Tracing Vegas Gun-Runner Paddock To The NSA And Virginia



Tracing Vegas Gun-Runner Paddock To The NSA And Virginia

By Yoichi Shimatsu

There was once an era when the flagships of American journalism, such as the Baltimore Sun and Cleveland Plain Dealer, would have busted open the sort of “mystery” that hangs over the Las Vegas massacre with a relentlessly probing investigative series. Before its 1986 takeover by the LA Times and then the Chicago Tribune, the “paper of H.L. Mencken”, along with the Plain Dealer, used to run many of my hard-hitting commentaries in support of genuine democracy as opposed to the trivial Amazon shopping catalog known as The Washington Post.

Being now at considerable distance with limited web access, it is difficult for me to comprehend the lack of willingness and will among American editors and journalism school professors who are eager to criticize censorship in other countries yet reluctant to consider, much less probe the official cover-up of the multiple sources of gunfire at Las Vegas 10/01. Freedom cannot be taken from you, it is lost only when surrendered without a fight.

Denial in the Killing Field

Many of the wounded and witnesses from the Route 91 Harvest Festival have expressed their dismay at online harassment from alter-universe trolls who claim that the shooting never happened in a stage play by so-called “crisis actors”. This absurd theory, stated in barbaric disregard for the families of the dead, is not the opinion of a mere few deranged individuals; it’s a repressive tactic of state-sponsored psychological warfare. If anything the online psy-op proves once again the foresight of the founding fathers who drafted the amendments to the Constitution in warning against the lust for power of a centralized state attempting to impose absolutist tyranny on a sovereign society.

The federal muzzling of local law enforcement in Las Vegas is a strong signal of the untrammeled powers of the federal intelligence agencies, which are largely responsible for the influx of fanatic foreign elements loyal to ISIS, Al Qaeda and other anti-democratic forces, even to the point of recruiting them into the U.S. armed forces and police agencies. The slaughter in Las Vegas was the outcome of the thinly concealed immigration alliance with jihadist oil mongering Arab states against the core American citizenry, especially those so-called “fans of country music” who are the most versed of all in the Constitution and its underlying values (as opposed to the mindless and cynical book-waving by that Pakistani ally of terrorism Khizer “Kaiser” Khan of Charlottesville, Virginia).

To protect their power and privileges, the elitist politicians and high bureaucrats in Washington D.C. are acting in ways no different from King George III who unloosed Hessian mercenaries on the colonies, even forcing American families to quarter those armed foreign spies inside their own homes.

Today, the same is being done through the localization of cyber-espionage in every state by the political cabal that is eager to oust the populist-elected president and install instead the chosen successor of the Clinton regime, Virginia Governor Terence “Terry” McAuliffe, the would-be dictator in the eye of the destructive hurricane sweeping across the United States.

This essay in the continuing series on Las Vegas 10/01 explores the centrality of McAuliffe’s fiefdom in the Commonwealth of Virginia to the military contractor role of the fall guy Stephen Paddock, along with the governor’s support for NSA federalization of the state National Guards as the front-line surveillance force to quell citizen-based democracy in every town and village from coast-to-coast. The present military cyber offensive, as shown in the Vegas cover-up, is every bit as threatening as the Red Coat invasion force at Lexington and Concord, and therefore given the moral-ethical surrender of traditional journalism, it is up to the Minutemen of the online media, and perhaps soon by shortwave radio, to defend a democracy under attack and in danger of extinction.

Ownership Transfer of the Plane

Online attempts to probe the background to the ownership of the Cirrus SR20 aircraft, registered under the name of Stephen Paddock for covert ops, have met with obfuscation from Pentagon trolls, who point out that the plane was sold to Volant LLC, owned by one John W. Roberts of Roanoke, Virginia. The key point being raised is that the limited liability (private) company should not be confused with Volant Associates LLC, a defense contractor. To understand this odd matter of the two Volants, let’s jump into the devilish details of provenance or successive ownership as listed at the FAA registry, which has been altered from the original longer version, which I cite here.

That single-engine prop plane was acquired by a Stephen Paddock of Henderson, near Lake Mead in the state of Nevada, on 2 June 2006. The Henderson Executive Airport was opened in the mid-1990s for small private planes as a back-up for crowded McCarren International on the south end of the Vegas Strip, right by the Tropicana, Hooters, New York New York and the Mandalay Bay, directly adjoining the site of the Route 91 Harvest Festival (all of these venues were sites of shooting on October 1). Henderson, on the southern tip of Nevada, is the sort of nondescript quiet town that Paddock preferred whenever making real-estate purchases, indicating his operaton of a trading business that demanded no witnesses.

