Here’s how the Rothschilds collude with Saudi Arabia and George Soros to advance the Globalist agenda



Here’s how the Rothschilds collude with Saudi Arabia and George Soros to advance the Globalist agenda

4chan: Series of posts analyzing the roles of Saudi Arabia, the Rothschilds, and Soros in the Globalist agenda

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SA – provides a way of undisclosed influence over individuals, the source of all financial persuasion. When the clean up of SA occurred the majority of the TRIs slush funds went with it. SA’s job is to bribe, fund and stay relatively behind the scenes. SA = Cash Flow.

Why is this important?
Undisclosed financial power allows you to buy influence in areas that you want keeping hush hush.

Saudi Arabia is said to be the world’s largest source of funds and promoter of Salafist jihadism, which forms the ideological basis of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and others.

While it may seem confusing how funding terror can generate wealth it is important to remember that wealth isn’t always the objective, most times it is to further the narrative you may be trying to push.

Think of the agenda that you have seen the others (++,+) push in regards to the above groups. Example will be given at the end.

Saudi Arabia is (was) the TRI arm of way of getting dirty deals done, always disconnected from the legitimate arm so they couldn’t be linked. SA purge has dealt a huge blow to this influence.

Funding terror groups in other nations.
Bribing politicians.
Buying black market operations.
Untraceable transactions.
Rothchild – provides a way of influence over matters of national finance (hence all the central banks). They are able to control and manipulate national finances to their favour via “legitimised avenues” such as stocks, property investments etc. While these avenues generate massive wealth they are also fairly well documented hence the need for a “cash flow” partner in SA. Rothchilds have also worked their way into some extremely influential positions to be able to manipulate things to their benefit. Rothchild = Influence + manipulation.

Why is this important?
Controlling an agenda requires infiltration, you need to have methods and people in places of influence. This is important from an attacking point of view but also equally important for defence, being able to deflect and neutralise allows you to maintain your position and gives a foundation from which to expand.

Rothschild are major players in nearly every financial market around the world. Every central bank in the world apart from 3 belong to them in some form as well as the FED Reserve.

They “specialise” in financial services of all kinds because that’s where this TRI arms influence lays. All legitimate businesses and transactions, not to say they don’t have unscrupulous practices such as tanking businesses via the + arm to then buy majority shareholding’s when prices crash. But for the most part this is how they control the “system”, most people linked to them will have some shares in one of their companies and its these shares which generate vast amounts of legitimate wealth.

Influence of financial infrastructure via central banks
Control of national interest rates
Purchasing of companies related to government contracts
Associates in very high positions of influence and decision making.
Soros – influences mainstream media. It’s no good having the power to control and manipulate national finances unless you have a way of voicing your agendas. Soros is reported to have connections to over 30 MSM outlets. Soros = Control of information

Why is this important?
This is your sword and shield, attacking towards what you want to achieve and defending against narratives that don’t suit. It’s a means of justifying actions to the populations to stop them arousing suspicions, think “well if all the media is saying it it must be true”. Disinformation is necessary, distraction from truth essential.
Linked Example: Taliban – Afghanistan. You want to find a way to gain control over a country, the easiest method is to control its finances. To control finances you need a bank in that country but how can you achieve that? Easy once you already have institutions of major financial power ++ that are ready to undertake the national debt of war torn countries to generously help them back on their feet.

But you need a reason to get inside that country? Enter stage +, you use your control of MSM to begin pushing narratives that suit your agenda. Not enough evidence to support? Use +++ to fund operations (see 9/11 revelations), and also ++ operatives that have been long installed in decisive positions of government.

One long war later and what have you got? All your investment companies linked to military have made huge profits off the government contracts you influenced and you’ve gained a central bank in that location that you can now use to build the foundations.