The Historical Roots Of Cultural Marxism Must Be Understood If It Is To Be Defeated



The Historical Roots Of Cultural Marxism Must Be Understood If It Is To Be Defeated

Sabbatean-Frankism as the Paradigm of the Modern Left


 Introduction: Sabbatean-Frankist Paradigm

What do all these influential intellectuals all have in common?

1. Communism (Marx)
2. Sexual depravity (Freud)
3. Corporate Leftism (Bernays)
4. Multiculturalism (Horace Kallen)
5. Deconstructivism/Critical Theory (Walter Benjamin)
6. Frankfurt School (Adorno)
7. Radical jurisprudence (Brandeis, Frankfurter, and Cardozo)
8. Large-scale, non-selective immigration (Israel Zangwill, Emma Lazarus)

They are all linked to Sabbatean-Frankism, a distinct quasi-Satanic schism within Jewry. The extraordinary prevalence of Sabbatean-Frankist influence among top Jewish intellectuals from 1850-1950 makes it statistically impossible to deny its role because of the impossible coincidences.

The Sabbatean-Frankists sought to invert traditional Jewish-Christian values, including the 10 Commandments, restrictions on debauched sexuality, man’s dominion over the environment, etc. Further, given Sabbatean-Frankism’s apocalyptic nature, the modern Left is riven with irrational destructive impulses.

This general thesis has been explored by historians Paul Johnson and Gershom Scholem, but never in such detail. There are several implications of this thesis:

  • The failures of the contemporary Left do not represent “good faith” secular humanist efforts gone wrong. It is very possible that Freud, Marx, and other Sabbatean-Frankist intellectuals purpose-built their ideas to destroy the West.
  • The US Supreme Court was heavily influenced by Sabbatean-Frankists. Their impact help cause a revolution via court fiat in the 50s-70s that undemocratically imposed decadent/anti-Judeo-Christian (i.e. Frankist) values on the country.
  • Since the Left is fundamentally a quasi-Satanic movement devoted to destroying traditional Judeo-Christian civilization, it is a natural ally with like-minded Islam, despite superficial differences (feminism, gay rights). Islam and the Left will seamlessly cooperate to destroy the West as they cooperated to topple the Shah in the Iranian Revolution.

Any civilization will eventually grow contemptuous of its stern founding virtues. Sabbatean-Frankism’s resonance is part of a cycle where civilizations grow complacent and ultimately self-destructive.

Count Radetzsky, who defeated both Napolean and the Frankist-inspired rebels of 1848, appears to have understood the nature of the Left, which isn’t secular humanism or mere nihilism, but destructiveness as an end-in-itself.

Soldiers! Open your eyes to the abyss that opens at your feet; everything is in flux; the mainstays of the social order have been destroyed; property, morality, religion are threatened with destruction. Everything that is holy and dear to man, everything on which the state is based and which it upholds, people are determined to destroy.  That, not liberty, is the aim of every rabble-rouser who wants to drag you down to your ruin and shame.

If Frankism is an ideology of destruction, how does it animate the Left? Saul Alinksy tells us by dedicating his work to Lucifer. Note the famous quote from Milton’s Paradise Lost “Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven.” The Left seeks to preside over bringing Hell on Earth.

2. Definitions

2-1. “Sabbatean”: Follower of Sabbati Zevi. Sabbati Zevi was a false Jewish messiah who spawned a large movement (estimates range from 100,000 to 1MM followers) in 1666. Zevi’s teachings can be summarized by the maxim: “what is holy; unholy, what is unholy, holy”. The theology of Sabbateanism represents an “Achilles Heel” in Judaism. In traditional Jewish theology, cumulative acts of righteousness will eventually bring the Messiah.  However, the Sabbatean interpretation uses isolated Biblical quotes to support the opposite conclusion. As if following the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Sabbateans reason that it would be easier to accelerate the flow of chaos to utterly destroy civilization than to perfect it. Once they debauch the Judeo-Christian faiths and ruin the world, God would be forced to start the Messianic Age to save it.

