 1st class.

In May 1942, in the town of Travniki, near Lublin, there was a training camp for guards mainly from Ukrainians and Jews of Western Ukraine, nicknamed “herbalists”.

Uniforms are the black uniforms of SS troops with a trident in the buttonhole. Jews who served in the SS were recruited there by the will of the Imperial Representation Council of German Jews.

Such councils were created not only in Germany, but also in many occupied countries of Europe, in particular in the Warsaw ghetto.

Imperial Representation / Reichvertretung / – Judenath was led by Chief Rabbi Leo Baeck.

Beck, Leo / 1873 + 1956 /, Chief Rabbi during the Third Reich, was born in Lisa, Prussia (now Lesno, Poland), in the family of Rabbi Samuel Beck, served as rabbi from 1912 to 1943, in Oppelna / Opole /, Düsseldorf and Berlin. In the First World War was an army chaplain.

Collaborated in Berlin with the Union of Germanic Rabbis and led the community of B’nai B’rith.
In 1943, in the camp Theresienstadt gave lectures on philosophy and theology.

Since 1945, he lived in London, becoming president of the Council of German Jews and chairman of the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

In 1954, he founded the Leo Beck Institute in London, where he died.

In 1943, of the 3 million Jews who arrived in Palestine, 130,000 enrolled in the Jewish army that destroyed the Palestinian Arabs, and in 1945, these Jewish divisions were put on the line of demarcation between the troops of the USSR and the Allies: the United States, Britain, France , under the guise of the “blue helmets” of the UN, officially called as the “Palestinian UN Corps”!

This “Palestinian corps” was ordered by the Zionists: to rape German women, after which many Jewish children were born in Germany, exacerbating the post-war burden of the Germans!

Stalin hated the Jew Joseph Broz Tito, and it was for that, in fact, this Jew took power in Serbia, and about 35,000 Jews were in his troops in Yugoslavia.

The Third Reich was created by the Jews and Hitler’s task was precisely the creation of Israel, when Jews from all over Europe were concentrated in the camps, and from there they were exported to Palestine under the protection of the Germans, and at once seven million Jews, who sucked out of everything Humanity finances, still on the money of all the countries of the world contain this parasitic state!

Some of the Jews went to Palestine, under various pretexts and from the USSR!

Over the past decades, Jewish dreamers have come up with many versions of the Holocaust, even more and their Jewish distributors, all of whom stubbornly keep silent about the large-scale evacuation of the Jewish population deep into the USSR, and in fact, according to statistics, virtually all Jews from German-occupied territories of the Soviet Union and those attached to it were evacuated 1939: Galicia, Western Byelorussia, the Baltic – only about 4 million people.

Jews managed to evacuate even from the border towns – according to the agency JTA / the Jewish Telegraph Agency / out of 65 thousand Jews of Chisinau, 52 thousand were evacuated to the interior of the USSR …

In December 1942, David Bergelson, secretary of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, said in Moscow:
“Thanks to the evacuation, the absolute majority of Jews living in Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia and Lithuania were rescued.

According to reports from Vitebsk, Riga and other cities captured by the fascists, there were only a few Jews left. ”

After all, the archives still have all evacuation documents and evacuation cards for each evacuee.

Even those 300 thousand Polish Jews, whom the Germans released from the occupied territory of Poland, were also evacuated to the interior of the USSR – all documents about this event were perfectly preserved.

Miraculously, Jews — apothecaries, tradesmen, shoemakers, procurers, etc., — who were all now considered “victims of the Holocaust”, got on the evacuation lists.

For example, in the special archive of the International Service for the Search for the Red Cross in Bad Arolsen / Germany / there are tens of millions of classified records of internees in camps.

And in Moscow there is a whole archive of Auschwitz, also with the personal affairs of all interned Jews.

These cards record all the movements and other data about all the prisoners of the camps, including the types of work performed by them, and even the amount of remuneration.

There are also “death books”, where the reasons for the departure to the world of another internee are carefully documented.

There were two categories of prisoners in the camps: some citizens served a temporary sentence by court order and those who served time were released, while others – internees were hid there before the end of the war.

And if they both married or died there – all this was recorded just like in the registry office, in fact, the archive in Bad Arolsen is an archive of the registry office.

The Jews living in the ghetto recall that if one of their relatives died, for example, in Auschwitz, they received a death certificate by mail.

But all these data about the prisoners of the camps are classified – in Bad Arolsen under the pretext of “invasion of privacy” , and in Moscow – classified without any pretext!

In April 1945, SMERSH at the Oranienburg camp seized documents that claim that the total number of all nationalities who died in the whole system of German camps, from its creation in 1935, before its collapse in late 1944 and early 1945, amounted to 403.713 people!

Of these 403.713 people, 73.137 died in Auschwitz, including 38.031 Jews for all reasons: for 10 years from typhus, old age, rubella, etc., and also single! executions!

Every month, the commandants of each camp sent accurate reports about the encampment of all the camps to General SS Richard Glucks, whose headquarters were in the camp of Oranienburg.