A year later, on 25 May 2007, Paddock switched the registration address to Mesquite, Texas, a suburb east of Dallas with its own small Mesquite Metro Airport. Fort Worth hosts the Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base (JRB) and the Lockheed-USAF Plant 4, a center for tech security. Although at greater distance from the Mexican border, compared with San Antonio or El Paso, the Cirrus has a 700-plus mile range and parking it in Henderson would have attracted no notice from DEA agents and the U.S. Border Patrol.

Nearly three years later, on 13 February 2010, the plane ownership was transferred—apparently merely on paper—to a company called UHS in Los Angeles. The acronym stands for Universal Student Housing, which is something of low-cost AirBnB for young people from foreign countries to stay in homes or apartments owned by Latinos, no questions asked. Human trafficking questions aside, the business operator is named Emerson Farias Torres who operates out of his apartment.

This modest businessman who kindly shelters DACA illegals becomes even more interesting because until 2009 Torres was the U.S. license holder for Jesa Air LLC, the U.S. branch of the Panama-registered Jesa Air West Africa. The tiny airline was owned by the Rhodesia-born mercenary and apartheid South African Air Force pilot Neal Ellis. His colorful career included helicopter piloting in the CIA’s Bosnia war against Serbian armed forces, a stint with the UK-based Executive Outcomes in Sierra Leone, and George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq. In the air-to-ground combat against West African rebels, the legendary merc Ellis befriended retired Lt. Col. Brian Boquist, the CEO of International Charter Incorporated (ICI) of Oregon, which fought in Liberia under contract with DynCorp. Two peas in the pod, they were jolly good buddies.

At the moment of Paddock’s paper “sale” of the Cirrus aircraft to Torres’ youth hostels, Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder and the DHS-run Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau (ATF) were two years into the Fast and Furious gun-walking transfer to the Mexico drug mafia along the Arizona and Texas border. That little ole airport in Mesquite was getting as hot as a charcoal-fired barbecue pit. In Los Angeles (Paddock was a graduate of Cal State Northridge), a location for plausible deniability over a plane with paperwork in Panama. “You see, senor, I’m just flying in Panama hats to sell to touristas on Olivera Street, comprendez?”

In a similar vein, the London address of Jena Air international is 55 Prince’s Gate, Exhibition Road along with 208 other paper companies. To learn more on how to operate your own private air force, look up the documentary film “Shadow Company”.

Stop here a moment to ask: “How come nobody’s raised these issues before?” Answer: Mainly because your press corps are all crisis actors in role of the deaf and dumb.

Then on 10 December 2010, the same plane is registered in Chantilly, Virginia, under Stephen C. Paddock and a John W. Rogers. Then on 30 August 2013, following the gunshot death of ATF forensic expert Paul Parisi in Chantilly, the plane is relocated to Roanoke, Virginia, a distance of 220 miles (355 km), under sole ownership of Volant LLC owned by a John W. Rogers. Obviously, then, Paddock and Rogers must have had some acquaintance with each other.

Two John W. Rogers are listed in Roanoke:
– the first is a cancer surgeon at several Virginia hospitals, notably the Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, which has a working relationship with the nearby Salem Veterans Affairs Medical Center; and
– the second John W. Rogers appears to be a fictitious identity created by a John J. Rogers, a newcomer to Virginia from East Palo Alto, a predominantly low-income African-American community “on the other side of Silicon Valley”, and he has since moved to a more affordable part of Virginia with several family members.

Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum(b)

So what is a well-respected oncologist, who provides radiation treatment and chemotherapy for cancer patients, doing parking Paddock’s surreptitious aircraft on the tarmac at Roanoke for nearly three years until its sole flight just three weeks prior to the Las Vegas shootings?

To get at the answer, we must first probe into: What’s the difference between Volant Associates LLC and Dr. Rogers’ Volant LCC?

Do you have a credit card for a swipe? Because that’s how far apart these entities are, despite protestations to the contrary from the trolls in the employ of the Pentagon psychological warfare division. It’s called compartmentalization.

The word Volant has a nice ring to it, sounding like a contraction of “volunteers” but, alas, there’s neither connection nor connotation in this case of professional military operations. Translated from French, it means “flying”, although the term is closer to gliding. It is most frequently used for animals that glide despite their inability to sustain flight: for example a volant squirrel, those brave little creatures. “Volant” is also used to describe military airlift operations delivering troops and ground vehicles to the battlefield, such as Volant Solo and the many Volants combined with the names of trees, such as Volant Pine.

For our purpose of tracking down who and what killed Stephen Paddock and 60+ others in Las Vegas, there’s only one definition with any bearing to the case: Col. Adam Volant, a long-serving Army officer with the National Security Agency at its headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, and present commander of Task Force Echo, which is deploying a massive National Guard-implemented domestic cyber-warfare and surveillance operation on American soil.