Orthodox Rabbi Emden (1697-1776) tried warning Christians of the existential Sabbatean menace:

And if they are truly Christians, they will observe their faith with truth, and not allow within their boundary this new unfit Messiah Shabbetai Zevi who came to destroy the Earth.

2-2. “Frankist”Jakob Frank came 100 years after Zevi and claimed to be his reincarnation. As Gershom Scholem described: “Frank will always be remembered as one of the most frightening phenomena in the whole of Jewish history”.

Frankism is a distinct system from Sabbateanism (it has less mysticism and more radicalism and is more primed as a political movement).  Frank is notable for innovating ideas such as contemporary feminism and Labor Zionism.  Notoriously, Frankists engaged in orgies, pedophilia, adultery, wife-swapping, murder, and all manner of sin, ritualistically.

Schisms in Judaism between decadent rejectionists and traditionalists are age-old.

2-3. “Neo-Frankist”: Following the death of Jakob Frank in 1791, his movement fell apart. About a century later, “Neo-Frankism” and related Jewish mysticism became common among Jewish intelligentsia. As German fascists found spiritual energy in neo-Paganism, the radical Jewish Left found its muse in Sabbatean-Frankist thought. Although they don’t technically practice Frankist custom and ritual, clearly they are linked to the ideas and sub-culture of the Frankist movement, including marrying fellow Frankist.

Marx, Freud, Israel Zangwill, and the Frankfurt School, among others, all appear to be “neo-Frankists”.

We make war against all prevailing ideas of religion, of the state, of country, of patriotism. The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed.

             –Karl Marx

The bizarre Frankist cult should have been a historical footnote, but they were able to capture the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) and Western culture in the chaos following WW1 and WW2. Gramsci’s Long March allowed nearly all institutions of the West (religious, political, and corporate) to be taken over by neo-Frankism.

2-4. “SabbateanFrankists”: references Sabbateans, Frankists, and Neo-Frankists, collectively.

2-5. Frankist Paradigm: The “Frankist Paradigm” is the set of neo-Frankist beliefs that have now metastasized across Western culture.  These ideas find resonance in a multi-cultural society, where animosities brew under the surface and politics becomes a proxy for ethnic warfare. Without traditionalism, society becomes insipid and narcissistic, finding itself attracted to radical politics as a catharsis and a sadistic release. Without unity, society divides into warring factions. The Frankist Paradigm weaponizes these conflicts, producing a society of malcontents more interested in destruction and animosity than collective progress.

Inception provides an introduction to Kuhnsian paradigms.


3. Methodologies: How to Identify Sabbatean-Frankists

Sabbatean-Frankists rarely reveal their interest in Zevi or Frank (Israel Zangwill was an exception). Frankists were commanded: “a believer must not appear as he really is”. They went so far as to destroy all public and personal records to conceal their prior association. Why would they hitch themselves to discredited apocalyptic messiahs with bizarre sexual proclivities? Indeed, the entire modern Leftist project to destroy the West would be undermined if its hidden roots in apocalyptic quasi-Satanism were uncovered.

Sabbatean-Frankists were deeply cynical and relish deception. So, instead of saying that they were influenced by Frank, they make up risible hagiography-worthy stories of their profound altruism and humanity (Marx claiming that he was inspired to Communism by seeing unneeded  scrap wood not being shared to help keep the German locals warm).

To identify Sabbatean influence, Gershom Scholem used geographic loci to determine a Sabbatean relationship. For example, if the Haskalah (the Jewish Enlightenment) popped up in a region known as a nest of Sabbatean behavior, he drew a causal connection between the Haskalah and earlier known Sabbatean activity. Thus, there is a pattern of Sabbatean-Frankists linked to a few regions, such as Prague, Posen, and Frankfurt. Jewry lacked a strong centralized governance, meaning that heresies could thrive in isolated communities.

As Scholem demonstrated, there are techniques to identify potential linkages between an individual or an activity and Sabbatean-Frankism. The “art and science” of identifying Sabbateans has been going on for over 350 years and it’s a hit-or-miss affair.