Camp Auschwitz was the last in the chain of camps, from where the Jews were ruled under the protection of the Germans in Palestine, settling on the ground peeled off Palestinian Arabs!

In the Auschwitz camp, most of the kapos were Jews and all the internal police were also exclusively Jewish!

As the Soviet troops approached, the German camp staff, retreating to the west, suggested that the prisoners of the Jews wait for the Red Army, but the bulk of the Jews left together with the Germans!

After all, the Soviet troops found Auschwitz and Majdanek, in which thousands of Jews produced artificial gasoline and rubber for the Wehrmacht’s needs, completely empty, and about the life of Jews in these camps were forced to question the surrounding Poles.

Why do not the Jews tell the Truth about life in the ghettos of Chernivtsi, Proskurov, Kremenchug, Vinnitsa, Zhmerinka, Kamenets-Podolsky, Minsk, Bobruisk, Kobrinka, Berdichev and dozens of other cities with a predominantly Jewish population and Jewish towns?

Is it because the local Jewish Judenrats and rabbinate collaborated with the Nazis, and the Jews were not terrorized by the Germans at all, but by their own Jewish police? ghetto (Jewish quarters) are the closed residential areas existing on the principles of Jewish self-government in populated areas on German-controlled territories, where Jews were forcibly moved to isolate them from the non-Jewish population.

The self-government body of the ghetto and one of the tools for the occupation regime was the Judenrat (“Jewish Council”), which included the most authoritative people in the city, town or village – businessmen, school principals, lawyers, doctors, rabbis.

For example, in Zlocheva (Lviv region) 12 members of the Judenrat became a doctor of science degree.

Judenrat provided economic life and provided utilities in the Jewish quarter.

When creating the ghetto, non-Jews were evicted from the Jewish quarter, in fact, the settlement was divided into Jewish and non-Jewish parts.

In small settlements or with a small number of Jews, the ghetto was not isolated, sometimes the Jews continued to live there where they lived and were only required to wear a badge on their clothes and guide the headman.

Often they created one common ghetto for several settlements – the Jews were escorted there under escort, because of which the myth was born that “the Jews were taken from the village to be shot.”

Hospitals were opened in the ghetto.

In the Vilnius hospital, for example, which had four departments, an X-ray room and a laboratory, 150 medical personnel worked; for one of 1942 they treated more than three thousand patients, incidentally solving their medical dilemmas: for example, having an insulin supply for only three months, to whom to give it out: to everyone? or children? or the elderly? ..

It is impossible to describe the ghetto without mentioning the Jewish police, which was created to maintain order there / in Polish Żydowska Służba Porządkowa – “Jewish service of order”, in Ukraine it was simply called “the Jewish police” ).

In the largest Warsaw ghetto Jewish police numbered about 2500;
in Lodz – 1200;
in Lviv – up to 750 people;
Vilnius 210;
Krakow 150;
Kovno / Kaunas city.

In addition to the territories of the USSR and Poland, Jewish police existed in Berlin, the Drancy concentration camp in France and the Vesterbrock concentration camp in Holland.

The police provided internal law and order in Jewish neighborhoods, participated in round-ups against illegal Jews, carried out escorts during the resettlement and deportation of Jews, ensured the fulfillment of orders of the occupation authorities, and so on.

From time to time Jewish policemen took part in executions:
for example, on October 27, 1942, 7 members of the Jewish police under the leadership of the head of the Vilnius ghetto S. Desler in Oshmiany / Belarus / participated in the massacre of 406 Belarusians.

Jews who followed the Jewish tradition were the main source of epidemiological danger in the ghetto, in fact, apart from the fact that the Jews are all smelly, when they did not shave their beards and did not wash for weeks, they turned into bearers of lice.

In the ghetto, no one was engaged in them, and in the camps they took out their woolen clothes and shoes, forcibly washed and cut their beards.

Jews still can not forgive the Germans for “such mockery,” they turned this typhus dress in Auschwitz into a shrine, admire it and weep, looking at the Jewish pies and beards shaved with lice.

And the goal of the Jews is that Russian people believe in their “cynical tales” and build them into reality, and their own Great History was forgotten and turned into Jewish slaves!

Today, it is very important for the world Jewish Sanhedrin to take the “Jewish trail” aside, from the revenge of the Slavs for the Third Reich created by Jews, for that they “let tears over the Holocaust”!

And the Jews are using all the possibilities of the media to mislead the Slavs and the indigenous peoples of Russia and the whole world on telecasts where leading Jews invite only Jews into the studio and decide for their peoples their future!

While Stalin was alive, the world Jewry even hinted at the mythical term “Holocaust”, and after the murder of Stalin, the Jews immediately began to promote this topic, and for today – this topic has already become a threat to all normal humanity!

In the “Nezalezhnaya” – the world Jewish Sanhedrin already destroys the near future the destruction of Russia, with tacit consent and full support of the Jewish authorities of the Russian Federation.

