Foul Play: Billionaire Couple Linked to Clinton Foundation Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances


Barry and Honey Sherman


Foul Play: Billionaire Couple Linked to Clinton Foundation Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

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The suspected murder late last year of two billionaires tenuously linked to failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s corrupt Clinton Foundation has conspiracy theorists convinced she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, orchestrated their killings.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Network, billionaire husband and wife Barry and Honey Sherman “were found dead by a real estate agent in the basement of their Toronto mansion on Dec. 15.”

“The source said their bodies were in an upright seated position on the floor near an indoor pool,” the CBC reported. “Police deemed the deaths ‘suspicious’ but have said little else since their investigation began.”

Though a number of media outlets claimed detectives were “probing the deaths as a possible murder-suicide,” according to the CBC, a team of private forensic investigators reportedly hired by the couple’s four children dispute this claim.

A source with knowledge of their probe confirmed to the CBC that the investigators are confident the Shermans were murdered by multiple killers.

“Honey struggled with her killer or killers. She had cuts on her lip and nose, and was sitting in a pool of her own blood when she was discovered. However, there was comparatively little blood apparent on her upper-body clothing, suggesting that she had been face-down on the tile, bleeding, for some time before being bound to the handrail in an upright position, the source said.”

As noted earlier, the Shermans’ link to the Clintons is tenuous. Barry was the founder of Canada’s biggest generic drug manufacturer, Apotex, and according to the media, Apotex “previously donated medicine to aid initiatives linked with the Clinton Foundation in Haiti and elsewhere,” as reported by BuzzFeed.

press release published by the Clinton Foundation after Hurricane Maria ravaged Puerto Rico last year seems to confirm this. Under a list of the companies that donated “medicines and supplies,” the foundation specifically named “Apotex Inc.”

Because of this connection, conspiracy theorists believe the Clintons orchestrated the murders of Barry and Honey Sherman. As evidence, they point to their long-held belief that the Clintons likewise played a role in the murder of former Democrat National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

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The murder of Rich two years ago led “to conspiracy theories that the Clintons were involved in Rich’s murder,” according to The Daily Wire, though Rich’s family thereafter “slammed such conspiracy theories as attempts ‘to politicize this horrible tragedy.’”

The Daily Wire noted that conspiracy theorists also maintain similar theories about the deaths of longtime Clinton ally Vince Foster, former DNC political director Paul Tully, former White House intern Mary Mahoney and a number of other individuals who were either closely or only tenuously linked to the Clintons.

A new report published this week by the gossip website Radar Online claimed sources say the Shermans “were actually killed by bitter business rivals.”

“Well known in Canada, Barry made billions in the pharmaceutical industry — often at the expense of his competitors,” Radar reported. “‘Barry would often wait for patents to expire, and make a generic drug to undercut other companies,’ said a source close to the investigation.”

Surprisingly, The Daily Beast seemed to confirm this angle, reporting that the couple had “many enemies,” particularly in the business world.

What conspiracy theorists wonder, though, is whether they had enemies in the political world as well — enemies like Bill and Hillary Clinton, for instance.