Sabbatean-Frankists were anything but your “typical Jew”. They were distinctive with unique backgrounds and commonalities. Using these patterns, we can determine if a given intellectual could be characterized as “Sabbatean-Frankist”.

3-1. Frankist Dynasty
If a given intellectual or activist comes from a family of Sabbatean-Frankists, this is a red flag that he could be one as well. The Rothschilds and Jacob Schiff descended from Frankists. Marx’s father was rumored to have been one. Brandeis came from a high-profile Frankist family and Felix Frankfurter’s mother was one. Supreme Court Justice Cardozo (and his cousin Emma Lazarus) were Sephardi Jews from the same dynasty as the Sabbatean prophet, Cardoso. These dynasties produced extraordinarily talented men, akin to Galtonian eminence.

Frankist families often did not revert to Judaism, but remained an endogenous community where they regularly inter-married and maintained their distinct history and values. Further, Orthodox Jews didn’t want the murdering pedophiles back in Judaism.

3-2. Khabbalist Allusions

One of the easiest ways to identify a Sabbatean-Frankist is if they use allusions from the Khabbalah, their holy book (while concealing the source).

a) Israel Zangwill’s famous “Melting Pot” metaphor appears to have been taken from a scene from the Zohar where at the end of times all people’s meld into one. Zangwill recreated this scene in his play, to which Teddy Roosevelt boomed (unknowingly) “That’s a great play, Mr. Zangwill!“.

b) Freud’s innovative ideas about the subconscious are similar to concepts already in the Khabbala. Freud’s sexual morality is simply a copy of Jakob Frank’s, where sexual repression is damaging and sexual desires should not go unfulfilled. Freud’s peculiar focus on incest and pedophilia was distinctly Frankist. Further, extensive study has been made of Freud’s innumerable allusions to Sabbatean thought.

c) Frankfurt School member Walter Benjamin’s Deconstructionism appears related to the kabbalistic “shattering of the vessels”.  Deconstructionism underlies the core Cultural Marxist concept of Critical Theory.

d) According to historian Paul Johnson, Marx’s concept of history was taken from Khabbalistic theories from Nathan of Gaza, the mentor of Sabbati Zevi.

3-3. Intellectual Cabals
Statistical evidence can conclusively establish linkages between Sabbatean-Frankist ideas and Leftist thought. For example, the first three “Jewish” Supreme Court Justices, Cardozo, Frankfurter, and Brandeis, all came from Sabbatean or Frankist Dynasties. This coincidence is statistically impossible since a tiny minority of Jews had such lineages. Frankist Jews in the late 19th century were said to constitute a majority of the lawyers in Prague and Warsaw. This would have terrible consequences as their subversive Frankist Jurisprudence would ultimately turn the secular West’s greatest asset, its rule of law, into its most subversive. Ultimately, through court fiat, most Western nations can now be fairly described as Frankist theocracies.

Further, the three most significant immigration activists of the Victorian Era: Israel Zangwill, Emma Lazarus, and Horace Kellen, are similarly all linked to Sabbatean-Frankism. They even had a secretive Sabbatean-style Zionist organization where Horace Kallen, Stephen Wise, and Brandeis operated.

3-4. Intellectual Evolution Linkages:
An FBI RICO approach can define a systematic conspiracy. Given enough individuals and institutions acting in concert, an underlying conspiracy becomes evident. The sheer weight of circumstantial evidence, over hundreds of years, creates a compelling narrative showing the evolution of the Left’s ideas as rooted in Sabbatean-Frankist thought.

(Click to expand the chart. The 37 points will be expanded upon in coming weeks.)

3-5. Hatred of the Traditional Judaism
Sabbatean-Frankists were prototypically non-practicing Jews (or Jews that practice a far-Left version of Judaism). Yet, they were well-versed in Jewish theology because they often descend from Rabbinical dynasties.