Col. Volant, who wears many hats, is a active service officer in the reserves, the head of the alumni association of Virginia Military Institute (VMI), a sponsor of a “non-profit group”, and a security adviser to U.S. President-in-waiting Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton loyalist who serves as governor of Virginia.

Volant Associates LLC, the now-infamous Pentagon network-systems contractor, which requires all its employees to have top-secret clearances is his “non-profit organization,” which has been awarded tens of millions of dollars in military contracts for network security of critical infrastructure and military facilities, a mandate that includes massive cyber-surveillance, which is now being deployed to an initial eight states by the newly hatched National Guard domestic spy organization. (The Guardsmen have traditionally been “weekend warriors” but at least since the Iraq War the so-called state militia has evolved into a full-time professional fighting force controlled by the Pentagon with most of its funding from the federal government.

What possibly could cancer surgeon John Rogers’ Volant LLC have to do with this watchdog program for militarization of the domestic civilian Internet and social media?

Unbeknownst to most of his civilian patients, Dr. Rogers is a military surgeon and a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF Reserves. His caretaker role for Paddock’s plane is either based on a military arrangement or off-duty criminal activity as a favor for some past cooperation in the distribution of prescription drugs. Buying a plane only to park it makes no sense otherwise.

If the Roanoke Airport arrangement is indeed military, then Dr. Rogers must have some military-intelligence role. Advanced military systems including electronic warfare, X-band radar and chemical warfare exercises all entail exposure to cancer risks, so one question is whether a National Guard oncologist is supposed to act like a company doctor to explain away the consequences of occupational risks, as happened with Gulf War Syndrome. The Veterans Administration hospital system has been heavily criticized for negligence and mismanagement, and it is striking that the surgeon is so stretched between civilian and military hospitals, some of those sites quite distant from Virginia. Signing papers to park a plane is not much different than writing a prescription for a headache.

Although he’s never flown Paddock’s Cirrus, Lt. Col. Rogers may well be a pilot of military-operated aircraft since his Volant LLC has offices in six other towns, nearly all with or near Veterans Administration hospitals: Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Delmar, New York; Naples, Florida; Randolph, Minnesota; Stoughton, Wisconsin; and Salt Lake City, Utah.

– Delmar, New York, near his alma mater of Hobart College in the Finger Lakes region, with its privately own Cross’ Farm Airport and the Cross Excavating Corporation, and nearby casinos, and Delmar is near Albany’s large VA facility.

– Randolph, Minnesota, a small town of 430 residents near Minneapolis, is located in Dakota County where the Rosemount National Guard Armory, home base of the 34th Infantry Division’s 634th Military Intelligence Battalion. VA hospital.

– Dane County, Wisconsin, which includes Stoughton, is home to the Truax Air National Guard base in and also “Ron Weyer” (real name: Ronald Van Den Huevel, Clinton-Bush-CIA money launderer) and Wally Hilliard, owner of the Huffman Aviation School, operated by Rudi Dekker in Venice and Naples, Florida, and Fort Worth Spinks Airport at Burlson, Texas. Ditto VA.

– Naples, Florida, is home of one of Rudi Dekker’s two flight schools, where Mohamed Atta learned to pilot aircraft. The VA is also there, perhaps to provide first aid to Saudi and Egyptian pilots who crash their planes.

– Baton Rouge, Louisiana, north of his medical school in his hometown of New Orleans, is surrounded by a massive number of heavily armed National Guard bases, that can overwhelm most of the world’s armies, including a chemical-weapons unit, where cancer is an occupational hazard.

– Salt Lake City, the Utah Air National Guard, as big as most air forces with VA center.

The questions arising from Lt. Col. Rogers’ far-flung business registrations are similar to the many properties owned by Stephen Paddock across the country. Could there be some covert military intelligence rationale behind the geographic spread? Volant LLC and Volant Associates LLC look to be paper planes in a much larger covert operation being sent aloft from the highest levels of the NSA. If the volant operation is regime change, Dr. Rogers and Col. Volant both risk elimination for knowing too much, as happened their associate Paddock in Vegas.

President-in-waiting McAuliffe’s Praetorian Guard

Anyone who’s in the least familiar with Terence McAuliffe, the product of a Jesuit education at Catholic National University and Georgetown Law, realizes his methods tend toward the dictatorial and Machiavellian, with some assistance from his Mini-Me Tim Kaine. The alt-right nationalists were suckered into his clever trap in Charlottesville, which also happens to be a major sanctuary city for Salafist Muslim “refugees” in cooperation with the CIA-MI6 front called the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

Virginia’s intake of fanatic young men who’ve had experience in the jihadist movement is disturbing to say the least, considering the ISIS-claimed attacks in Orlando and Las Vegas. The immigration of radical Islamists rather than a preference for Syrian Christians raises the question: Are radical Muslims deliberately being shipped into the U.S. and Europe to commit violent attacks aimed at increasing public support for domestic militarization against the native-born citizenry? Is that a question or an answer?