In Russia, the descendants of the Jews who served the Third Reich came to power after the murder of Stalin. Lazar Kaganovich and his right hand, the Jew Khrushchev-Perlmutter, did not finish the Jewish king in the USSR, who brought the Jews to power in Ukraine.

For example, Leonid Kravchuk (Blum), the ex-president and the king of the Jews in Little Russia, entered the Bandera hundred at a young age.

Ex-acting president – Turchynov (mother Kogan), with his girlfriend Yulia Tymoshenko (Tsilya Kapitelman), had porn studios. (Father Turchinov, Valentin Ivanovich Turchinov volunteered for the service in the German army and took the oath of allegiance to Nazi Germany.We composed 447 punitive battalion of the Wehrmacht, went on a punitive expedition against the Soviet partisans in Dyatkovo forests of the Bryansk region.In total, there are 11 episodes of participation in the indictment Turchinov in punitive expeditions against the partisans On February 10, 1951, Valentin Turchinov was convicted by the Military Tribunal of the Trans-Baikal Military District under Article 58-1 b of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR / e -. desertion to the enemy / He was sentenced to imprisonment for 25 years.

Released in 1955, during a mass amnesty).

Dmitry (Avdim) Yarosh , a relative of the former prime minister of Israel Menachem Begin.

Leonid Kuchma (Kuchman), the former president of Little Russia, the nephew of Golda Meer, the president of Israel, Renat Akhmetov’s father, Victor Pinchuk’s father-in-law, the friend of the former Israeli president Shimon Peres and the main mason in the territory of Little Russia.

Arseniy Yatsenyuk (Bakai), deputy chief mason in Little Russia. Yatsenyuk’s mother, Maria Grigoryevna Bakai, belongs to the ancient Jewish family, which is known to the world thanks to the authoritative Talmud interpreter Rabbi Bakai.

Wife Yatsenyuk – Theresa Gur “Hasidic princess.” GUR is a dynasty of zaddik (spiritual leaders of Hasidic communities) from the city of Gura-Kalvarya (30 km southeast of Warsaw).

The founder of the Gur dynasty was Rabbi Yitzhak Meir Rothenberg Alter, the son of a Gursky rabbi, a follower of Levi Yitzhak ben Meir from Berdichev.

It is important to emphasize that for many years the adviser of the President of Ukraine – Jewish Anna Herman and the adviser of the President of Ukraine – the head of the main department of international relations of the Administration of the President of Ukraine, the Jew Andrei Goncharuk , was the link between the Administration of the President of Ukraine and the leadership of Israel.

The World Jewish Congress in Russia is represented in the person of “Mrs.” L.V. Kosareva.

The main enemy of all Slavs in Russia is Vladimir Vekselman- Gundyaev , the nephew of the member of the Politburo of the Jew Grigory Romanov, the Jewish high priest, the diamond-tobacco-alcohol and oil financier and concurrently the head of the Moscow Patriarchate.

Stop the scenario of the destruction of Russia can only NATIONALIZATION OF THE CENTRAL BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, after which immediately all world Judaism and their bridgehead of the USA will instantly go bankrupt!

Ratification of the agreement between Ukraine and the EU legally recognizes Novorossia!

This gives the former owners the right to regain ownership of what they owned on July 1, 1914.

And on July 1, 1914, Novorossiya was the Administrative and Territorial Unit of the Russian Empire and included the territories of the present Zaporozhye, Kirovograd, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Kherson, Mykolayiv, Donetsk, Lugansk regions, as well as the Crimea (Taurida Gubernia) and Transnistria (Bessarabia gubernia ).

September 12, 1991, from the Ukrainian SSR came the illegal formation of “Ukraine”, which simply closed their eyes at the UN, and Jew Blum (Kravchuk) had no legal rights to sign the denunciation of the USSR, because he did not represent the Ukrainian SSR that established it.

But “unreliable”, and did not bother to demarcate borders!

The Western Frontier is “illegitimate” legally owned by the USSR, while the Northern part of Byelorussia and the East from Russia is not a border at all and does not belong to the UN at all, while the world Jewry artificially supported the Jewish power of Ukraine, created a concentration camp for running social programs in the Slavs, because the current fascist the power of Kiev has surpassed the scale of the genocide of the Slavs of Hitler himself!

The United Nations, teeming with Jews and led by them, has reached a deadlock and no longer meets the requirements of observance of legal norms and rules between peoples that are not represented by indigenous nations, but consist exclusively of Jews residing in these countries!

But so far in this Jewish gadyushnik – legally in the Security Council there is only the USSR, and there are no RF, Ukraine and Belarus!

Accordingly, all countries should suspend membership in this organization and create other schemes of relations between countries and peoples, otherwise the death of the entire Planet!

Fascism, like Zionism, the derivatives of Judaism, through which the world banking Jewish community manages humanity and gradually destroys it.

Therefore, the Slavs and the indigenous peoples of Russia have only one way out – self-organization!

The Slavs and the Indigenous Peoples of the USSR – the Russian Empire can survive – only if they stop listening to Jewish delirious tales and cynical myths!

Sergey Zhilenkov