Horace Kallen, the inventor of “multiculturalism”, is a good example. He insisted on meeting his secret Zionist society on Friday evenings, during the Jewish Sabbath. This infuriated many Jewish members, but he refused to relent and reschedule.  This inexplicable anecdote makes Mr. Kallen a suspected Sabbatean (he has numerous other red flags).

3-6. Obsession with Destruction
Further, the Sabbatean-Frankists often held psychotic narcissistic fantasies of the West’s destruction at their hands: Marx’s “Revolution” and Satanic poetry of destruction or Freud fancying himself as Hannibal, conqueror of the West. This obsession with destruction, as an end itself, stands in contrast to traditional “gentile” Leftism. Unitarians oppose traditional Christian values, yet they do not seem obsessed with destroying all sane, rational order.

Sabbatean-Frankists cynically feigned “secular humanism”, but they represent a distinct ideology from, say, Robespierre, who sought a form of rational order. Even Marquis de Sade is viewed as a satirist by Camille Paglia. But, there is nothing satirical about Freud or Marx.

3-7. Labor Zionism
In 19th century Judaism, Zionism was widely viewed as Sabbatean (Herlz was even accused of being one). Sabbatean Zionists sought control over the Holy Land to use the leverage of Jerusalem to establish hegemony over all of Judaism (know that Zevi’s 17th century movement was ultimately squelched by the Chief Rabbinate of Jerusalem calling him a fraud).

The Sabbatean-Frankist obsession with Zionism is similar to Islam’s obsession with conquest over the Holy Land. The Holy Land holds no real connection to the Islam, yet both faiths works tirelessly to establish hegemony over it to defile and humiliate the Judeo-Christian faiths. In this sense, both faiths, Islam and Sabbatean-Frankism, share a common ideal of destruction.

This “Labor Zionism” shouldn’t be confused with “Religious Zionism” (Jewish #NRx) or “Revisionist Zionism” (Jewish Alt-Right), which are the opposite. In Israel today, “Labor” represents the intellectual remnants of “Labor Zionism”, and Netanyahu’s government represents a coalition of Religious and Revisionist Zionists. So, in Israeli politics, the Left’s relationship with its Sabbatean roots is more clearly defined.

3-8. Misanthropy and Disorders
Sabbatean-Frankists engaged in patterns of behavior hostile to conventional norms of the time (homosexuality, pedophilia, incest, drug addition, encouraging promiscuity). In the case of Marx, knocking up his housekeeper, then kicking her out on the street. Freud, similarly, was cocaine-addicted and preyed on his patient’s mental problems. Zevi himself appears to have suffered from severe bipolar disorder.

3-9. Rabbi Ancestors
For whatever reason, many high-profile Sabbatean-Frankist intellectuals descended from families of rabbi’s. The combination of their oppositional defiant personalities and their descendancy from rabbi’s produces an implacable hatred of religion. This is similar to Nietzsche, whose father was a priest.

3-10. Germanic Jews
The Sabbatean-Frankists were nearly always Germanic Jews. Germanic Jews comprise a tiny portion of global Jewry (even before the Holocaust). As mentioned earlier, modern neo-Frankists often had origins in specific areas historically known for Sabbatean-Frankist activity: Posen, Warsaw, Prague, Vienna, Frankfurt. This regionality strengthens the argument that this is a distinct intellectual movement.

Germanic Jews were uniquely-prone to Frankism. Wealthy, narcissistic, and brilliant, the German elite was embarrassed by their Jewish roots and traditions. Felix Mendhellson was so ashamed of his Jewish background that he played under a Christian name. They sought to forge a new identity for Judaism and to establish dominion over Israel through their Zionist project. They won more Nobel Prizes per capita than any group (by far). Like the similarly hubristic and talented ancient Greeks, their success was merely a flash and they left the world stage as quickly as they entered.

Great Germanic-Jewish composers include Mahler, Mendelssohn and even Josef Goldmark’s brother, Karl.

3-11. James Bond Villains
Sabbatean-Frankists were charming, narcissistic, brilliant, and natural leaders, often acquiring a cult-like following. The result of their conspiratorial minds and implacable hatred was a larger-than-life cartoonish “James Bond villain” personality full of megalomaniacal scheming.