The Clintons have long since started the military-style FBI campaign against so-called “white nationalist extremists” like your next-door neighbor who hunts deer to fill the freezer for wintertime suppers for his children, along with public disarmament under gun-control initiatives. As in Madeleine Albright-Clinton Kosovo model, radical young jihadists are used as armed provocateurs against the Christian population. When Christian communities defend themselves, they are branded by the media as perpetrators of genocide and thereby set up for bombing campaign and military invasion followed by regime change and loss of sovereignty. At this very moment, the National Guard are being called in for this upcoming Balkans-style war against the American “Serbs” in your community.

Homeland militarization is becoming more methodical with the National Guard online surveillance program, while the intelligence chiefs send in “refugee” Muslim hitmen against soft targets as was done in Orlando, Vegas and next up, San Francisco. This is a secret war aka high treason.

The issue of domestic militarization raises questions about Gov. McAuliffe’s ties to NSA Col. Adam Volant, the leader of the emerging national praetorian guard, which make the Stasi seem like Boy Scouts. As head of the alumni association of the Virginia Military Institute, VMI has transformed from a prison camp for juvenile delinquents into a major training ground for cyber-“warriors”, those boys with emotional problems snooping into your hard drive.

The colonel from Fort Meade’s close collaboration with the governor resulted in Virginia Tech being appointed as the first NSA cyber-security campus. Repeat, you slow pokes: NSA cyber-security campus. Welcome to mind control under the McAuliffe Youth Korps.

If you wonder if this exercise in military fascism is some sort of bad joke, here’s a news release dated 28 March 2016, from the 91st Cyber Brigade based at Sandston, VA, announcing Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s initiative for state funding for the National Guard surveillance program:

“A unified command was established consisting of the Office of the Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security, Office of the Secretary of Technology, the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, the Center for Innovative Technology and Virginia Department of Military Affairs. DMA is the state agency that oversees the Virginia Army National Guard.
“As part of ongoing growth of cyber forces throughout the Department of Defense, the National Guard announced plans to activate 13 additional cyber units spread throughout 23 states by the end of fiscal year 2019, according to an Army news release. The Virginia Air National Guard’s 192nd Fighter Wing will stand up a new cyber operations squadron at Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia, according to multiple announcements made Dec. 9, 2015, by Gen. Frank J. Grass, the Chief of National Guard Bureau, the Governor of Virginia and the Virginia Congressional Delegation. Virginia was one of four states selected to stand up cyber operations squadrons by the Department of Defense.”

What does an airborne cyber operations squadron actually do? Pilot dlectronic surveillance drones, like the one circling over your neighborhood. Welcome to New Iraq, folks. You still have time for the next step, to prepare for the arrival of the Predators.

Surveillance at Home, Spying Abroad

Langley airfield is not in the same location as the CIA headquarters, but is located in southeast Virginia near Newport News. The airbase is home of the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing, and linked with military cyber units at Fort Gordon, Georgia (Army Signals Intelligence and Cyber Command HQ); Beale AFB near Sacramento, California; Osan AFB, South Korea, and Ramstein, Germany, all being major NSA centers. Now that the foreign foes have been mostly disposed of, the enemy is you.

By stark contrast, the drafters of the Second Amendment to the Constitution mandated that citizens should be armed and self-organized (voluntarily and democratically) into a militia to protect their communities, states and national sovereignty. One of the more disturbing aspects of this Guard program is the active promotion of ethnic minorities, which includes new immigrants, many of them recruited overseas during foreign interventions in the Muslim realm, with their new role in Guard uniforms similar to the Hessian mercenaries that King George III hired to quell the colonies and their Continental Army. What’s evolving is an occupation army, based on the nation-building models in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans.

I became a journalist out of admiration for Tom Paine, but little did I realize way back then that nothing’s changed. This is not the end of the story, just the beginning of what’s to come along with regime change. If the cabal fails to oust or eliminate the democratically elected President and try to bulldoze away his millions of patriotic supporters, there will be certain bloodshed, a Mogadishu or a Fallujah in your neighborhood. Be prepared for the next Vegas-style attack, but next time be ready to hit back hard.

Beware the Sovereign Order of Malta that installed George W and Clinton. Give unto God, what’s His. But to Caesar, render only this: et tu Brutus! Defend the Republic, Fight Tyranny.