Jacob Schiff undermined the Tsar (funding the Japanese navy in their shocking victory and later Russian revolutionaries). Josef Goldmark led the Vienna Revolt of 1848, lynched the Austrian Defense Mister, fled to the United States where he fortuitously built a munitions factory a year before the Civil War, and then he ultimately toppled the United States via Frankist revolution-by-fiat through his son-in-law SCOTUS Louis Brandeis.

3-12. Millions Dead
Any large-scale catastrophe is an indicator of Sabbatean-Frankist mischief and should arouse suspicion.

  1.  100MM dead stemming from Marx’s polemic incendiary communist writings: the Cultural Revolution in China, the Khumer Rouge, etc.
  2. The Donmeh, a Turkish Sabbatean cult, may have been behind the Armenian genocide.
  3. The Holocaust appears linked to FDR’s Sabbatean Court Jews passive-aggressively blocking the emigration of Jews from Europe, and thereby consigning them to their inevitable deaths.
  4. The Revolt of 1848 (Josef Goldmark).
  5. The overthrow of the Tsar was funded by Frankist-descendant Jacob Schiff.There are many more than this list, but they start to delve into conspiracy theory.

Secular humanists struggle to understand truly evil and irrational (demonic) personalities. Fiction like James Bond villians and the Rolling Stones fills the void.


4. The Inexplicable Left

To show that the Frankist Paradigm explains the startling rise of the Left in the 20th century, it is implicit to show that conventional theories are unsatisfactory.  To quote Sherlock Holmes, when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

The Left of 2017 is raw demonic madness: roving savages of Antifa, unlimited and unqualified Islamic immigration, 9-year old transgendered children, decriminalization of Jihadi rape of teenage white girls, etc. This is self-evidently not a rationalist movement, and therefore it must be a quasi-theological one, rooted in radical anti-nomianism (inversion of moral rules).

Further, none of the existing theories from the Right can account for the equally Satanic nature and peculiarity of the Left’s dominant Jewish intellectuals.

4-1. Christian Left
Many adopt a “Christian” version of the Sabbatean-Frankist thesis and blame the left-wing Jesuits and Unitarians. While there is no doubt that these groups promoted far-left ideas and had the power to promote them  as left-wing Protestants controlled the Ivy League, the Christian Left is marked by pathological altruism and naiveté. They have historically applied a more left-wing interpretation of the Gospels, but this is hardly the ideology of today’s violent apocalyptic Antifa. The Christian Left has typically acted more like useful idiots than prime movers.

In the 2010s, however, Pope Francis appears to be taking the mantle in leading the spread of subversion by using the power and credibility of the Papacy as a weapon to destroy Christianity and the West.

4-2. Frankfurt School or “Cultural Marxism”
Another explanation, promoted in Mein Kampf and accepted by the Paleocons, is that Freud, Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxists) put forward a series of ideas that formed the basis of the modern Left.  To accept this argument, you have to believe that a fully-formed intellectual/political movement somehow spontaneously developed from 1900-1933 and then managed to sweep the West, utterly, within a few decades.

Further, the Frankfurt School itself was heavily influenced by Sabbatean-Frankist thought. So, the Frankfurt School is significant as the first major openly subversive Frankist institution, but not as the originator of the Left’s ideas.

4-3. “Jewish Interest”
Kevin MacDonald, the guru behind the AltRight, explains the 20th century Left’s astonishing ascension as “Jewish Interest”. Jews act in a “group evolutionary strategy”, and that’s the real reason why Western Civilization is in ruins. While MacDonald may be correct that Orthodox Judaism is an “evolutionary strategy”, this ended with the collapse of the Rabbinical order as a result of Zevi, Frank, and the French Revolution.

The Left was developed by neo-Frankist intellectuals, meaning that they were promoting the inverse of traditional Talmudic/rabbinical Jewry. Indeed, neo-Frankists like Marx were rabid anti-Semites and Jakob Frank rallied the Catholic Church against Orthodox Jewry, culminating in Talmud burning. So, the radical Left seeks to manipulate Christians as patsies against Orthodox Jewry.

Once Jewry became dominated by neo-Frankists, Jews went from being “history’s greatest survivors” under the Rabbinical order, to being repeatedly on the cusp of extermination. Since 1900: (a) Jews have been largely removed from Europe and slaughtered by the millions, (b) Stalin was given the atomic bomb by Jewish communists and could have destroyed New York, home of post WW2’s surviving Jewry, (c) Stalin further sought to exterminate Soviet Jewry before he died, (d) Feminism obliterated secular Jewish birth rates, and lastly, (e) Israel’s Sabbatean Leftists repeatedly pushed their nation to the brink of ruin.

One of the most shocking revelations in this series is the peculiar passive-aggressive attitude of Sabbatean Rabbi Stephen Wise before and during the Holocaust. The most powerful rabbi of the 20th century did nothing to help heavily Orthodox Eastern European Jewry and actively sabotaged anyone who tried. So, the bête noire of the AltRight, “Organized Jewry” (which is mostly neo-Frankist front groups) hardly acted in the generalized “Jewish interest”.

Ironically, by describing radical Jewish Leftists as being riven with ethnic fidelity, MacDonald is buying into their risible rhetoric. Following Occam’s Razor, subversive Jewish intellectuals serve the interests of their fellow subversive Jewish intellectuals or subvert their fellow Jews. In sum, MacDonald’s Culture of Critique becomes cogent when you call the modern Left a “Jewish Neo-Frankist Intellectual Movement”.

4-4. Managerial Class
Like MacDonald,  James Burham (the inspiration behind National Review) also describes the decline of the West in rationalist and not theological terms. He blames a dysfunctional technocratic managerial elite. The problem is that corporate or governmental rationality isn’t suicide, and that’s the direction where they are leading us. Corporate and governments push the immigrant invasion, debt, and debauchery to the point of destabilizing the West. Their self-destructive actions ensure an eventual reckoning. So, these parties aren’t acting in anything resembling a rational fashion to account for where we are today.

Further, who exactly are our Elites? They were handpicked and screened by Frankfurt School dominated Ivy League universities. France and the UK have similar gatekeeper elite institutions fully-captured by the radical Left. The Elite are systematically indoctrinated for years (perhaps up to 10). Anyone not agreeing to the propaganda doesn’t get promoted and is thereby excluded from the Elite. Conservative students and professors learn to either submit or remain in hiding.

4-5. Capitalism
Similar to the “managerial class gone wrong” is the argument that capitalism inherently promotes Leftism. Modern corrupt/left-wing Corporate, however, was defined by Sabbatean Jews. The Rothschild dynasty turned high-finance into an industry of hyper-corruption. Sabbatean Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays innovated left-wing public relations where companies could profit by shilling for subversive causes.

tabooyBernays famously shattered the taboo of women smoking with his orchestrated “Torches of Freedom” march for a cigarette company. Prior to this, Corporate was decidedly conservative.

Although many industries specifically want to degenerate values, such as pharmaceutical companies pushing birth control, the free market also provides avenues to express conservative ideals. Trump’s campaign leveraged social media to achieve victory. Social media may end up being a reactionary force as it allows the formerly “silent” majority to express their opinions.

4-6. Sabbatean-Frankists
The various theories above may have seemed plausible until just a few years ago. However, the Left of today has been given full control of the culture and the organs of power. We can now see the full depth of their madness: genocide of the West via immigration and unlimited cultural degeneracy (e.g. gay marriage and transgender rights). Among the subversive intellectual movements, the Sabbatean-Frankists are the only suspect with this level of destructiveness and irrationality, i.e. a subversive cult. If the conventional theories can all be dismissed, then the Sabbatean thesis, however improbable, must be accepted.


…..Next posts will go through the 37 Elements of the Left

“The Rebbe” is a h/t to the Hasidim who kept the anti-Sabbatean flame going all these years.